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Best Polka Dot Wedding Ideas

Updated on April 15, 2015
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Creative Ideas For Polka Dot Weddings

Polka dots are a fun theme for a wedding that can either be casual or formal depending on the colors that you chose for your dots and backgrounds. Even if your using a color or two colors as your theme, you can incorporate polka dots as a feature in your wedding. You can use the in your favors, on your cake and in your invites. We have gathered a few ideas to get yourr creative juices flowing.

Think about the softness of dotted swiss material on a white organza for a brides dress and or veil. The repeat the same material as a table runner or overlay against a pastel tablecloth. That would be a light but formal look.

Want to go bright and bold ? The larger the dots the brighter the look. Think about a bold brown and white dot for an overall effect. The combinations are endless and just limited to your imagination. Just a few dots, large or small, you can create a fun wedding theme.

How Many Dots Are Enough?

Some Dot Design Wedding Tips

While Polka dots are a terrific wedding theme idea, you can carry it too far, so consider your room and think about where you can carry your theme

You will want to make your design pleasing to the eye and fun as well. If you over dot you will cause confusion to the eye. Little touches will carry your theme.

Think about your separate reception components and where you can add a dot or two. Finding polka dot ribbon in your color is a must have for these theme. It can be added to almost any favor. It can be used around candles. It can be used on centerpieces and even in pew bows.

Dot confetti can be added to your dessert table, by your cake and near your centerpieces.Be creative placing your dots and you will be pleased with the results

Polka Dot Pompoms
Polka Dot Pompoms

First Things First

Select Your Polka Dot Colors

Polka Dots are your theme and it's important that you select your colors as the first step in your planning. Consider the effect of too many colors in polka dots when you are planning your weding recption décor. It confuses the eye. If you like the polka dot effect, I suggest limiting it to two colorss-maximum three.You get a much better whole themeSo, The first colors that come to mind is white and black dots. These colors would be more for a more formal version of the polka dot theme. Other colors that you might select include pink and brown, white and green, any tine of blue and white, yellow and green,Any color with white or black will work just fine Just put two colors together and you now have made a huge step fprward in your planning

Click here to see a polka dot color chart

Polka Dot Invites - The Second Step In Your Polka Dot Wedding

Your Polka Dot Wedding starts with your invitations. These invites are a sweet suggestion of the awesome wedding to come

Polka Dot Cake

Seeing Dots On Your Cake

You can add your dots on your wedding cake and have a fun themed look. When using polka dots on your cake, you will want to keep the cake topper simple. A bow or some flowers will work just fine.

You can do a polka dot cake on a dessert table and the effect will be lovely

Almost any combination could be used for your cake. But you really want to stick to your two primary colors. This creates a professional and finished look

Polka Dot Wedding Décor

Even if polka dots are not your theme, you can add some polka dots to your wedding ! They add a nice fun touch to every wedding !

Where can you add dots to your décor?

  • Your Escort Cards-use polka dot paper on your escort cards. Use cardstock cot to size and add a name on the top
  • Your Table Numbers-Cut a round piece of cardstock. About 8 inches should do. Glue a smaller piece of dotted cardstock on top . Add a number and you have a unique themed table number
  • Dotted Cupcake Papers-These are so readily available everywhere. If you are having a dessert table or a candy buffet add these to complete your theme
  • Polka Dot Word Or Your Monogram- Get those nice wooden letters that you can get from a craft store. Either use your monogram or words like love or together. Paint them in your color. Glue rhinestones on the letters to act as your "dots" You can go with silver or gold, or just alternate a variant of the chosen color. Glue them onto a base and you are good to go

Polka Dot Votive

Easy to make with vinyl cut with a circle cutter or on a cutting machine
Easy to make with vinyl cut with a circle cutter or on a cutting machine | Source

Polka Dot Wedding Attire

Polka Dot Bride- Think dotted swiss lace wedding veil, or dotted swiss lace gloves. Consider dotted ribbon shoe décor and dotted ribbon on the bridal bouquet all in white dots

The Groom- Suggests more muted dotted décor that might include things like a dotted bow tie, matching dotted socks and a small amount of dotted ribbon on his boutineer. You could follow this design with the groomsmen as well.

If your wedding is formal in nature you may want to stick with the white and black theme....white on the bride and black with white dots for the male members of your wedding party

Bridesmaids may either stick to the white and black theme or go with colors...could be on the dresses, shoes or on the bouquets. It's your choice

Perfect for small areas or larger displays of flowers
Perfect for small areas or larger displays of flowers | Source

Simple Polka Dot Centerpiece


Polka Dot Centerpieces

It can be as simple as adding a polka dot ribbon around a centerpiece of simple flowers. These small vases can be found in any dollar store. Simply glue a polka dot ribbon around the vase with a hot glue gun and add the flowers of your choice. Could not be easier and a real money saver in your wedding budget

Add a bit of lace to your décor if you want to soften your dots or add a bit of formality to your theme

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