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Women of Virtue

Updated on November 22, 2016

A God-Fearing Woman: Examples and Enlightenment

In response to the outpouring of requests, questions, and comments on what has been the most read Hub by Truth is...; let's enlarge upon th subject of a "God-Fearing Woman"e

To begin with, let's confirm exactly what it means to be a "God-Fearing" woman. To say that someone is God fearing denotes not the morbid, dread of some impending doom; but reverence and respect.

Someone asked me for examples of what a God-Fearing woman is. Let's start with the obvious; there was Sarah, wife of Abraham who called her husband "master". We also learn thru study of the bible that Sarah went with Abraham through his travels with no questions asked. What is never discussed is what Sarah did when Abraham was about to offer up Isaac, the child she gave birth to after turning 100 yrs old, her "miracle-baby" as it were. Others cited in the Bible: Ruth, Naomi, Elizabeth; all showed themselves to be women of virtue. But let's get a more modern perspective...

The majority of church members today are without a doubt, women. You have church mothers, the sisters who always volunteer, the flashy must be seen women, and more. Then there are the ones who feel they are qualified and even more qualified to teach God's word because they know quite a FEW SCRIPTURES BY HEART, AND HAVE A FOLLOWING OF FRIENDS WHO TURN TO THEM OR LOOK UP TO THEM IN GENERAL. These women tend to "push forward", to seek positions of leadership within the church, and often break free from the church and start their own; this is known as having the Jezebel spirit. Rebellious, domineering, seeking after that which is not meant for them. There is one particular woman, "pastor" I have mentioned previously who has a great following and that following throws obscene amounts of money into that ministry; why? because she speaks openly and boldly with the air and attitude many women today hold within: one of wanting control. This woman teaches women and promotes behaviors that actually cause problems within marriages, and prevent potentially great and lasting relationships

This is not meant as a slight to women, but simply a statement of what God's will, plan and arrangement is. God created woman as a "help meet", a support to man. 1Corinthians 11:3 says:"But I would have you to know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God...", this chapter of Corinthians goes on to explain in detail that makes it quite clear that women are not to mistake that they belong in leadership or headship in God's eyes. 1Corinthians 14:34, 35, explains " is a shame for women to speak in the church...". God's word is GOD's word, mans way is of the devil.

A woman of virtue recognizes these truths and maintains an air of humility, trusting God to right any wrongs, and build what there is that needs building, to repair that which needs fixing, to provide comfort and solace where they need be applied. Was it not a woman who saw a chance to "make decisions", (Eve) that started the woes of mankind? It was when satan told her that she would be able to know for herself and decide things that the fruit became something desirable to Eve.

This becomes quite the challenge for today's christian woman as society, man, has allowed women much more authority than ever before. How do you maintain the right and proper attitude and mindset that God prefers, in a world where stressing one's independence and "self esteem" has become prevalent. Its really not as complicated as it may seem. A TRUE woman of God will adhere to that which is set forth in his word the bible, follow the examples of the women given in the bible, study her bible diligently, and constantly turn to God in prayer and supplication to suppress the spirit of Jezebel and Eve that society supports so much. What she must do is realize that this society, this world, will soon no longer exist. She must realize that what the world accepts is totally unacceptable to god and that is why HE is going to bring it to an end. (1 John 2:15-17).

Nothing is easy in these troubled times; for anyone,; even God's people suffer. That is why why are encouraged to "endure to the end", There are many things we have to endure, many things that the enemy, Satan sets before us to tempt us away from God. That is why Jesus warned that very few would find the road to salvation; that means MOST of the folks you see in church WON'T! They're all doing the same things in nearly every church worldwide, so they can't possibly.Common sense is a gift from God...Truth is...

A woman of virtue is the one who once choosing a mate, remains with him through all things, that is why we are told to be meticulous about who we marry. If you marry for looks or what a man has and he turns out to be an abuser, have a wandering eye, etc. what have you accomplished? You then place yourself in the precarious position of defying God's ,mandate to remain in the marriage, unless there is adultery on his part...proven adultery, not assumed. A virtuous woman seeks put a virtuous man; both listen to God in every instance and under every circumstance; they LISTEN TO GOD!

A woman of virtue accepts God's instruction even when it is not what she wants to hear or do and she is obedient. A virtuous woman accepts her station or position in God's arrangement humbly and doesn't strive against it desiring headship.

A woman who remains single simply because she doesn't want to submit to any man is NOT a virtuous woman, as there is still a rebellious nature within her, and most tend to fornicate to satisfy their carnal needs, even if only on rare occasion; this too is in defiance of God's arrangement.

Finally, a woman of virtue, accepts that what God has put in place as far as headship and a woman's station may not seem glamorous of exactly wonderful, but she understands and has REAL faith that it is what is best as it was instituted by Almighty God himself...Truth is...

There will undoubtedly be many detractors to this, so there will surely be a third installment forthcoming in the future. Until then I encourage one and all to pray without ceasing and God will give you the answers and the ability...,


truth is...


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    • profile image

      Mollie 6 years ago

      I read the article and concur that it reflects the word of God. A woeman sho is submissive to a man also needs to have her intelligence, intuativeness and opinions respected by the man to whom she is submitting. If she is cone of his bone asn flesh of his flesh then he should treat her accordingly.