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Women Against Feminism

Updated on May 29, 2017
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Kerri is a writer and an amateur photographer from Jackson, Tennessee. She's also awesome and 140 characters isn't enough for her bio.

"(Young women) have been raised in a society that eschews marriage. They’ve been taught instead to honor sex, singlehood and female empowerment. Marriage becomes a competitive sport. The complementary nature of marriage—in which two people work together, as equals, toward the same goal but with an appreciation for the qualities each gender brings to the table—has been obliterated. Today, husbands and wives are locked in a battle about whom does more on the home front and how they’re going to get everything done. That’s not a marriage. That’s war. It’s time to say what no one else will: Feminismdidn’t result in equality between the sexes – it resulted in mass confusion. Today, men and women have no idea who’s supposed to do what."

"cause I'm a woman who can bake you a pie and change your brake pads."

No maam. Keep your brake dust infiltrated pie to yourself.

Seriously, I can't stand that commercial.

I am the complete opposite of a feminist, but that commercial is an oxymoronic mixture of feminism and anti-feminism. If I were in the market for a wife, I'd want one who could cook OR change my brakes, depending on my skills. There's no need for two mechanics and zero cooks or vice versa. Plus, who wants a dirty pie? Or apple covered brakes? Just whatever Auto Zone.

I'm probably the only woman who will ever say this, but gender equality and "woman empowerment" are BS. If we were all supposed to be equal, we'd all be the same. I understand fighting for the rights of women in foreign countries, but women pretty much have it made in the U.S. Nonetheless, women still pull the feminism card about physical strength and careers, but they can't cook dinner or do laundry? #whatareyouteachingyourdaughters

Even if a woman has a full-time job, there's still "woman shit" to be done, especially if she has kids. Assuming the man has a full-time job, it's just sad to me that women are now like, "get up and clean the house..I'm so tired of doing it all the time. By the way, can you fix the sink, take out the trash, build a shed in the back yard, and go pick up a bunch of heavy stuff that I can't do myself? Oh by the way again, I signed a petition that female factory workers should make the same as men do, even in the physically strenuous positions."

Even worse, men ACTUALLY DO IT! Men are becoming submissive, which puts them in a situation in which they usually end up: half of their salary getting taken away in child support, half of their assets (if not more) getting taken away, etc. That scenario most likely happened because the woman decided the man was too much like a wife, even though she urged him to be that way. Women are supposed to be submissive, to an extent. I mean, you punch me in the face then I'm going to punch you in the face. Obviously it may not hurt as much as my face, but I'm going to prove that I'm not scared of you. You tell me to do something, I'll tell you to go to hell. It's not about being bossy and demanding. It's about expectations. If they're not being met, go find somebody who will meet them. People shouldn't have to be told to do what they're supposed to be doing anyway.

Being a Sexual Object is a Compliment

I'm a little stubborn. I'll air my tire up myself first and hope that fixes the issue. If it doesn't, I'm not above asking a random man for some help. I actually had to do that last year. Oh, then there's, "I'm so tired of being looked at as a sexual object." Bitch, no. No you're not. That's a compliment, and that is what makes women have such an advantage in the world today anyway. #ownthatshit

Women Are Supposed to be Nurturers

Women are supposed to be nurturers. "The kids are sick, let me just ignore them and hope they get better." Nope..that's a mama job. I feel weird when a man tries to take care of a sick kid and I'm standing right there. Even if the kid isn't mine..

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Kerri. I am a highly opinionated woman with fully-functional ovaries. I don't feel as though my rights are in jeopardy or that they're being violated. I'm more concerned with standing up for myself as an individual or for ALL people than standing up for a specific group of people with a variety of opposing opinions, beliefs, morals, and consciences, even though they all have the same genitalia. Save a tree. Be like me.


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    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 9 months ago from California, United States of America

      I was raised around a couple of ardent feminists and then had to deal with them most of my working life, so I relate to what you're saying quite a lot. I especially never could stand this sexually repressive way about feminism, always stifling natural feelings; I mean, a person should be respectful I agree but feminist doctrine dictates that a man is wrong just for being attracted to women. Which is bizarre and hypocritical to say the least.