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Woohoo!!! 5 Ways To Spot A Hater

Updated on July 27, 2011

It's Always Hating Season

Hello fellow hubbers, today I've finally gotten fed up with society and all of it's unorthodox ways. I want to take time out today to thank all of the haters. Some of you are not going to relate to me, but to those of you who can; allow me to elaborate by telling you exactly what a hater is. A hater is a person male, or female, who is always in deep observance of what everyone else is doing, attempting to find fault, create disturbance, and unknowingly compete with everything everyone else does. One would think, that all of the madness in the world today, would deter the thought of hating on someone else. I guess I should ride in my car and blast the lyrics of Mary J. Blige's song, "Family Affair" , as she sings, " WE DON'T NEED NO HATERS, WE'RE JUST TRYING TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER", or maybe I should hire comedian Katt Williams to tell the haters why they are so necessary. Either way I feel that the best way to deal with a hater is to not come into close contact with one.

Be careful people, because haters come in all shapes and sizes. These days the haters have learned how to disguise themselves very well. For instance, the hater can be a so called friend, an enemy, a family member, a stranger, a co-worker, or even a peer.The worst kind of hater is the one that disguises as a friend. It makes it extremely hard to trust people. Just remember that God is the only person who will not forsake you. One thing that is definite , is that it is always hating season, pay attention Woohoo!!! 5 Ways To Spot A Hater.

The very first characteristic bestowed upon a hater in their pathetic land of hateration is jealousy. A hater is jealous of almost anything that warrants attention toward anyone else in society. Especially, recognition for good deeds. They will created disturbance, tell lies, spread them and create gossip in an attempt to be spotlighted. So pay close attention. If there is someone in your circle, who cannot focus on what's going on with them, because their main focus is what's going on with everybody else., you've been warned that's a hater.

The second and most common characteristic of a hater is their consistent bad remarks in response to accomplishments of others. Even if, they themselves have nothing going on in their lives, they will always speak negatively on everyone else's accomplishments. Just as Katt Williams referenced in his "hating" skit, you can say something, and a hater will make an ugly remark or smart gesture, i.e. rolling of the eyes, or smacking of the mouth. And the classic gesture of a hater is to find that person with whom they can get to cosign and make eye contact, in hopes of gossiping about the situation later.

The third characteristic of a hater, is their ability to initiate their own competition with others throughout society, even with other's who are unaware that they are so called competition. A hater's mind is usually so far out, yet and still so closed in, that they think everyone else is hating on them. When in fact no one is really concerned about them; i.e, the way they dress, the kind of car they're drive, or who they're dating. For some strange reason their closed minds think that everyone's watching them. Be careful in when sharing your blessings with a hater, because they have no boundary; i.e., if they see something you have, and they want it you may have trouble. This does not exclude your mate, your house, your job, clothes, or even your character. They are similar to sponges they soak up everything in their grasps. They have no integrity, and their loyalty lies with no one. To put this in lamens terms, they are capable of anything. So be careful in who you take advice from because, you never know they could have their very own agenda.

The fourth characteristic of a hater; whether female or male, is they love gossip. Regardless to the clarity of the gossip, they love it. They will be eager to spread gossip as fast as they receive it. Even if it affects the well being of others. They love to fuel a fire. They are selfish attention seekers with no regards for others.

The fifth characteristic of a hater is the fact that they bask in other peoples misery. They love to see others down. Nothing better suits them thann seeing someone else unhappy. So even if you are not in the best of moods, please don't share it with them, because a real hater, will kick you when your down. Now that I've shared 5 Ways To Spot A Hater, tell me if any of them sound like a person you know. If it's someone else, then take Kanye's advice and "run away as fast as you can". However, if in fact the hater is you, change your ways soon, or you will end up with the person you seem to love the most in life yourself and no one else.

Now that I have outlined the characteristics of a hater, this article is sure to step on a few toes. I digress, an openly express no gratitude or concerns about offending anyone because, this is my opinion based on my experiences. If this article offends you, you may want to first ask yourself why your offended. Is it because these characteristics sum you up , or is it because you've found this character in your circle of friends. If you are this person I hope you change your way, but if this is one of your so called friends, I suggest you get out of their way. Thanks for reading this article again, please bookmark it, facebook share it, tweet it, stumble it, digg it, and email it.

Tell me what you think about haters.

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      6 years ago

      I had a hater hate on me so bad. Jealously of where I worked. My new car. Boy my new car pissed this person off bc they had a total dump. After I bought my new car and rocked out turned the music up with my iPod blasting was when I knew this person started the hate. I could more into detail. But the hater hated the next day when I showed pics of celebrities I was hangin around with. The day after the photos I showed, the hater tried to think of anything and everything to do to take my shine away, so the hater called me to me that this person wanted a sex change. The more I moved up, the more this person was trying to do something different to take the attention off of me. In the end this was truly the worse kind of person I let in my Life because this person was not at all on my level. This person was a pain in my ass. Watch ur back and watch who u friends with because the day will come when this person becomes a hater and a parasite us skin on you to drag you down. And they want you to be in the crossfire because there losers. Know who u are and don't forget it and run. It was done intentionally and on purpose. I'm a very talented artist so this is why I know who the freak I am. But the worse thing about it was I was so humble about it. This person always tried to ruffle my feathers to the point where I was drug down the crossfire. And in the beginning I had weird things I felt about this person who I met in Buddhist place. Which I never go back and believe in god. But what I am trying to say the hater ruffled me so bad this person got what they wanted which was get on my nerves so bad to point of insanity. Bc I knew this was fake, it was a hater. It got worse and in the beginning I deleted this Japanese person number multiple times, because I felt weird sense. But this person would always call me again when unexpected. And I would go right back into my great life and this person felt I was shoving their nose in my fun and joy in my life. Worse experience of my life.


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