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Women that Don't Want to Get Married

Updated on February 2, 2013
Women that Don't Want to Get Married
Women that Don't Want to Get Married

Women that don't want to get married are increasing in numbers as they question if the traditional benefits of having a husband really apply to them anymore.

According to the Census Bureau, less than half of women aged 24 to 44 were married in 2010, compared to 80% in 1960.

It is traditionally thought that the male sex is the one that has to be roped into marriage and convinced of its benefits, but more and more women are expressing their desire to remain single.

We spoke to a panel of permanent bachelorettes in Chicago, Illinois to find out why they have sworn off marriage.

Women that Don't Want to Get Married

Eileen, 33

"I was all for marriage until I was about 28. I realized a lot of men just have too many issues, too much baggage. And when you marry someone, that baggage becomes the cause of a lot of fights and rifts in the relationship. We're all imperfect, unfortunately, and I don't want to wake up to someone else's problems each day for the rest of my life."

Nadia, 42

"I was raised in an Arab-American family, and my parents pretty much expected me to be married at the latest by the time I was 25. I wanted to travel the world instead. I couldn't imagine my life being about babies and living in a house in the suburbs. I like the city life. I like the feeling of doing whatever I want the rest of my life without having to ask another human being. I was once engaged and the feeling of that eternal freedom slipped away. People like me aren't meant for marriage."

Carmen, 28

"Puerto-Rican girls are encouraged and even expected to get married at 18, 20. Just real young. Then you are supposed to have a lot of babies. No thank you. My siblings are all married with kids, and any time I'm in their houses there is a baby screaming, children running around, toys tripping you, just total chaos. I am thankful each time I leave their houses, just so I can have a drink of wine and go home in peace and quiet. Do yourself a favor and stay single."

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Taneesha, 34

"I don't want to get married. I think men are unreliable. I have been turned off by men just by dating. I have been stood up and dumped by guys so many times, I just don't want to bother to try anymore. I'm not looking to hook one of these fools permanently into my life. My life has been much more peaceful and happy since I let go of the notion of finding a man that would make a good husband."

Danica, 40

"I was married once -- never again. I don't see the benefit. I make $60,000 a year, have benefits. I don't need a guy for economic security and healthcare like our grandmothers did. My ex-husband and I would always end up fighting because we couldn't agree on anything. Well, I don't like to compromise. That's a lesson to me that I should never have been married."

Annie, 24

"I'm told that, 'Oh, you're only 24. You'll change your mind.' But no, I'm never getting married. I don't see any guys around my age that would make what you call a good husband. They don't make them like my dad anymore. All guys these days want to do is sleep around and play video games. How are you going to make a husband out of slobs like that? Why would you want to?"


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