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Your Demeanor

Updated on May 29, 2017

Ode to my Bitch Face

The ironic thing about a person's demeanor:

People assume because someone looks "sweet" and "nice" and sounds innocent that her or she is a good person with good morals and an outstanding character. People assume because someone (like me) looks like a reserved, rude bitch that he or she is, characteristically, a bad person with no morals and no common decency. I study the hell out of people. I can almost assure you that your predetermined opinion about these two "types" of people are completely backwards. Prolonged facial expressions (how a person looks most of the time) can be faked. Microexpressions, which are brief and involuntary, can not be faked. Pay attention to the brief instead of the common to develop a true understanding of a person.

I have bitch-faced for 29 years, but I promise you that I've been taken advantage of and screwed over by "sweet and innocent" faces a hell of a lot more often than "I hate the whole world" faces. Fake people wear masks. Real people don't give any small percentage of a f**k.


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    • profile image

      davon sephus 6 months ago from toledo

      This is a very very true statement.