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Wow Really?

Updated on September 14, 2014

Sugar daddy...yes please! White men, Black men, No one wants a broke man!

Black women were raised on a different scale than non black women. Throughout history regarding African American's successful parents weren't the 'norm' therefore black women are more adaptive to dating men that aren't successful. They are raised to settle for a good man not a successful man. If you can find a man that will stay with you and be faithful then he's a good man. On the other side of that fence you have a different perceptive of what is a 'good' man. Successful non black families are raising children with families where both parents are successful and or the father is the bread winner and the mother is a stay at home mom raising the kids. Their kids grow up with the ideal image of what they were raised to believe is the 'norm' and this is what they seek in their own relationships. Watching 'Mona Lisa Smile' is when I noticed the difference of who I was as an individual and what I considered the norm. These young white women in college were in school to seek out the 'alpha males'. The young men that would be college educated and become successful, wealthy men. The women though educated would be stay at home moms raising 'his' kids and taking care of his household while he brought home the 'bacon'. Known fact? Yes.... just look around, how many black women are married? How many black women are single mothers raising kids that are fathered by different men. We've settled for what we've always considered to be the 'norm' the good guy that didn't have to have a college education, as long as he had a job or was trying to find one. We didn't wait around to make babies until a ring was placed on our fingers, have you ever wondered why that was? Have you ever asked yourself why am I settling? Now when a black man becomes successful he feels that he needs the entire package. Are black women on the top of that list of 'potential mates'?

Is it true that Black men seek out other race of women once they create a successful career? That Black women are the dating pariahs of this society? What about the now success stories of Black women marrying successful White men, is it a trend or the far and few that will actually go outside of their race to even consider dating a non black man? From conversations and the questions I ask on message boards I find that Black women are content with staying single. They refuse to believe that a non black man is the right man for them. Maybe its hang ups and closed minded thinking but when I see successful White men with Black women I scream: we want more...we want more! Yes we should want more from our relationships rather than settle for 'whatever' because its convenient. As for Black women we should definitely be seeking the well to do all around kind of gentleman. The college educated and or street smarts business man who knows the value of a dollar will work hard at achieving success on (legal) level. Someone who will value us as women and can see us on the top of their list as potential mates. We should not be drugged over the social media board as 'dating pariah's' or to be put out by successful black men that consider us to be 'out of style'. Seek success-in meaning seek a partner that has goals and a solid foundation of how to reach those goals. Build a long lasting relationship that involves every aspect of a successful one TOGETHER. Think of: "Put a ring on it' before pushing out any more of his children. Forget about him if he considers desiring a successful and well established man to be a 'gold digger'. Bottom line: STOP SETTLING Because we're worth so much more and its about time that the world began to realize that.

I can do bad by myself

Being Financially stable- is that a requirement when seeking a mate?

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