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Young relationships and in Love

Updated on August 30, 2010
How do we deal with young love?
How do we deal with young love?

Young Love


Oh to be young and in love. You see no flaws in your true love. It’s so innocent, gentle and pure. Remember writing a thousand times in your books, your two names and writing hearts around it. All you thought about was the next time you would see each other again.


The only problem is sometimes when you are young and naïve you don’t make all the right choices because you haven’t given yourself enough time to mature and really know yourself. You don’t really know what you like and dislike. You don’t really know what you should and shouldn’t accept in your relationship.


You often fall for someone that you out-grow as you mature. You learn you two are not on the same path of life. What you want to achieve in life is totally opposite of what your young love wants. Lots of times who you are at 18 to 20 is a totally different person than when you are between 30 and 40. Not saying that falling in love young will never work. I did it and after 40 I still love the same man and would never want to be without him. However, I am not the majority. Most people I know that fell in love young fell in love with looks or thought it was cute and exciting that their mate was so jealous and over protective of them. Some even liked the roughneck type. Those friends of mine learned that possession turned into untrusting and he being over bearing. The roughneck turned into abuse and the cuteness got old.


Most young loves are rushed and are not well thought out. Some are falsely driven by sexual encounters. Sex cannot and will never be the main link to love. A lot of young love is built on bumpy disappointing roads. During your young age you should travel with friends and see the world. Learn who you are and understand what you want out of life.


Don’t necessarily patent your life or relationship after your parents. Their relationship may not have been the best. Learn to be independent in your thoughts not necessarily your parents thoughts. While others are more mature and can give good advice, the final word has to be yours because you are the one that has to live it everyday. If you cannot make definite decisions regarding your own relationship, then know that you are not ready. Mommy or Daddy cannot live your life for you forever.


Young love does not mean you cannot grow together because you can. If you two have similar values and goals then you can truly continue to grow together forever. A lot of times young love is great because you don’t expect too much and don’t put extremely high expectations on your mate. You only want to have fun and to be together so you end up getting closer and closer. You begin to build memories that cannot be easily forgotten. Young love is not always a negative thing. Young love can teach you not to take life so seriously all the time.


The bottom line is it depends on who you are and what you expect. If you are mature enough to know it will take hard work and you must work together. Don’t expect your mate to be the perfect mate that will never happen. However, if you give that love time and patience, it can work and it can flourish. Be on the same path in life and you will travel the great road to lasting love no matter how old you are.



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