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Your Ideal Gamer Girl Doesn't Exist

Updated on May 6, 2015
This Is a Dillusion
This Is a Dillusion

Answers To The Big Question

Today were going to be addressing the long antiquated question of:

Do actual gamer girls really exist? And the short little answer to that is...


Not in the hardcore way that most of you think.

I know some beta males still think that being a gamer girl instantly somehow endows a girl to be some type of moralistic, insightful, loving human. And that now we have more in common to share

But that's naïve & stupid.

There are Gamer Girls, But most are Soft-core at best & that doesn't mean there not demented just like you or me. But could actually be a little more so.

Allow me to illiterate, and expound on this particular truth.

Childhood Gaming
Childhood Gaming

The Breakdown

The world consist of males & females within the human species. Now we all know that video games started in a male dominated market.

Awww.... I know we all remember the good times of sitting among our cousins & friends in our younger days passing around the controller, whether it's Mario or in a competitive game of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

The comradery, the trials, victor goes the glory, while the loser gets pissed on.

These moments started our foundation in gaming.

But How Do Females Play a Role In This?

How many females grow up with this foundation?

Lets humor this question and say; In this world theirs a large population of females growing up with this past or even more exposed.

We do know there are differences in gamers, whether its Hardcore Gamers which play Hardcore Games; Devil may Cry,Monster Hunter, Smash Bros.

Or Softcore Gamers. which play Softcore Games; Call of duty/God of war/Mine craft.

To be fair there are females that are Hardcore Gamers & Many that are Softcore Gamers.


Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty


Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry
The Female Role Models
The Female Role Models

Who do females have to reflect on as their "Hero" to relate too?

Imagine the realistic flip side to this up bringing.

If your talking to a girl that was within the age of 20-35, who is a Gamer. There's a strong chance she came In during the market when there where only mainly male main characters.

What do you think happens to the psyche of a female brain when all her childhood heroes; moral, just, strong, save the day types, only being primarily males?

Sure your have your Chung Li's, your Sonyas, even your Samus's. But their personalities or moral standpoint is never expounded on. Nor is there any type of depth given to these characters.

The percentage of male characters greatly outweigh the female count. With many of the male characters experiencing trials, overcoming challenges, and dealing with intangible concepts. Such as; time travel, moral struggles, hypothetical sciences, And true love.

Sometimes when growing up we reflect back to our childhood heroes for some type of reference regarding our personal issues in the real world or even assess theories based upon these concepts.

Females can't really relate to the male ones fully.

We as a society have starved them entirely from any worthy heroes.

The probability is certain, that more male dominant figures Is what a female gamer is being exposed to.

Now many of the males watching, whether Beta or Alpha can't quite fathom what this can do to a genders mind & over all mentality.

Imagine If You WIll
Imagine If You WIll

So Imagine a World If You Will.

When you were growing up playing Street Fighter, Mario, Megaman Or Even Call Of Duty.

What if, they were all female fresh from the start.The look, the voice, and females were the heroes, the strong and the just. Males depicted as weak and helpless.

How would you grow up? How would your mentality be?

Your mentality would be pretty fucked up with a moral decay.

In Closing

I'm not saying every female Gamer is evil.

I'm simply showing that a female isn't the Gamer you think she is. And especially not cleansed by the blood of Mario, Batman, or that Gay Band you like.

Females now need more realistic video game characters, heroes, & rolemodels

that go through more deeper insight, truths, moral choices & intangible concepts. That way, when little girls grow up. They too can better understand these upbringings and relate them, to their lives.

We should as a whole society; male and female work to this solution.

And not allow today's feminist, distort what they think female equality IS. Remember they grew up in bullshit, their only going to try to get women to believe what ever self interest these Fem Nazis are spitting.

So Wisen Up Gamers. Keep Peeling The Bullshit Out Of Your Eyes.

What Do you think regarding this subject?

Feel free to comment below.

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