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Your Ideal Gamer Girl Doesn't Exist

Updated on May 6, 2015
This Is a Dillusion
This Is a Dillusion

Answers To The Big Question

Today were going to be addressing the long antiquated question of:

Do actual gamer girls really exist? And the short little answer to that is...


Not in the hardcore way that most of you think.

I know some beta males still think that being a gamer girl instantly somehow endows a girl to be some type of moralistic, insightful, loving human. And that now we have more in common to share

But that's naïve & stupid.

There are Gamer Girls, But most are Soft-core at best & that doesn't mean there not demented just like you or me. But could actually be a little more so.

Allow me to illiterate, and expound on this particular truth.

Childhood Gaming
Childhood Gaming

The Breakdown

The world consist of males & females within the human species. Now we all know that video games started in a male dominated market.

Awww.... I know we all remember the good times of sitting among our cousins & friends in our younger days passing around the controller, whether it's Mario or in a competitive game of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

The comradery, the trials, victor goes the glory, while the loser gets pissed on.

These moments started our foundation in gaming.

But How Do Females Play a Role In This?

How many females grow up with this foundation?

Lets humor this question and say; In this world theirs a large population of females growing up with this past or even more exposed.

We do know there are differences in gamers, whether its Hardcore Gamers which play Hardcore Games; Devil may Cry,Monster Hunter, Smash Bros.

Or Softcore Gamers. which play Softcore Games; Call of duty/God of war/Mine craft.

To be fair there are females that are Hardcore Gamers & Many that are Softcore Gamers.


Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty


Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry
The Female Role Models
The Female Role Models

Who do females have to reflect on as their "Hero" to relate too?

Imagine the realistic flip side to this up bringing.

If your talking to a girl that was within the age of 20-35, who is a Gamer. There's a strong chance she came In during the market when there where only mainly male main characters.

What do you think happens to the psyche of a female brain when all her childhood heroes; moral, just, strong, save the day types, only being primarily males?

Sure your have your Chung Li's, your Sonyas, even your Samus's. But their personalities or moral standpoint is never expounded on. Nor is there any type of depth given to these characters.

The percentage of male characters greatly outweigh the female count. With many of the male characters experiencing trials, overcoming challenges, and dealing with intangible concepts. Such as; time travel, moral struggles, hypothetical sciences, And true love.

Sometimes when growing up we reflect back to our childhood heroes for some type of reference regarding our personal issues in the real world or even assess theories based upon these concepts.

Females can't really relate to the male ones fully.

We as a society have starved them entirely from any worthy heroes.

The probability is certain, that more male dominant figures Is what a female gamer is being exposed to.

Now many of the males watching, whether Beta or Alpha can't quite fathom what this can do to a genders mind & over all mentality.

Imagine If You WIll
Imagine If You WIll

So Imagine a World If You Will.

When you were growing up playing Street Fighter, Mario, Megaman Or Even Call Of Duty.

What if, they were all female fresh from the start.The look, the voice, and females were the heroes, the strong and the just. Males depicted as weak and helpless.

How would you grow up? How would your mentality be?

Your mentality would be pretty fucked up with a moral decay.

In Closing

I'm not saying every female Gamer is evil.

I'm simply showing that a female isn't the Gamer you think she is. And especially not cleansed by the blood of Mario, Batman, or that Gay Band you like.

Females now need more realistic video game characters, heroes, & rolemodels

that go through more deeper insight, truths, moral choices & intangible concepts. That way, when little girls grow up. They too can better understand these upbringings and relate them, to their lives.

We should as a whole society; male and female work to this solution.

And not allow today's feminist, distort what they think female equality IS. Remember they grew up in bullshit, their only going to try to get women to believe what ever self interest these Fem Nazis are spitting.

So Wisen Up Gamers. Keep Peeling The Bullshit Out Of Your Eyes.

What Do you think regarding this subject?

Feel free to comment below.

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    • profile image

      mrSoviet 2 years ago

      It was good

    • profile image

      SomeoneNotAmused 2 years ago

      If you're trying to be funny I suggest you find a new hobby OFF your PC.

      And if you're being serious. . .just stfu cause your argument is so far beyond invalid.

    • Real Messenger profile image

      Real Messenger 2 years ago from One Foot From The Sun State

      All have only provided a Strawman Argument, yet none could really debate any of the philosophical points I stated.

