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Women Wake Up and Respect Your Self

Updated on August 27, 2017
Author Cheryl profile image

I have been a member of Hub pages going on six years. I have published 8 books and write in many genres. Writing is my passion.

Men Really Do Care What You Wear

We all have seen those women in public who should look in the mirror before they leave home because what they are wearing shouldn't be worn in public.

Yes we all know that sexy sells products but going out just for the sake of it looking like a tramp is exactly how men will perceive you.

Real men don't want to walk down the street with all their ladies goods hanging out. They want their women to dress appropriately which doesn't mean you have to be covered from neck to feet but just wear something that says he can be proud of who I am.

There is nothing wrong with dressing sexy but there is a time and place for that.

The Mistress

When You are His Mistress

Let me be clear. There’s never a good excuse for engaging in an affair with someone who is married. But it does happen. And at the end of the day, women who become mistresses or “the other woman” are our daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, wives, and neighbors. They are women within our communities.

Sometimes it is two married people having an affair but it is not considered you being the other woman. You are the other woman when only you engage in an extra marital relationship.

Ladies you have to do better then this. You deserve a man that can spend time with you all the time not just a few hours a week. Then you are sitting and stewing about is he having sex with his wife, are they going in out to dinner, is he playing with his children and every answer is yes.

It is mearly sex for him. Most married men do not leave their wives no matter what he has ever told you or promised you.

Learning to love yourself first

Why Men Won't Respect You

The perfect answer to this question is because you do not respect yourself. You don't take pride in your job, appearance or the way you talk. You sound like a middle school girl instead of an adult and can't hold a conversation that is meaningful. No one said you have to walk around like a news paper but true men want their minds stimulated more then their loins.

Men tend to respect what they earn. Getting into a car on a first date and doing everything but having sex is rather easy. A man may view this woman as easy, thereby thinking she doesn’t respect herself, and he calls her “low hanging fruit.” The men who go after low hanging fruit do so because they are easy to “bed” and men rarely choose them for a long term relationship.

The only way men are going to respect you is you must first love yourself before others can love you, keep yourself up at all times. Don't look like a rag a muffin when you go out on a date. Be intelligent and have an intelligent conversation and keep your ex out of your conversation. Even if he fishes for things tell him you don't want to dwell in your past. No one wants to know why your relationship ended. Don't let him know how many partners you have had either. It's not his business and if you have had a lot, he won't respect you. That date will be over. Don't talk about sex with them either or your favorite positions. You have to leave some things a mystery to make him want to know more about you. If he is sitting across from you and can see most of our body hanging out, you can forget about being respected.

Why do men cheat?

Getting Money to Pay Your Bills By Having Sex is Prostitution

If you enjoy running around with other women's husbands or boyfriends, do you really think they respect you? Heck no. You are seconds, left overs, just a piece for them to brag to their friends about how you will sleep with anyone.

If you are sleepig with a man and expect money in return to pay your bills its the same as prostitution. You may say it's not. Go out on any street corner where prostitutes hang out and tell me this is not you only you may dress better.

When women feel they should be paid for sex a man does not respect you.

Our Need to Be Thin

Women have always been accountable to their weight by society. Valerie Bertinelli put it in to perspective in this months Woman's Day. She said that a woman's weight should not come with guilt or for her to be made to feel bad because she is over weight.

I have always fought the over weight battle but I have learned that what is inside is not as important as what is outside to most men. I eat healthy and try to keep myself fixed up as much as possible. Although I do not get up three hours earlier to get ready for work as I did in high school, don't curl my hair or put on a ton of make up, I still fix myself up to make me feel better and not everyone else.

You have to start thinking of self and your image and when you look in the mirror, although it might not always be the best, feel good about yourself. Even if you have a little extra cushion, love yourself.

It's Time to Respect Yourself

Along the way women have lost all morals, values and respect for themselves. They keep having kids by different men and none of the men are staying. While I do feel it is a cop out on a mans part, women have to take responsibility for their actions.

You can't think a one night stand is a good thing. He will never call you again. If he really wants you make him wait for sex. You don't have to have sex on the first date because 9 times out of 10 if you do it will be the last date.

Respect yourself and love yourself so others can respect and love you too.


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    • profile image

      Gwen 4 years ago

      I really hope women would read this and take heed to your advice. It's time that women become women and stop playing Russian roulette with their lives.

    • brandasaur profile image

      brandasaur 6 years ago from Planet X

      Very great hub! I so love this. Thank you for this. I hope every woman out there will wake up and think that they should be treated as a princess and be loved truly!

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

      Great write, voted up.