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A Few Break Up Poems Love

Updated on March 14, 2011

Breaking Up Can Be Hard To Do

There is certainly nothing funny about breaking up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. As you are trying to make the tears go away, if there are any, take a deep breath and know that there will be a brighter tomorrow.

This can be a very traumatic time in the life of a female or male. Emotion and pain has no gender preference.  We all hurt we all cry.  Remember to hold on to any happy times and any happy souvenirs you've collected throughout your life. Whether they are physical items or mental reminders, these momentous items will make you feel better and heal faster from your broken heart.

Take a few minutes to read a few break up poems. Love will return to you even stronger the next time around when and if you are ready to try it again.

If you have any breakup poems that you have used to help heal yourself or any poems you would like to share please do so hear.

It's Ok To Let Go

The calls will be frequent

because they really miss you so,

then they will come sparingly,

someone said they saw him or her

at the club or at the mall

now you get a text or two

they need help to remember you?

Now a phone call

every now and then,

your wounds are healing...

you'll be fine

you've been replaced

with a brand new friend

to yourself be kind.

It's ok to let go

sail alone and heal

Solo is not just a cup

D. Alsup

Last Call

Love me over

again and again

for soon you will forget

we are weak

and I must go

last day

hold the past,

forward nonbeguiled,

stopped by to tell you

so love me quick

as the night falls

must be gone

before the cock calls.

D. Alsup

Goodbye, It's Time For Me

You can't fit me

in a box so closed

my shape is too voluminous

my me is me

to do and say

and be as I be me,

my mine is mine

to share, grow and flit

if and as I see fit

to wing it and repair,

myself is here

to reach for all

upon life's golden stair .

D. Alsup

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