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Would You Attend a Same-Sex Wedding?

Updated on May 10, 2012
glendoncaba profile image

Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

President Obama Weighs in On Gay Marriage

Playing the public opinion polls for 2012 election year distraction may be the end game for the American president but he has come out in support of gay marriage. This is a risky declaration given that he polls show 50-48 margin with a 3% margin of error.

I am shocked that the president is taking a position on such a controversial issue. Signs of the times!!!

What about you? I want to ask you a question?

Would you attend a same sex wedding ceremony?

Would You Attend a Same Sex Wedding?

I was brought up in a tradition where the healthy desire of a male is to caress a female body. A natural and positive instinct that gives pleasure and produces offspring when taken to its orgasmic conclusion. The true lover lives for the gentle curves, the soft touch, the arousing scent of a woman’s body when it pulsates with that warm need to be held and loved.

Could someone please explain to me how a man can rationalise the lifestyle which says it’s okay for a man to choose to display the same attraction and therefore behaviour to the same sex.

I am going to be extra reasonable here and concede the following:

1. Especially after the Caster Semenya situation it has become patently obvious that some persons are born with gender ambiguity. Gender identity could possibly become an area of concern for such persons especially if the correct medical intervention was not made early in life.

2. A culture in which the homosexual taboo does not exist may be observed to have ritual homosexuality.

3. Heterosexuals who indulge in anal sex may be successfully accused of indulging in the same practice as homosexual men albeit with a different gender.

So in all three cases the person arguing from the viewpoint of biblical theology will have to marshall the full spectrum of moral and ethical prohibitions against homosexuality, and more. From the Creation story to the destruction of Sodom, to Paul's emphatic polemic against the perverse reversal of nature. And even proceed to show that social and scientific evidence is in harmony with the Christian Bible.

Gay couple for a wedding cake.  Photo by Stefano Bolognini courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Gay couple for a wedding cake. Photo by Stefano Bolognini courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

To add to the sad state of affairs, there are two troubling trends that I am noticing:

1. Homosexuals, like atheists, are becoming more militant in their demands for their rights and freedoms to practice their lifestyle. It means that if I get comments to the article then many of them might very well be self-declared same sex advocates.

2. The increasing complacence of conservative Christians who have simply adopted the position of live and let live. I heard a story recently that illustrates the point and may just serve as the tipping point for a final decision to flee the lukewarmness: a pastor in his sermon shared a story about two friends who divorced their wives in order to marry each other. They invited the pastor to attend the wedding and told him they knew he did not support same-sex marriage but were asking him to attend to support them. The pastor attended the wedding. Then had the gall to talk about it in his sermon.

What are your views? Do you believe that he should have attended the same-sex wedding ceremony?

Say, Would You Attend?

Would you attend a same-sex marriage?

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    • glendoncaba profile image

      glendoncaba 2 years ago from Somewhere in the hubverse

      I am wondering if this issue is debatable, or has it become politically dangerous to even discuss it?

    • glendoncaba profile image

      glendoncaba 5 years ago from Somewhere in the hubverse

      Simone: that depends on God's standard of right or wrong. The same Book in which God instituted marriage.

    • profile image

      Simone Ostrander 7 years ago

      My nephew is gay, has a very nice partner, has a child, conceived via ai with a "womb for rent". I did not attend their "wedding" because I believe in the sanctity of marriage, instituted by God as a binding covenant and a protection for the family. I don't judge my nephew and I love him, his partner, and their little girl. I think my non-attendance hurt him, and that hurts me. I wonder if I was wrong.

    • profile image

      Jake Kirkland 7 years ago

      Sure, if they had an open bar.

    • glendoncaba profile image

      glendoncaba 7 years ago from Somewhere in the hubverse

      LF: OK, you do believe in God, but do you believe in his plan for families? And why do you accuse believers of 'hate'? Should I disbelieve the bible in order for you to accuse me of 'love'?

    • Literature Fairy profile image

      Holly Jackson 7 years ago from England, UK.

      You think I do not believe in God? Just because I don't hate anyone who doesn't share my views, you should check out my hubs. x

    • glendoncaba profile image

      glendoncaba 7 years ago from Somewhere in the hubverse

      Yes I understand the issue. Right, I do not support same-sex marriage. Threatened...yea.

      None of them want to have sex with would be surprised.

      Thanks for reading. And keep an open mind. Horror of horrors, I could be right. Better yet, miracle of miracles, you could learn to believe in the Creator and His plan for families.

    • Literature Fairy profile image

      Holly Jackson 7 years ago from England, UK.

      Just because you personally don't understand or agree with something does not make it wrong, & I personally think its sad that you are clearly so threatened by Gay people. Get over yourself, I'm sure none of them want to have sex with you either!

      Oh and P.S I would certainly attend a same sex wedding.