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Behaving Like All Knowing:Omniscient Person's Character Analysis

Updated on May 24, 2014

Omniscient Definition- having or seeming to have unlimited knowledge.

We humans are learning every time by experiencing events.Survival and success of every human depends of how effectively he or she can learn since the beginning of their birth.In fact the level of difference in knowledge among us make us feel better or worse,someone even face segregation in the society if they lack general knowledge.Little learned people feel nervous in public place and sometimes prefer be stay isolated from the society; they only interact with the people of their trust.If you fall into this category of people then you usually do not pretend to be knowing everything ,but they are good listeners.

Omniscient point of view

Now, I would like to come the main point of this article.Indeed, its true there are many people in our society and now-a-days you will find even in online forums where they pretend to be knowing everything and keep discussing and behaving as if they know all and the rest of the world is full of unwise people.As a matter of fact this type of mentality is a manifestation of little knowing-there is no doubt about it and they might be suffering from mental disorder due to some bad past experience.Sometimes you may even get hurt by the comments of these all knowing folks.

Don’t get upset by their misdeed.There is no need to be hurt by the silly commetns of those type of people ,its better for you to pray for them so as they get mental healing of their problem and show them no resent as they keep showing their character.Your resent on them might do more harm for that person and for you as well.Now, you may ask me then how to handle these type of people or how to get rid of them.My answer is they are part of our society and there is no way we can avoid them rather we can be kind enough to them and keep showing respect for them.Getting respect make them feel better and make them confident which they lack the most,and it will help them to understand you and draw you nearer to their heart.I have no complain about this type of people I love them but I think due to their inappropiate attitue others may get hurt and cause any kind untoward lousy situation.We do need to look back the reason behind people behaving like all knowing .There can be many reasons like due to family background,surrounding environments, status,mental stress,lack of self confidence,abuses and many many more to mention.To my opinion the most important reason behind it is that due to some reason they have lack of self respect and respect for others ,lack of confidence and a fear of being underestimated by people.

I can say that if you confront any all knowing person who genuinely do not deserve to be a scholar in any subject they speak of and if you find disgusting to interact with them, then please do not hate them instead try to understand their reason behind being behaving like that , try to win their hearts and listen to them carefully while they say something to you and most importantly try to appreciate them for their positive attitudes. No human is a fool and there are opportunities for everyone to change their mental state and become normal one.We all normal people refuse to deny to abnormalities, but we need to remember all the abnormalities comes from the normality;abnormality is a by product of normality.Only and only if we try to listen to others by heart what actually they are trying to say can make our life much more better than ever-this is a truth.


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    • Mocha Momma profile image

      Mocha Momma 8 years ago from DMV Metro Area (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

      Very good hub.


      Can you create a topic on all thoughts not being original thoughts at all?

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 8 years ago

      Thanks for your nice comments.Its great thatt you also believe in the same way like me.

    • profile image

      dennisematt 8 years ago

      "Only and only if we try to listen to others by heart what actually they are trying to say can make our life much more better than ever-this is a truth"

      I believe this as well. TRULY listening to people, and not what you want to say., or think they is hard. Nice hub.

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 8 years ago

      its nice to know that you liked my article.

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      very nice article Thanks