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Women Wake Up and Respect You

Updated on April 7, 2014

This is not dressed to impress

He doesn't even have a chance to view your face.  All he is looking at is your breast.
He doesn't even have a chance to view your face. All he is looking at is your breast.

Are you his mistress?

Respect yourself
Respect yourself | Source

Why women have lost respect for themselves

Over the last decade or maybe two women have somehow lost major respect, morals, and values of themselves. Why do you feel you are not worthy to be treated like a human being?

One in four women will be abused today, some will sleep around with many men this week or someone else's husband. Some will walk behind a man because he is the "alpha male" and feels that is how you should be treated. Some will buy a man just to have one and some will get paid to have sex because they think it is right.

Wake up ladies and stop disrespecting yourselves. You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect from a man and not be abused, used, or taken advantage of.

Since when is it right for you to dress like a hoochie mama and expect that a real good genuine man would want you. Your supposed to dress to impress not dress to look like a hooker. Since when does a man have to pay you just because he slept with you? It was consensual wasn't it? Isn't that the same as prostituting?

Stop letting men treat you any kind of way. First of all we were put on earth to love and be loved not tormented and used. You were placed on earth to walk beside your partner not behind him. You were not put on earth to be hit, slapped, cursed, kicked, used for your money, or talked to like a dog.

Get some back bone, stand up for your self and if you are being treated this way then get out of it. If your acting like a hooker you will be treated just like that. You don't have to show all your flesh because you think that's what men want to see because when real men are asked if they like it they will say no.

It's time to find out what love is and gain respect back in your life because people will only treat you like you let them and if you let them they will succeed ten fold.

Take the negativity and turn it in to a positive goal. You don't have to spend your life being miserable. It's really time to wake up ladies and those of you who love to date married men, isn't it time you stop being someone else's left overs and find someone who wants you. Respect yourself enough to not feed in to the hands of a married man who want a one night fling because you so deserve more than that.

Learning to love yourself first

Why men won't respect you

The perfect answer to this question is: BECAUSE you do not respect yourself. You don't take pride in your job, appearance or the way you talk. You sound like a middle school girl instead of an adult and can't hold a conversation that is meaningful. No one said you have to walk around like a news paper but true men want their minds stimulated more then their loins.

Men tend to respect what they earn. Getting into a car on a first date and doing everything but sex is rather easy. A man may view this woman as easy, thereby thinking she doesn’t respect herself, and he calls her “low hanging fruit.” The men who go after low hanging fruit do so because they are easy to “bed” and men rarely choose them for a long term relationship.

The only way men are going to respect you is you must first love yourself before others can love you, keep yourself up at all times. Don't look like a rag a muffin when you go out on a date. Be intelligent and have an intelligent conversation and keep your ex out of your conversation. Even if he fishes for things tell him you don't want to dwell in your past. No one wants to know why your relationship ended. Don't let him know how many partners you have had either. It's not his business and if you have had a lot, he won't respect you. That date will be over. Don't talk about sex with them either or your favorite positions. You have to leave some things a mystery to make him want to know more about you. If he is sitting across from you and can see most of our body hanging out, you can forget about being respected.

Why do men cheat?

If you say you can't you won't

If you enjoy running around with other women's husbands or boyfriends, do you really think they respect you? Heck no. You are seconds, left overs, just a piece for them to brag to their friends about how you will sleep with anyone.

How would you like it if someone was sleeping with your husband? You wouldn't and you would be ready to fight the woman if he did it to you.

You will never have anything without respecting yourself. Wait for the right one to come along and he will. You smile may be the very thing he is falling in love with.

Hold your head high and respect and love yourself always.

Our need to be thin

Women have always been accountable to their weight by society. Valerie Bertinelli put it in to perspective in this months Woman's Day. She said that a woman's weight should not come with guilt or for her to be made to feel bad because she is over weight.

I have always fought the over weight battle but I have learned that what is inside is not as important as what is outside. I eat healthy and try to keep myself fixed up as much as possible. Although I do not get up three hours earlier to get ready for work as I did in high school, don't curl my hair or put on a ton of make up, I still fix myself up to make me feel better and not everyone else.

You have to start thinking of self and your image and when you look in the mirror, although it might not always be the best, feel good about yourself. Even if you have a little extra cushion, love yourself.


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    • profile image

      Gwen 3 years ago

      I really hope women would read this and take heed to your advice. It's time that women become women and stop playing Russian roulette with their lives.

    • brandasaur profile image

      brandasaur 5 years ago from Planet X

      Very great hub! I so love this. Thank you for this. I hope every woman out there will wake up and think that they should be treated as a princess and be loved truly!

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

      Great write, voted up.


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