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5 Annoying Behaviours

Updated on September 7, 2016

Facts About Irritating Behaviors

In our everyday encounter with our fellow human beings, we are bound consciously or unconsciously to step on each others toes. Some of us have experienced humilating,embarrasing and annoying traits in our relationship with fellow mates.

Annoying behaviors are inculcated in human nature. So, what is irritating about annoying behaviors that you detest when faced with it?



Gossiping is an annoying behavior. Although we can't stop people from discussing about us. We have heard people gossip or backbite behind us. Gossipers are usually friendly. They have discussion with you but immediately you turn your back they sting. These behavior leads to mistrust,fights and quarrels. When the nasty gossip or slanderous talk is exposed we become very indignant and hateful. A revengeful thought against the offender is developed. However, their are alternatives to being annoyed. Even though this behavior create rejection and wounds in the heart of the infected, decide and make the choice not to nourish hatred toward the person. Choose to LOVE. It is the sure foundation.

Three golden words

Some people don't use the three golden words: THANK YOU, PLEASE, I'M SORRY. When they offend, learning to say sorry is like taking bitter pill when they wrong us. A few think saying sorry is a sign of weakness but in reality, it is a great strength of character.

Sorry is a golden word, it can mend many words and heal broken hearts when genuinely said. For instance, when people borrow our stuffs and spoil it they don't bother to say sorry. We feel others should understand. We loose their books, tapes etc and still we judge them because they don't like what we have done. As a matter of fact is we have not even bothered to say ''I am sorry.'' It is of no use feeling sorry and expressing it- that's as good as loving in the heart and not showing it practically - it is of no value.

Difficult People

Difficult people create annoying and irritating behaviors. They create a difficulty about everything from simple situation to the most complicated and distressing problem. They start a fire conflict burning and fan the flame. Moreover, they go around sowing seeds of suspicion in peoples' mind and set them against each other. Sometimes they interfere and criticize because they want power over people and their lives. Difficult people can exasperate us but we should make sure that our behavior is fair and reasonable. We should shut down our feelings of hostility as much as we can and control ourselves.

When you choose to allow difficult people to annoy you, it steals your time and energy. Instead look beyond those annoying behaviors and do what comes supernaturally. Choose to love the person. We must learn how to build positive relationships. It's a choice to make and the choice is not to be annoyed.

Uncontrolled Anger

Anger is part of human nature. We get angry once in a while but excessive uncontrolled anger lead to total chaos, death,disorder and unhappiness. This annoying behaviour has caused war and friction between husbands and wives,families,communities and nations.

I read a story about Gerlet-the faithful hunter dog. The master and his pregnant wife lived up in Wales.There was a wild fox that hunted and killed animals plus humans in Wales. Later in the year, the wife of the master delivered a baby boy but the sad thing was she died.

One day, the master left his dog-Gerlet to watch the baby and the house. When he returned, he saw a pool of blood everywhere. He thought Gerlet had killed his baby. In rage, he killed the dog but when he searched for the baby, he found him alive with the dead fox by his side. He realised immediately that Gerlet had killed the fox who wanted to eat the baby.

There is a lesson to learn from this short story about uncontrolled anger. When we associate with hot-tempered people, sooner or later,we behave like them. If your boss in the office has such an annoying behavior, you have a choice to keep quiet, ignore him or her and hold your peace.

Does lying annoy you?

Lies are perpetuated by the media, secular books, music, movies and including you and I. This behavior has led to broken homes, relationships and death. Lies can also be in the form of deceit, they are twin brothers. The practice of lies has landed some people in prison. Some wives have divorced their husband because of their consistent lying.

The psychological pain of lying is devastating, it really hurts and makes the one lied to become hateful. Lies are one of the six things that GOD says HE hates, it can actually take one to hell.

Employing the techniques of deception to get what you want is just plain lies. I consider it to be one of the deadliest irritating behaviors.

When someone lies to me, it means you don't love and care for me. Some people will take a liar to be an enemy. To avoid getting annoyed or emotional bruises, do not trust or depend on the words of a liar.

All things considered, there alternatives to being annoyed. If someone does the potential to annoy you, you actually have a choice. You can choose to be annoyed but why should you choose that? Or you can choose to do something else, something more positive and productive.


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