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Your always going to deal with a multitude of different types of people.

Updated on April 17, 2016

People are everywhere, there is no avoidance.

Truth and reality.

We probably will never be able to live on an isolated island without any human contact and we probably will always have to deal with all sorts of people.

I have read along the lines somewhere that even people like Mother Theresa, some people didn't like her and can you imagine that, a nun who set out to walk, be among the poor and help them out, yet people didn't like Mother Theresa?

So really, if someone was indeed a saint it wouldn't matter because the perceptions that other people see of someone is not necessarily the reality of the people's perception of what some thinks of someone.

I personally had to deal with in my own life that if I have a car or if I lost weight and would do things myself that overall would bring me much happiness and even though I did not need approval from anyone there would always be someone that would have a remark or even though some people would not have a remark you could always see in the eyes of someone that was either envious or jealous in which I never set out to make people jealous or envy of me.

Well I mean if I can do things for myself many people are capable of doing things for themselves like for example, if I want to lose weight or be in shape in the past there were people who were give me an impression that because they were not loosing weight that
my achievement in loosing weight affected them and that kind of hurt me because if I want to
loose weight it is because of my health and I feel better about myself.

I think in going through life and going back to wanting to be healthier for myself and once again, the example of loosing weight I can not be bothered with people who are unhappy because they are not achieving results for themselves in loosing weight and actually being
envious or jealous, well if they worked hard it too they could do what I do but sometimes I think people lack discipline so it upsets them to see other people accomplish what they can not.

I never could understand why people would be jealous or envious of other people, when if you actually think about it, we are all capable of doing things that other people can do and here I go once again, yes back to the example of losing weight, because if I could do it anyone can.

i could go on and on about many different things but I never understood that if there is something that I could achieve and why other people could not do the same thing but instead they would rather not "do" things and get more aggravated at other people who put in the time and discipline that I could. I don't know but maybe it might be laziness on their part or that they don't have the will power to do so. But once again if I can do certain things like lose weight anybody can.

There have been quite a few people who actually told me about 7 years ago to go spend time with myself and get to know myself.

I didn't get that at first and like most of society it is programmed deep within in our minds of today, if you are not in a relationship you are not really valued as a "person".

I am glad I took advice and took time to get to know my "real" self and spending time with myself I actually am quite content with the inner depths of my own soul.

Some people could never be alone or spend time alone and will just go from relationship to
relationship or do things where they will never have the strength to find out their true self without having validation from being in a relationship.

I don't know if it is sad that some people can not take time out to get to know themselves because many people will settle in relationships and this is something I truly learned not to do and that is to settle in a relationship.

I know that I am not "lost" anymore and just feel very comfortable in my own skin.

Each advancement I make in my life just like improving my health more and more is indeed an accomplishment because there is advantages of improving your health where your joints are not in pain and many things like my heart, back and many other issues improve with improving my health.

People even are envious of people that are happy for being happy at all, think I'm kidding?

Look at a lot of social media sites and more than likely when someone says they are happy, they always have to have a "reason" to be happy.

I learned that I do not have to have a reason to be happy and I think that always makes other people angry and envious and yet this is not what my intentions are with anyone, it just happens.

I had learned to live with less and now that with anything or anyone that comes into my life it is just the icing on the cake.

I can not worry if people are not happy with my life or constantly unhappy with my happiness.

I learned that "out of sight, out of mind" is the best thing in my mind because the more I don't focus on things or people who have brought much unhappiness in my past life the more I continue to achieve happiness for no reason at all.

We can not just hide away and just not deal with people in life because the world is full with many different people but we can learn that even in passing with unhappy people that we have to deal with even in passing or past people, well we know that we will never have to be with people who truly have the green eyed monster disease called "envy.


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