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Work Efficently

Updated on October 21, 2016

Something that can seem the most daunting, but can save us the most time is to work as efficiently as possible. It can save us a lot of time and money.

Some tasks that we have to do for an event, whether it be printing off table settings, or going through and finding addresses for all your guests, can be pretty tedious. What makes it worse is when those tasks that are not as fun take longer than they need to. So how do we make them more efficient?

Well that depends on the person. Each person works differently and expects different things out of each activity. However, there are some easy rules to follow to make sure that every activity gets done as quickly and easily as possible.

One thing that I always like to follow and it always holds me accountable is to set a time limit. This also works because I am very competitive, and once I set a goal for myself, I have to obtain it. For those of you like me, something like setting goals for yourself could help you get things done quickly.

However, quickly isn’t always better. So one tip I have learned the hard way is to make sure you have no distractions. One big distraction for me is a TV. I would think it would help me, and I would sit in front of it and start my project. However, I would get sucked in by the show, and 30 minutes later, have very little to show. One remedy I have found for this is music. Then I can listen to it, but it doesn’t require my mind and eyes, and those can focus on the task at hand.

Another tip is to take breaks. Thinking you can tackle 300 place cards by yourself in one sitting with the exact same quality in all of them, that is pretty unlikely. So make sure that you set attainable goals for yourself. It also gives you an ego boost when you can beat your goal.

How efficient are you?

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