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Your Mindset Will Determine How You Go Forward in Life

Updated on July 20, 2012

If your mindset believes that all people who succeed, do so because they have talent which is genetic, you are also likely to believe that success comes without much effort. People who have these sort of beliefs will always avoid challenge and risk, and always look to lay the blame on circumstances when they confront failure.

Start with a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset on the other hand will assume that talent is not only a matter of genes, but is something that can be acquired with the proper training, learning and the right amount of effort. This allows a person to view any failure as a learning process and more as an opportunity to go further, while taking steps to correct any perceived deficiencies. People are normally born with growth mindsets, as can be seen from every child going through a learning process starting very early in efforts to sit up, crawl, walk, talk and go through the many social processes that life is all about. In the early stages, children hardly ever give up making constant efforts to develop their faculties and their talents. It is only when parents, teachers and other minders enter into a child's life, that the concept of failure and inadequacy is introduced into their life.

Failure Should Never Become a Barrier

Failure should never be allowed to become a reason for stopping or suspending whatever you have been attempting to do. One must consider each failure as a means to improve your knowledge by understanding the reasons for it, and then carry out the necessary modifications to actions or procedures. As Lincoln said “ Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”. Treat each failure as a means to discover what does not work. It is said that making mistakes can actually make the brain stronger, because you are forced to confront the reasons for the failure, and look for ways to correct them. This automatically adds to skills and attitudes. The brain gets strengthened because of this and more tools are added top the arsenal needed to confront the competition, that is life.

Creating a Mindset to Go Further in Life

Most people look at benefits, salaries and status while determining their success in life. You will do much better if you constantly strive to learn further skills which can in turn then help you further a career or way of life. Look at every task as an opportunity and a challenge and you will find that doing it will produce far less stress. While learning skills to advance career options is one way of finding success, such a growth mindset can help you equally in your social life and relationships. Learn how to tackle your problems with people by never blaming someone else, but striving to see whether you can change your own attitude and expectations.


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      S Khan 5 years ago

      Great advice for almost any situtation in life