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You and I can unite them !

Updated on April 13, 2014

How do we worship Jesus on a Sunday and turn away from his people on a Monday ?

I was wondering with a heavy heart as to why people do not come forward to help the needy when they can ? This is a gnawing thought for which I do not get any answers. We spend so much on trivial things and things that perish but we do not want to part with our money for something that does not. Many a times I have tried to help and I am sure there is a majority of people who have and wish to do the same, but still its not enough. I had read it long back in the book of good karma that if we want to receive a constant money flow in our lives, the best and the most useful thing to do is not to hold on to it with our dear life. To give is to receive ! we keep the channels open this way. Another interesting tip was to leave a little money in the mall, in a book at a library, in the car parking lot somewhere, anywhere. Where it would be found with surprise by someone and who knows this little act will go a long way. Well you might be thinking why I am talking about this in a relationship hub ? Well I am coming to that !

We must have heard of beheading of lovers and honor killing ? Its still very much happening and I came across a plea when I was browsing the net. I just chanced upon it and could'nt help but weep for these two innocent people in love. All they need is some funds to escape and settle down in life. All they are asking for is some help. We live in the 21st century and take pride in talking about women power and all that but what about the stuff that happens in the remote places ? Would you help these women if you could ? If that means parting away with a little bit of that cash ? This world would be relatively a better place to live if we all cared to make it so. We blame the others for whatever direction the world is taking but who are these others ? Its us ! Every now and then we hear about a rich businessman spending millions of dollars for things which are outrageous. I am sure you must have heard of commodes made of pure gold, diamond studded toilet seats and covers, Drunken parties where champagne flowed like water and private jets for the pooch ! We live in the world of surplus and complain that its high time someone does something constructive about poverty, crime against women and child abuse. Are we not responsible ?

When we buy a certain product to make our skin glowing we don't speculate, analyse ask for proofs and break our heads over whether or not it will deliver the goods that it claims but when it comes to donating for a cause, we get so judgemental ! Ever thought what helping others does for our inner beauty ? The beauty of the soul ? The kind that illuminates you and reflects through your eyes ?

It could have been me, It could have been you but we are fortunate enough that we are not. Thank the lord. We are not living under a dangling sword ! We are free to love and marry whomever we choose to. Its been a couple of days since I have read about the story of a girl named Eva who converted to Christianity and now her life is at stake because she has fallen in love with a man who has also converted to Christianity. Both are struggling to escape a horrible situation and hoping that we would help them. She seemed a daring girl to me and my heart goes out for her. You can read her story here and help them to live a life free from fear and uncertainty.

I am wondering what it would be like to live like that ? To be in her shoes ? where you dont know what will happen next but you are sure it will be surely something terrible ! where you have no control over your life and you let someone else take charge of the steering and throw you in the back seat. I am sad and I shudder to think of all this ! I am disgusted and I am angry ! I want to march in like a brave soul and rescue this couple but I know thats just wishful thinking. Though I cant do that in person but I can still do it by donating and rescuing them from far away. I can pray for all such people who reach out and wait in anticipation and agony. I know the Good Lord is kind and this is how he works from people to people. I am put in this earth to serve others in the name of Jesus. I pledge to do so throughout my life. It would be a life lived well.

I expect to pass through life but once. If, therefore, there by any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do for any fellow being. Let me do it now .. As I shall not pass this way again.

William Penn.

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    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 3 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Hello Psychicdog how are you ? Thank you for visiting my hub. I pray whatever good you do comes back to you in ten folds and may God bless the Pastor. Amen ! If you can please visit the link below, spread the word and donate a dollar or two, I shall be thankful . Here is the link -

    • profile image 3 years ago

      You talking about me Crayonbrains! I just skipped giving on a campaign for Pastor Saeed. I'm heading back even though I've fallen on hard times - this poor man is suffering for his faith.