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It's Not Seduction. Its a "Specialized Approach" to Each of the 12 Signs! Stop "Workin' on Mysteries Without Any Clues,"

Updated on May 14, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

"Workin' On Mysteries Without Any Clues"

I remember Bob Seger's hit "Night Moves". It was 1979 and I was 30 and single and it seemed to make us "older" people laugh. Seger himself is one of my favorites.

The subtitle is one of the lyrics in Seger's song that goes to the point of this article - "Working On Mysteries Without Any Clues". Ah, yes. The reason love making is so darned dramatic and crazy and off the wall and full of -- "Oh no, and oh my gawwwd" -- is because most of the time, when human kind is on the prowl, he/she does not have a clue! You can say that not having a clue is kind of the fun of it, the danger of it, the disappointment of it, the dumbness of it, and the ecstasy of it. You can say that, SURE. But wouldn't you like to have more of a clue? Wouldn't you?

Having A Clue - When Sun Signs Come At You Like Fireworks In The Night

Movies have taken, of late, to show impassioned couples bursting into a closet and tearing each others' clothes off. I think this is for both genders. It says: "Once you both know what you are both aiming for, its like dynamite." But you know what? Its more intriguing and awkward and befuddling than the movies make it. Your experience itself, and our collective unconscious experience is this: Even though it's on our mind at least a couple times a day, sometimes its harder than catching a flea between your fingers and more "headachey" than a tequila hangover, to actually connect to the person you are trying to connect to. I am not talking here about promiscuous, wanton, bed jumping. I am talking about making real connections; which after all, is the real undeclared unconscious goal of even the most permissive. A brief walk through the outlook and nature of the sun signs might give us more of a clue than we currently have. They do come at you like fireworks in the night, and it behooves one who is on the prowl to have some night moves planned out.

The Signs of the Zodiac - "What's Your Sign?"

Parties were not rife with sun sign madness in the 50's, or even the 60's, but boy did it hit in the 70's. It was kind of the opening question which started conversations, and let people talk about themselves, and guess each others signs and as the unstated agenda might read -- to see if we could be sexually compatible. But people were not learned. They only had their internal likes and dislikes and statements from friends, which they picked up here and there. Since the fax machine was brand new, astro stuff would also come that way: "Geminis are actually all bisexual". "Virgos are as cold as stone". "Leos are easy and selfish". "Scorpios will bite your head off in ecstasy." "Pisces will beg you into bed". "Cancers won't, and after, they will pout, and then the next day they will propose." There was this kind of "wisdom" and just plain old personal experience that marked those conversations. Let's take a serious short look at the sun signs and what might help you with your "night moves".


The 12th sign has many complexities. This can make them difficult to understand. They will say contradictory and mysterious things. Don't listen to their words as much as look in their eyes. A Piscean's eyes are watery often, and they can look like they like you. Don't mistake their general care for humanity as a particular liking for you. They appear to be "easy", and they are more emotionally pliable, but this can make your night moves too strong. Get where the Pisces lives. Don't be a player. They won't bite your head off for looking like a player. They will try to see your soul, and understand why you are so desperately insincere acting. The key with a Pisces is not to think they are easy. You have to actually try to get to know them. They can swim close to you. But also they can swim away.


Looking confident and pretty self content. They can fool you. They will most always seem available because they are largely going on their own personal code. That does not mean they are immoral, it means they have all their own rules. If you break one of their own secret private rules, they could scratch you off their "dance card" without even showing it; just a blank smile and a sense that you were there, and now you are not there. You pinch yourself. You wonder where you went. You are still there. Just not for the Aquarius. There is so much more to the Aquarius than just the socializing. And they will tell you that. Approach if you wish, and enjoy this ingenious and perplexing character. You night moves might just work, but their may not be any "day moves" for the relationship. You will have to get to really know them to love them, your night move might be to be as certain about everything as they are. This could be fun all by itself.


If you are dealing with a Cappy, you must know that since they are so serious about everything, they are going to be serious about fun. Not dour, not dull, not stern, not boring - hardly. But they are going to be serious about it. Cappy frivolousness is planned frivolity. Cappy flirt is calculated flirt. Cappy foreplay is "five play". Cappy is on their mountainous ascent and sexuality and romance are a part, a very necessary part of life, so get ready for this inner agenda. If you are being seduced, you are being seduced with a plan. You can come at them merrily with a "drunk on" and get slapped across the room or find yourself in an embrace. It all depends upon what is going on inside the Cappy's head. One of your night moves, might be an elegant tango designed by them. You didn't know you could tango? The Cappy will teach you.


Probably the easiest in the zodiac to conjure up the image of "player". Yet. They are religious. They are extroverted. If not, actually extroverted, then just talkative, like "where did all that talking come from?". So while you are working on your night move, they are can appear to be way ahead of you. Sag is the horse looking over the fence and across the plain and up the trail. Are you right next to them, or the one across the plain? Inconstancy is a tricky word, but it kind of fits. Reading their mind as a part of the move might be difficult. What's on their mind is generally discovered by them as the words flow out of their mouths. So, night move rule number one is not to think you have the secret to Sagittarius. Ride easy in the saddle as it were. Decide if you find them pleasing. You will know quickly if they find you pleasing.


There are more warning signs on the highway of love about Scorp than any other. Largely those warning signs were put there by disappointed lovers who had expectations. Scorpio is much easier to know if you don't wait for their "tell tale signs" or have any expectations at all. Let them tell you who they are in their many ways. Their body language, their conversation, their sincerity or lack of it. Let them tell you. The longer a Scorpio talks, the more they reveal. Do not think its fast. Do not play dominance/passive games. Do not try to overwhelm. They will not be "whelmed" over or under. They will take you like they see you. If they take you, it will be a sincere act. Yes, you will see intensity at every turn. So enjoy it. They will. The warning is after the event. The Scorpio will introduce themselves slowly. Time to learn to love.


