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Wrap Him Around Your Fingers: A Review

Updated on April 28, 2015

Wrap Him Around Your Fingers is a relationship guide by Mirabelle Summers, promising to help you chemically "brainwash" any man with an eight step method into doing what you want, to let you take control of your relationships. Designed for spouses, partners and women in general who want to understand how men think; the methods described in the book center around psychological techniques legitimately used by behavior therapists.

What Does “Wrap Him Around Your Fingers” Include?

The Wrap Him Around Your Fingers program is in the form of a downloadable PDF that is available on the official website. It offers an e-book full of techniques that Summers claimed have worked for her and her friends. The bonus materials that are included in the package are also designed to supplement the guide and help you get the difficult relationships with the man (or men) in your lives back on track. The package includes:

· The principal guide, Wrap Him Around Your Fingers, describing the 8-step method to chemically alter your man's neurochemistry.

· A CD titled "Irresistible Confidence Training" by Mani Kinrys, containing Ms Kinrys' tips to make your man feel driven to respect you and make you happy.

· Another book titled "Twelve Reasons He Is Not Seeing You As The One", which talks about methods to make the man you are interested in see you as the only one for him, so that you can begin a fulfilling and long-term relationship with him.

· Tips and training by Kinrys and Summers on "How To Get A Man's Desire Actions", which offers to teach you how to make any kind of man, however unromantic, committed to you alone.

Additionally the package comes with a money back guarantee within an eight week trial period, which offers full protection in case you are not satisfied with the results of using the program during that time.

More About the Wrap Him Around Your Fingers Program

The 8-step program of "mind control" that Summers describes in her book is based on the psychological technique of "mental flooding". Summers promises to help women make the man she wants obsess over her exclusively, almost to a fault. While this promise may sound dubious and incredible, the process of (mental flooding) is very real and often used in therapies for phobias and PTSD.

Alternately known as (Exposure Therapy), flooding works by a method of having someone repeatedly confront what they fear in order to condition the mind and free them of the fear. In the case of phobias, the patient may be exposed to their painful memories and along with psychologically relaxing techniques, learn to relax in the presence of the things or memories they fear.

Flooding is based on (classical conditioning principals), which have been used for psychotherapeutic needs since Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov's research in the early twentieth century, to help patients modify their behavior based on certain stimuli that they were exposed to. With flooding, it is possible to calm an infant showing signs of stress post-surgery or to calm individuals with a phobia of cars by taking them out in one and driving them around for hours.

Summers' program of getting to know men and "brainwashing" them to your advantage promises to help you gain back the strong, committed affections and attention of a bored husband or boyfriend, have an ex-boyfriend begging to return to you, or even get your husband to quit smoking, drinking etc.

About the Author

Mirabelle Summers is an ex-model, a professional relationship coach and bestselling author on, who claims to have helped more than 316,000 women solve their relationship problems. She swears by the “mental flooding” techniques because she claims to have been at the receiving end of the techniques herself. Summers was a sufferer of a hair-pulling disorder, that caused her to create a bald spot on her head. She claims to have received therapy from a man who called himself a professional “mentalist”, who whispered eight phrases in her ear causing a “mental explosion” and a complete willingness on her part to do anything he asked her to do. The success of this therapy on her habit led her to try out the technique on the relationships of her friends, and eventually led to this guide.

The guide along with the bonus materials can be downloaded at a special price of $47 from the official website, with a No Questions Asked 60-day money back guarantee.


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