    • Michael R Lukacs profile image

      Michael R Lukacs 2 years ago

      Actually, it just means that you "message" is complete horseshit, and a lot of people can't believe that someone would spread such ignorance. But hey, if it makes you feel "special" to think that your message is "hitting home", go get 'em, Slugger.

    • Real Messenger profile image

      Real Messenger 2 years ago from One Foot From The Sun State

      The fact that its striking a nerve in soo many Betas males and Beta females only means that my message got through.

    • Michael R Lukacs profile image

      Michael R Lukacs 2 years ago

      Is this still "a thing"?

      I'm surprised the author hasn't deleted this nonsense yet in order to cover up his utter ignorance.

    • profile image

      bumlicker 2 years ago

    • profile image

      your moms my number one fan 2 years ago

      soooo im assuming next you're going to say guns kill people too right? Come on lets be honest here yes there are some "evil" girls out there i suppose but they didn't grow up that way because of games. Yes most "gamer girls" aren't exactly how you picture them. mainly because everyone has a diff. perception of it. I grew up on games yes, im a girl yes, but i not once looked to my game char. for what im doing in real life, like lets be realistic here im not gunna be like well princess peach was always saved by mario so ill just sit here and wait for my mario to come save me. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? I think everyone should just leave the gamers alone..... i love to play games i don't care about what the male to female ratio is, i don't care about the clothes they put on the girls, the only thing i care about is the quality of the game im playing. If its fun im not going to go around yelling about how i feel it unfair that the main char. is a guy.

    • profile image

      oz007 2 years ago

      Is this for real? I agree with most of the commenters even that momma chick who had plenty to say. She summed it all up pretty well. Normal guys like me don't think this way

    • profile image

      Amt 2 years ago

      This is ridiculous you can't take female gamers and generalize and put a label on them like you think you know all of us. Just because some of us aren't "hardcore" gamers doesn't mean we aren't competitive and have a passion for gaming. It may be male dominated but that doesn't mean that girls can't be good and kick some ass while doing it. The whole thing about not be able to relate to characters is bullshit because I know multiple girls that relate to men including myself. So for your own sake don't be so ignorant and try to tell people "she isn't who you think she is" I AM WHO I AM and my boyfriend loves that we can relate on a gaming level so screw this article.

    • profile image

      Quest 2 years ago

      Just trying to read the article is painful enough with spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. A word of advice: prior to attempting your next article, go back to school. Address your own shortcomings before pointing out those of others.

    • profile image

      QjustQ 2 years ago

      Ignorance is the only word that I can think of for this post. That's just MY opinion though.

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      I personally have never met a guy who cared who the main character was, or every looked up to ANYONE in a video game. And most I've met will choose to be a female in a game because 1. Their ass and 2. Some say they're faster in certain games.

    • profile image

      Snark 2 years ago

      Now, while I do feel this article is complete and total retardation at its finest. I believe the super strong female gamers commenting make us look worse and that's sad. It saddens me for a culture and for humanity.

      If you enjoy games, just enjoy games. Don't be a ridiculously outspoken idiot. I'm referring to you "momma-jess." You specifically set us back as people. You try to make yourself look like a strong gaming figure, but realistically you're just spouting a lot of crap trying to belittle other gamers in the interest of female superiority. It's astounding and it's pathetic.

    • profile image

      Ali 2 years ago

      Many times people do not realize there are girls playing because we would rather remain assumed male than have to deal with the idiots who treat female gamers with ignorance, contempt or attempts to make advances on them.

    • profile image

      Momma-Jess 2 years ago

      I did read the entire article. Thanks though. Message was clear enough for me.

    • Michael R Lukacs profile image

      Michael R Lukacs 2 years ago

      The world needs more female gamers - period. I've come across very few of them, and some of them are genuinely fun, nice people.

      The problem with attracting "girl gamers" is that there are very few games with a female perspective. Girls tend to get the short shrift in a lot of things - look at the merchandising for the Avengers movies - plenty of Captain America and Iron Man and Thor merchandise, but very little for the Black Widow. It's the same thing with toys and action figures - very few female characters get made into toys (and I'm not talking about My Little Pony or Barbie, I'm using examples like G.I. Joe). Little boys don't want to play with "girl toys" and girls don't normally get into things like G.I. Joe, so the female action figures only appeal to the collectors, and that's about it. So I'm sure that the reason there aren't more games from a female perspective is that maybe there aren't enough girl gamers to support it?

      On the other hand, games that allow you to select your gender are great. I've met a few nice girl gamers playing Destiny and Grand Theft Auto V. So maybe the answer isn't just having games from one gender perspective, maybe it's finding new and creative ways to make both "softcore" and "hardcore" games that appeal to both genders?

