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Words the Heart Relationships and Reality

Updated on May 30, 2015

CommunicationRelationships and Reality


Words the Heart Relationships and Reality

Language Communication and leaving a lasting

Through words we can create sentences and
express our emotions ‎and how we feel.
Symbols which lie in our mind is reflection of ‎our
desires our happiness.
Our fears stem from past experiences which may
have hurt us are scared us psychologically.‎
How we interpret what we hear and the content
Of our Consciousness is the genetic make up
Of our soul and spirit.

How we choose to react to any given situation
Determines our happiness and ultimately peace
Of mind.
Can you remember your first thought as a human

What causes stress?
Your ability to attain Currency determines
Which class you a segmented into rich middle
Or poor.‎What is the soil worth?
What causes suffering?
We inherit wealth and have a chance to stabilise
And materialise our dreams.
Dreams shatter at times before they come to life.
What would you like to be?
Have you ever felt pain?

Are your memories of your childhood filled with
Moments of pampering ‎and showering of gifts?
Could life as infant child and adult be a
manifestation ‎of adversity destiny and will power.
‎‎‎Synopsis‎What is the meaning of life?‎A dream coming to life.
Finding Love.
Suffering only to attain happiness and justice
If the fruits of your labour as a son daughter
and human being.‎.
What is Death? Perhaps a continuation of our
Gods Poet Nkosi‎


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