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You Love Kissing? Cautions And Benefits of Kissing

Updated on October 3, 2015

Kissing has been one of the most common way of showing love, passion and romance. Its popularity and way of doing it varies from country to country.In France, deep kissing is the most common one.Animals do also kiss each other in their own ways. The elephants way of kissing each other is putting trunk in the mouth of a partner Scientists who have conducted research on this behavior have revealed that kissing which involves tongue tangling brings about a series of physiological processes which can boost one’s immunity. There are claims that the first strong kissing between lovers can help predict how long a relationship will last. This however has not been scientifically proven. It however strengthens the bond between partners. It brings on the sweet feelings. For sure we all love kissing people we love. Kissing like any other human behavior has its benefits and pre cautions. In this article I will outline some of the known benefits and problems associated with kissing.

Lovers kissing


Kissing boosts man's immunity

Kissing initiates reactions which boost immunity
Kissing initiates reactions which boost immunity | Source

Benefits of kissing

1.Boosts partners immunity

Kissing as I had already stated initiates a series of reactions in the body which boost immunity. This starts from the partners feelings of well being and satisfaction. Good health starts from the right state of mind. This good state of mind ensures good hormonal balance. This good state of mind works positively on one’s blood pressure, heart beat rate. The exchange of antigens also makes your immune system remain alert to any threat which may arise.

2. Kissing reduces stress levels.

Psychologically, the sense of well being reduces stress levels which come with feelings of insecurity.

3. Kissing promotes good dental health

It initiates processes which increase the release of saliva from salivary glands. This increase in volume of saliva has a benefit in the mouth. The bacterial which causes dental carriers and cavity thrive in an acidic medium. Our saliva pH ranges from neutral to slightly basic. It helps in neutralizing the medium and washing away the bad bacteria.

3. Raises the levels of serotonin, oxytocin and dopa-mine hormones

These are the hormones which enable your body to relax and feel relieved.

4.Kissing and weight loss

Any form of physical exercise enhances burning of calories and kissing being a physical and psychological exercise promotes breakdown of calories. It is therefore an enjoyable way of promoting weight loss.

5. Kissing boosts partners’ confidence and self esteem

It brings happiness and satisfaction. Confidence and self esteem boosts one’s productivity at places of work.Some people have claimed that kissing helps them predict how long their relationship Is going to last. A change in kissing behavior brings on suspense on cheating and instincts do not lie. In many cases things turn out as per the expectations.

Elephants kissing

Even animals kiss each other
Even animals kiss each other | Source

Cold sores

Cold sores virus can be spread through salva excahnge
Cold sores virus can be spread through salva excahnge | Source


Bacterial dental diseases can be spread during kissing
Bacterial dental diseases can be spread during kissing | Source


1. Disease spread

Deep or French kissing can be a route of exchange of disease causing microorganisms between partners. Viruses that cause flu, herpes are found in certain amounts in the saliva of infected person. When kissing involves exchange of a good amount of saliva, transmission of these micro-organisms usually occur leading to spread of diseases. The bacteria which causes gum disease is also found in mouth and during exchange of saliva, it can be spread. There is also a case of a mother who spread the fatal cold sore virus to her new born child . The child developed serious sores since the body of such a child lacks the mechanism to fight off herpes virus. If not detected early it can lead to death due to destruction of organs like liver. Hepatitis B virus can also be spread through kissing. Hepatitis is a life threatening disease.

2. Causes suspense in relationship

Some partners have applied kissing as a way of testing faithfulness or honesty in their men. Any slight change in the kissing behavior is perceived to be a sign of a breaking relationship. This is an untested and unreliable method of gauging faithfulness.

3. Kissing partners who do not observe good oral hygiene

It may make the relationship between two partners difficult. If one partner poorly brushes his or her mouth and it smells, the other partner may not be comfortable with kissing and this can ruin their relationship especially if the involved partner does not take criticism positively.

4. Sense of insecurity

Kissing has also been one of the reasons why relationships break. If one partner is caught kissing another person, she or he may be taken for a cheat and everything will not go on rightly.


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