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Antique Engagement & Wedding Rings - Love, Loyalty and a Great Alternative to Modern Day Rings

Updated on December 4, 2015

Marrying your Special Someone?

Agreeing to marry that someone special is big business. You essentially promise to love that person for the rest of your lives. To symbolize this everlasting devotion, it's important to choose the right engagement ring. Antique engagement & wedding rings are perfect for showing your infinite love, since they have been around for centuries which shows their commitment as well. It doesn't hurt that there is a huge range of different styles you can pick from too.

The Charm of Antique Wedding Rings

These type of rings have always had a particular charm and also have continued to be a popular preference among partners wanting to get married. One of many factors is there is an extremely wide selection of old fashioned styles which transcend time and never go out of style. A second likely reason is we now have a lot of modern and unique engagement & wedding rings available on the market, that it can be a challenging and cumbersome process to select which kind of vintage ring to acquire.

Elegant Vintage Rings for Her
Elegant Vintage Rings for Her | Source

Vintage wedding rings are not just a symbolic representation of love and loyalty, but also are valued things that raise in worth with time, making them an excellent investment too. These are classic rings which are heirlooms to be handed down over the generations.

The Fine Design of Classic Rings

Partners who like classic rings will also be attracted to their fine design. These bands certainly are a far cry from your massed-produced options of these days. The carat weight of the metals have been frequently more substantial and the gemstones in antique level of quality rings are more ideal compared to those you see nowadays.

Classic Vintage Ring Sets are Your Smart Investment Choice

Obviously, if you prefer vintage wedding rings for your wedding, you can often pay the jeweler to design one for you personally. Even so, you may often locate vintage bands at discount prices.

These ring sets may be a smart option to modern day ring alternatives, and you will likewise make an investment which will appreciate in value if you are investing in a genuine antique that's some rarity through the nature of the style and design and the quality of the gemstones. Professional jewelers may also design vintage replicas, however if genuine vintage is what you longing for, these rings are what you should be in search of.

Vintage is Coming Back
Vintage is Coming Back | Source

Vintage Rings are Making their Comeback

Within the interior-design and fashion trends, two of the latest words catching a lot of buzz in our consumer market today are 'retro' and 'vintage'. Because of this, the jewelry industry is now seeing a bigger demand for these rings.

In my opinion, because they are timeless and classic is why were are seeing a reawakening of these beautiful pieces. When you look at the vintage ring, you can't help to get overwhelmed with feelings of love and romance.

Wouldn't you agree?

I mean, these engagement rings have such fine intricate details in them which is why they stand apart from the charcterless, mass produced designs you see in today's market. These days, rings are no longer made like they used to be simply because crafting up intricate details on a large scale basis is simply too costly for jewelry manufacturers and many of them don't even have the expertise to design the classic rings.

What to Look for in your Vintage Engagement Ring

Carat: Diamonds are measured in units of weight. One carat equals 0.2 grams and the bigger the diamond, the bigger it's value and obviously the bigger the price.

Clarity: The diamond's clarity is measured on a sliding scale to determine any inner or outer flaws. A ring is more valuable when it has fewer flaws, however, not all flaws can be seen by just looking at it. To save yourself some money, you might want to look at the diamond carefully under a microscope.

Color: The color is not what color the diamond is which 'fancy colored' diamonds are those that you find in pink, red, chocolate and other colors. The color I'm talking about here is the sliding scale of how much 'yellow' is in white diamonds. The diamonds that have a purer color of white in them are more valuable.

Cut: Okay, I'm not talking about the diamond's shape here, rather I'm refering to the quality of the dimensions and depth of the cut. These will affect the lustre and sparkle of the diamond. Diamonds with better cuts are more valuable.

Time to Choose your Rings

PIcking Out the Antique Ring

What Type of Ring Does She Like?

Do you even know? If not, don't feel bad. You are not alone. Many men haven't a clue what kind of ring their girlfriend is looking for. To be on the safe side, an engagement ring that features a diamond in the middle of stones is good. You can also check out Pinterest and look them up. This will give you an idea of what women are posting about and what they like.

What Kind of Budget Do you Have?

You are a millionaire? Okay cool, your all set....:-p

Well, all of us aren't so, if you are in the same shoes as us, you will have to let your budget guide you. Your antique ring doesn't have to cost a fortune. The quality and size of the center stone is usually what dictates the price. Therefore, if your budget is a little weak, go with a small, clear white diamond. You might wish to avoid a below K color grade which means there is too much yellow in the diamond. Also anything below a Very Good cut grade means there isn't a lot of sparkle in the diamond. In my opinion, style trumps carats, however, if your girlfriend is looking for a huge rock, you pretty much have the choice made for you.

Does your Girlfriend Follow the Latest Trends?

If so, in big demand right now are the yellow-gold Victorian rings, but you might find it a little difficult to find them. Another ring trending right now is the Art Deco.

Your Thoughts on Vintage Engagement & Wedding Rings - Let us know Here!

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    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      Great little hub! I have an antique/vintage engagement ring! It was my grandmothers, and when me and my hubby discussed getting married at some point I told him I wanted to use my grandmothers ring, instead of buying a new ring. I inherited it when she died so it has a lot of sentimental ties. Plus it is truly beautiful and something I knew no one else will have anything like, I think old jewellery was made to a better quality than todays jewellery anyway. I tried to find an antique wedding ring too, but in the end couldnt find anything that really suited me, and sat well next to my engagement ring.

    • wlrahilly profile image

      Wendy Rahilly 5 years ago from St Petersburg, FL

      Thanks for your positive feedback! I agree.