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Updated on January 24, 2012


The deadline for this post was July 20th. It didn’t happen because I was too busy enjoying my pity party. I had better things to do than to recognize the abundance which has graced my life over the past 13 years.

How’s this for a miracle? A cherub picks a hobo off the street corner. He's nothing more than a musician looking for approval. He is black jeans. He is black t-shirts. He is a flat tire present and a bent rim future. Angel magic is performed and a chromed out light show roars to life. A man is born.

Try this. A shipwrecked drifter is rescued by a lifeboat filled with compassion. A new life is created where before, existed flotsam and the rusted hulk of what used to be dreams. With an eye that sees a universe of possible good, the magic wand of encouraging phrases does its work. Land is reached. Oasis is attained. Love is realized.

The life of a child is saved. Not by riches or material gains, but through the wisdom of the one who knows the meaning of “motherless child”. Not by trips halfway across the globe, but through midnight worry lines well earned. Raised in the knowledge that one person in the world will be unfailing, “Mama” is cooed. Orphanchild eliminates the need for electricity in Times Square by smiling his smile. The universe is balanced.

Now the world knows why I sign my cards “YGMML”. You Gave Me My Life.

be the love you see around you. ygmml


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