      Anyway, who cares WHAT games people play? You know what? I like the LEGO games. Does that make me any less of a man, or does it just mean that what I find fun is different from someone else's interpretation of "fun"? I like to play games online with other people who enjoy the same games that I do. I don't personally care whether they're male or female, but I can say that I wish there were more females playing, just so I don't feel like I'm hanging out at the sausage factory all the time.

    • profile image

      please read entire article 2 years ago

      If you going to comment, please read entire article.

    • profile image

      Another Battlefield Babe 2 years ago

      I first have to address your use of the word "weather". At least you got it right once. Second, your use of punctuation. This in itself is a HUGE problem in ANYONE who grew up too fascinated with video games.

      Video games did NOT start out male dominated. I started out on the Atari. The games had no "characters", no ending, no storyline. It was simply a way to pass time on rainy days. It wasn't "male dominated" as you say.

      I was 7 and had the highest Pac Man score at the drive-in for over at year. My daddy sat me on his knee so I could play.

      I'm not sure how you get your "soft core", "hard core" games, but that's NOT what makes at Gamer of any gender. What makes a gamer is the love of the fantasy. The love of their character. The amount of emotion put into your character. A REAL gamer does this. It's not about being "soft core", or "hard core". It's about a love for finding yourself in another place, another time, being a hero.

      Whether the character is male or female, it's an extension of us. We control their moves and actions.

      I can tell you, if you talk to my online friends, I'm as demented as you.

      Female heroes are their daddys.

    • Bobby216 profile image

      Bobby216 2 years ago

      My wife and I met online. We share an addiction to gaming. My daughter is a 6 year old pro. I let her play Battlefield on the training island and she knives the targets down, shoots them and giggles her ass off. She also loves running into people and knocking them down in GTAV endlessly, and riding on the rollercoaster. (she plays sports too, and I didn't show her how to use the rocket launcher yet so trolls can just shut up before you even start.)

    • profile image

      Momma-Jess 2 years ago

      Oh, and another thing: Any guy would be LUCKY to have a gamer girl in his life. Most guys who I game out with complain constantly about how their "women" bitch at them all the time for playing video games. They tell me all the time they WISHED their women would game with them.

      And despite your opinion on how "we" (and I am quoting your article directly now)... "I know some beta males still think that being a gamer girl instantly somehow endows a girl to be some type of moralistic, insightful, loving human. And that now we have more in common to share

      But that's naïve & stupid.

      There Gamer Girls, But most are Soft-core at best & that doesn't mean there not demented just like you or me. But could actually be a little more so."

      Let me set the record straight here: women can be "moralistic, insightful, loving humans"... for you to imply otherwise just pisses me off. Again, you make dumb comments about us as a collective whole, like we're not capable of being those things. And if a gamer guy does meet a gamer girl who has those qualities, then he is lucky. Not naïve and stupid. Women like us DO exist, and if a gamer guy finds a woman like us, then he DOES have something in common with us which is wonderful, no matter what type of a game each woman chooses to play, she is still a GAMER and that's all that counts. What's stupid is your intelligence level in being able to write an article on here and publish it with all the spelling and grammar mistakes you've made, such as the misuse of "There" "Their" and "They're's" that are commonly made throughout your... um...misguided efforts to post information that is a load of horseshit. Not only is the article such a joke towards your view on women, but you can't even use proper grammar. But as Forest Gump says "Stupid is as stupid does."

    • profile image

      Reign 2 years ago

      Those of you who replied to this article are getting your panties in a twist. You need to reread this article and think more clearly instead of automatically assuming the worst.

      As for the author of this article, you're pretty much an idiot. My brother got me hooked on gaming when I was 6. Not once did I think "Oh why couldn't the hero be a girl." I loved the characters because they were badass and didn't consider the fact that they were male. You're placing heavy definition between genders saying that girls need a woman as a rolemodel. I call bullshit. People (not just girls) need another person, fictional or not, that they feel they can relate to despite gender. We choose our role models based on personality, goals, and other attributes; not just gender.

      You need to get it through your head that your article is opinions and not fact.

