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Women Unite Around The World

Updated on March 19, 2011

Remember Our Planet?

Where Mother Earth and People Unite!
Where Mother Earth and People Unite!

Plant Based Beings...The People Of Earth

Attention Women: Lose The Emotion And Get Busy!

Women are natural born humanitarians, with the power to reinstate love back into society.

From endless research, statistics, case histories, call in requests, and more...I see a mass emotional state. I am seeing women everywhere being affected by the actions, and or non-actions of men. Men they are trapped with, who seem not to care one way or another. This is how it seems to a third party observing the situation, and reacting as a human. Although it goes much deeper than that, this is becoming a chronic societal pattern. Now occurring by the masses, and it has now reached a plateau of panic.

I speak to women each day that are having extreme to impossible situations developing at the hands of the men they reside with. The emotion of cause and affect is mounting towards an ultimately destructive path. Women must get a grip now, and begin immediately turning this around. Without the dependence of a male counter part. It is happening already. Search gynarchy, matriarch lifestyles, communes, self sustained farm communities...join with what actually makes sense...mathematically.

Also by the masses are the issues around poisoning of the food, toxic medicines, lack of nutrients, cancer causing chemical ingredients in most of the typical diet. Soda for instance contains sodium benzoate, and ascorbic acid. Together these ingredients cause benzene to form in the brain. This is a brain damaging occurrence, and the damages are mounting in men , and women around the world.

The dysfunction has now become wide spread, and must be handled, and dealt with from a nutritional level. Many have been rendered useless, to the point of total dysfunction as an individual. Lack of nutrients, coupled with the fact that society has collapsed, there is no work, business is going down the tubes...the men are not faring too well in the sea of madness. It will now fall to the women, and inevitably the women will take charge and correct the situation. It is already taking place right now.

I have been privy to the affects of domestic cases for over 30 years years. Combined with hordes of research, statistics, web stats, and much more...I can say I have never seen a global situation worse than this in my lifetime. All walks of life are, and have been affected by this global melt down. Nobody is impervious to the affects of it, and will have no experience operating within it. Whether you have five years, or 50 years of business will not make an ounce of difference, because nobody has ever worked in a market such as this before.

Not even one person can say they have experience in dealing with this type of market scenario. The best anyone can do is adapt accordingly. Revamp everything, and move forward towards what will actually save the people, and the planet. Who’s going to carry this out? The women, that’s who. It’s already begun, and gaining more momentum than previously expected.

Now the statistics, case histories, active groups, active farms around the world...are built, and run by women. All people can look up the stats on the web to settle any areas of uncertainty. All information is readily available to demonstrate this is the correct path to follow, to gain a level of productive resolution of the current societal collapse we are experiencing.

I am getting call after call from women all over, whom are desperately in need of help for themselves, and their many children. The fore front of public awareness must engage a proactive attitude, and join to solve this. I see common denominators in the areas of domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, mental illness, and more.

The welfare department is completely overwhelmed, and the women and children are not being reached. This is beyond the capacity for any one entity being able to handle. All entities are on overload, and unable to handle the influx of families reaching out for help. It is completely chaotic at each welfare office, women’s shelter, soup kitchen, food pantry, etc., the reps cannot return the number of calls coming in, in an 8 hour day, and all individuals that I speak to in any position that offers help to the public, is saying the same thing. It’s out of control, and no entity can handle it. It is completely overwhelming to all the current entities designated to help. Remember this has never happened before in our lifetime. The method is...figure it out as you go. Pay attention to what is actually going on. Read between the lines, and do not guide yourself through media pumping the public full of negative information.

Get busy joining the alliance of women stepping up to correct the entire situation. This is where all people belong, to follow the correct path for humanity to survive. Right now we are not surviving. Women will take charge of all areas of restructuring. Utilizing the alliance already in place to grow with. (See Links below) This hub is to help educate, and remind women they hold the power to correct, and handle this entire situation...globally. The non profit, female run, nationwide humanitarian corporation, (expanding to international also) will help you in the myriad of ways to revamp your life permanently.

The many hubs written here by me are to help guide all people safely towards good health, nature, education, and general well being. Quality of life reinstated in a self sustaining environment. The objective is to educate, and remind women of the power within. Giving the emotional side a back seat, and bringing action to the fore front. The emotions present in society are negative, and unproductive to focus on. It is much more important to take the bull by the horns, and get busy fixing. Lose the emotion, it gains nothing positive. Smile and say, “I can do this”!...Get up and make the first move towards improvement. Whether it be a phone call, or email to a women’s group, faith based group...start connecting! They are all out there, ready to have you as a new member.

Team work is a systematic approach through uniting women around the take action! Staying connected to positive reinforcements, and causing positive things to happen around the globe. For the good of the many, and Earth friendly. The only way it should be on a planet such as this, with a race who can, and will thrive from planetary growth. Humanity is a plant based being, that was not a decision for humanity to is a fact!

None of the chemicals that are currently in our foods, and drinks are naturally compatible with the human body. Hence the widespread dysfunction among the masses. Each woman, man and child, can make a difference right now, to make the decision to take the high road. Join in the alliance that is geared towards “self sustained communities”, with farming fruits, and vegetables, and other specialty crops for the people. These environments are life enhancing, and will become the wave of the future within the next five to 20 years. It will no longer be the exception, it will be the rule. This path is human, and planet enhancing, thus improving the quality of life for both.

It is imperative to be informed about the facts of what is happening to our people, and our beautiful planet that allows us to sustain life in the first place. Should we continue to allow this massive permanent destruction to our people, and our planet, humanity will exterminate themselves. Leaving nothing to work with. On which the planet may still be able to rejuvenate itself, in an effort to repair the monumental damage. Without the interference of humans. According to certain statements made by world scientists, it is thought that the human race will not survive another hundred years. I am truly hoping they are wrong.

I cannot emphasize enough that it is critical that everyone join together and begin working to fix the entire the one main team. It is behind schedule, and everyone needs to take back their own little piece of the power, and begin taking action that is positive. You will not fail, and people will welcome you with open arms. Proactive people are the movers and shakers of society....It is the people who hold the power to direct which way we go. We go to the sensible side now, and resolve it once and for all. Could there be any other answer to the equation?


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      7 years ago

      I have hidden for most of my life as a sissy male who believes in Female Superiority. I want embrace it openly for the first time in my life and come out of closest as a sycophant for Female Supremacy.


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