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A Complete Stranger

Updated on May 16, 2016

You look familiar

I think I know you from somewhere?

In fact you look like the love of my life

You look exactly like him

You have his eyes, the exact colour, the exact sparkle

You have his hair, with the exact style I've always loved

You have his smile, that breathtaking smile that lights up my world

But you're not him

You look exactly like him, but i'm pretty sure you're not him

His eyes were beautiful, it had the power to see right through my soul

His eyes would smile whenever I'm around

He looked at me like I was the best thing in the world

His hair was perfect

He made sure it was styled just the way I wanted it

And oh boy, his smile

His smile never faded whenever he was with me

He was happy, I made him happy

He would always wear the smile I gave him

But YOU, you look different

Exactly like him but different

You have beautiful eyes, but eyes that never look at me

Your eyes don't smile whenever I'm around

You look at me like I'm just one of the crowd, nothing special

Your eyes don't pierce right through my soul

You've got a smile as perfect as his... breathtaking!

But i'm not the one who gave you that smile

You look perfectly fine, perfectly happy on your own

You remind me of him a lot, but i'm pretty sure you're not the same person

Because I've known him all my life

I know every mark on his skin and I can read every emotion in his eyes

He was my world, He was my life

and I was his

He was my Home

and I was his

I loved him with all of my heart, all that I am

and he loved me

You remind me of him

but all you are is a complete stranger


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