    • profile image

      Momma-Jess 2 years ago

      This information is beyond ridiculous. I am also a female gamer in my late 30's. I also have been a hardcore gamer my whole life. I think your definition of hardcore differs from mine. You see, hardcore means that something is "the most active, committed, or determined" and I happen to think that any gamer who is considered hardcore means they are passionate about gaming. Period. Who cares what games a woman plays? Men and women both enjoy gaming. Games are made for us to have fun, regardless of what "type" they are. I play Battlefield, I play Devil May Cry, I play League of Legends, I play Dark Souls, I play Mario Cart, I play World of Warcraft, I play Words with Friends. They are all games. We are all people who play games. You are just an opinionated jerk who has no clue what REAL female gamers are like, obviously. You are the one who needs more "realistic video game characters, heroes, & rolemodels as you say in your own words." Maybe then your outdated views on your so-called fem navi's wouldn't be so jacked up. Write an article that has more fact in it rather than fiction. You have one wacked out opinion on women, and women gamer's and THAT'S A FACT JACK! Now let me get back to more important things like playing Dark Souls II for the second time. But wait, according to you I should really be playing Sims, lmao. For the love of God, get a grip on reality and your obvious distaste for female gamers. I bet you wrote this after getting your tags taken and had some woman give you a good 'ol fashioned taco touchdown (female version of t-bagging) right in your dead soldier's face. Come play with the Battlefield Babes sometime on PS4 and see how REAL women play video games. ;)

      ps-- I happen to have my own article I wrote on here prior to reading yours. You should really check it out. It's men like you who prompted me to write it in the first place. Also, the gal who commented before me was right, you can't spell for shit and your usage of grammar is horrible. Just sayin'......

    • Battlefield Babe profile image

      Battlefield Babe 2 years ago

      What. A. Load. Of. Crap.

      I am one of the pro-circuit gamers that was mentioned in the above comment. Who cares what type of game females play? I know plenty of men who play, and only play, what you refer to as soft core games. Many of them send me non-stop candy crush requests on Facebook. This article borders on both hilarious and really appalling. First, for subjugating that female gamers are only capable of playing your so-called soft core games. I bet many, many people would disagree with your definition of what you consider hard core versus soft core games. But then to add that, from what you are quoted to as saying: "Sometimes when growing up we reflect back to our childhood heroes for some type of reference regarding our personal issues in the real world or even asses theories based upon these concepts. Females can't really relate to the male ones fully. We as a society have starved them entirely from any worthy heroes."

      First of all, get a grammar checker. I am pretty sure you meant, "assess", and not asses. As a woman, I just pointed out that you aren't even capable of proof-reading your hub article for mistakes. Score a point for the female gender who just pointed out that you are either lazy in not proof-reading this for mistakes, or perhaps you were just too lazy to do the work, or MAYBE you just cannot spell which is ignorance on your part. However, going back to that quote, you couldn't be more wrong in that theory. Women are given that opinion of men, like you, who were raised to believe that women are to be lesser then men. With men like you out there in the world, who can we possibly look up to as our role models and hero's? Surely not you with your distorted views on our gender. It's men like you who state opinions like that which make other men look bad. But I won't be judging other men based off of your distortions. I will base my opinions of people on an individual basis. As a person to person connection. Not a gender versus gender deflection. We are all PEOPLE who are human, and thusly, should never make biased opinions about people as a whole because of their color, gender, nationality, or sexual preference. Who are you, the gaming "Hitler"? For Pete's sake, this is some down right bullshit I just read. I know hundreds of gamers who happen to be female that can go hardcore on your ass in any game of your choosing. But the ending of my comment goes something like this: games are games and gamers play games. A true gamer will play ANY game no matter what type it is. After all, it's all supposed to be about personal enjoyment, isn't it?

    • profile image

      BrownsFan98 2 years ago

      As a woman in my 30's who has been an avid gamer her whole life, I really take offense to this article. Granted, it's your opinion. And let's be clear that it's YOUR opinion. I play any game I can get my hands on, and I am also pretty good, if not awesome, at a high majority of them. I also play in a competitive gaming circuit, and make a good living from it. To top things off, not only am I (what you consider to be a hard core gamer) a kick-ass gamer who happens to be a female, I AM pretty freaking hot to look at. I am sharing this article with my all female gaming team-- I am sure some of them will want to post their own opinions as well. You are the stereotypical masogionist, and it's still sad that men (or boys) like you think of women this way. *tisk tisk*

      Gamers don't need to peel the bullshit from their eyes, you do. Grow a set of balls and wisen up to the fact that video games are not just created for men and little boys to play. I beat Bloodborne in three days. Have you even played it? LMFAO. This is the most ridiculous article I have read on here.