Lovely, charming, mellow Libra is a nice person to meet at a party. They are usually easy to look at, almost always classy and they are just naturally skilled at the art of love. So, wow! How about that. Your night moves will be well received if you are artful, balanced, and full of life. They like "full of life" because they often seem to lack that inner fire. Don't be distant or "too cool for school". They want to see interest. They even like admiration and complements. They will be judging you the whole way. They will be doing their analysis the whole time. That's not bad. That's their way of engaging. When you see the Libra smile, you might be swept away. Go ahead fall if you want. They aren't falling. They are permitting you to experience their beauty and balance.


Think "virgin". Yes. That's where it comes from. Not virgin actually, just virginal in their approach to things. Naive is another word, but that does not mean unsophisticated. They have an open and young view of the world and reality. They will watch you night moves with wonder, and then do the same wondering at what you are trying to do with their bodies. The Virgo may not even have night moves, well-rehearsed anyway. And then they can improve you quicker than Billy the Kid. If they start criticizing you, its just that you have gotten their attention. These are worriers; but only because they can see that all the world and you, can't be fixed in one life time. Your night moves will have to have a big portion of that large word "sincerity". As George Burns said: "Sincerity, if you can fake that, you have it made."


Grinning, blessing you with their sunny exterior. They can be grand, magnanimous and sweeping in their generosity. They feel they have it to give, and give it they will. Presidential, even if they are the janitor, they will come on with night moves that seem to be offered to everyone. If they smile on you, enjoy the warmth and the grin. Oh, that grin. Where are your night moves? If you like the Leo, engage them on their favorite topic. Themselves. This is generally true of the whole human race, but it really goes for the Lion and the Aries. Now, a warning, if they are not impressed with you or your night moves, then the game might be more strenuous. That doesn't mean you have lost. You may have to get more clever, charming, winning. Misrepresent yourself a little. Get their attention. Try to get their approval and admiration.


Cancer knows the score. They are suspicious and very smart. They are also thinking about their personal lives all the time. If your night moves work in the style of immediate warmth and genuineness, they will bite on the hook, but only to put their tongue on the hook. They will test you and doubt you and wonder about you the whole time. They don't like being fooled, especially by those darned "night moves". Get them to talk about their family, their business, where they came from, their part of town and styles they like. They are highly subjective people, and certain. To win the Cancer you must have their admiration and their belief that you are not out to put a "notch on your gun". The minute they suspect that, you are toast. If they are after you, then be ready to be loved all over. And be ready for phone calls.


The ultimate cheery party person, cool intellectual, talkative sales person, sharp as a tack teacher. The Gemini can be observed right next to the Sagittarian conversing. They are also listeners, if they are not talking. By that I mean, they will remember everything you say, and also will be the first to call you on your night moves, and describe everyone else's game in the whole place. But, that's just their style! Do they want love and friends and caring buddies? Sure, deeply. The night move with a Gemini is to seem "in the know", but not too clever. Don't try to out clever the Gemini, just laugh at their jokes, and enjoy their plays on words and cute observations. Then genuinely admire who they really are; even if you are not sure what that is. The Gemini will comment on both of your moves as you are doing them, and then talk philosophy and the meaning of life. That's how you know you are winning.


Quiet, content, gentle calm and warm smile. You want to get close to them to hear the warm quite humming that seems to be emanating from them. They will have night moves, but mainly as a way to respond. If Taurus is out there moving around, they are serious about coupling. And if they are, you might want to be ready with your night moves. "Hard to get" is as old as the hills, but it might make them move forward just a bit. The Bull gets in motion, and its hard to put the brakes on. You know what I mean? Admire their vigor, their handsomeness, their manner, their cool beauty, after your "hard to get" has nudged them forward. Liking possessions, you can seem available and easy to attain. Even if you aren't. These are night moves, not "let's be real" moves. The Taurus does not want to play word games, have flighty clever engagements or do secret agendas. You will know when you have them, no doubt.


Vigor, energy, explosive and crackling with excitement about themselves. They love life, but famous for that phrase: "Enough about me, let's talk about me." Your night move is kind of simple, if there is basic attraction. (If they are not attracted, forget it.) The night move is to try to match their energy. Not in an unreal way, but up your voltage a bit. They will speed past you if you do not. The Aries knows they are exciting, and they have little self doubt. They want to have someone who also is exciting. Quickly, they will decide if you are worthy of their time and attention. Its not ego as much as its economy of effort. "Who is worth my attention when I am going at this breakneck speed?" They can shower you with love and attention as long as you are Sir Speedy. Fun company, great achievers. Movers and shakers. They start great, but often don't finish. That could also be true of you. It might be a one time event.

Night Moves That Become Life Moves

We are talking here about the most magic process that humans universally engage in. Yes, night moves fit into a haunting song about humans on the prowl. But humans on the prowl, depending upon what they find, become fathers, mothers, and grandparents. That same year. I was doing my night moves, and this one lady would not look at me. I was staring heat rays. She would not look the whole night. It drove me nuts. Fast forward past her night moves. She became my wife of over 30 years and still smiles at that first night. Don't minimize the night moves. They can move you from Brief Encounters to Relationships to -- even Destiny. Learn your night moves can become life moves at

Night Moves Lead to Life Moves at


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