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Can You Tell Who Your Real Friends Are?

Updated on September 22, 2010

A Friend Is An Angel In Disguise...

Friends are God’s way of taking care of us...

The following is a paraphrased version of something I once saw on a bulletin board.

Once upon a time there was a little bird that lived in a forest.

Fall was coming to an end and winter was on the horizon.

The little bird had put off flying south because he wanted to spend more time with his friends. Temperatures began to dip near freezing consistently.

Reluctantly the little bird bid his friends farewell and began his journey south.

A few days later he was caught in the middle of snowstorm.

The wind stiffened his wings and his little buddy became numb.

Without warning the bird fell from the sky and landed in a barn.

A minute later a horse crapped on him.

At first the bird thought to himself, “What a terrible way to die” but then he realized the horse crap was thawing out his body and he began to sing.

A few minutes later a cat came along scraped the crap off of the bird and ate him.

The moral

Everyone who craps on you ain’t your enemy and everyone who takes crap off of you ain’t your friend.


A friend is not someone who always agrees with us or says “YES” to every request.

A real friend has your best interest in mind even when you don’t think so.

Sometimes the best thing a friend can do for us is to know when to say NO.

The next time someone doesn’t give you what you want don’t let it destroy what you have built up over the years. He or she has to do what they feel is right in their hearts.

Good friends are hard to come by.

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”– William Shakespeare


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      Ashleytj , Thanks for stopping by to read my hub and leaving a comment.

      Best wishes!

    • profile image

      Tosin Tijani 2 years ago from Nigeria

      This is the whole truth! not even sure of the ones I have now. God help me.

      Thanks darnshingscorpio. I guess ill be careful now.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 7 years ago

      dawnM thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Great friends are rare indeed. It blows me away when I see some people have 500-5000 "friends" on Facebook! LOL!

      A real friend is someone you have met in person.

    • dawnM profile image

      Dawn Michael 7 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

      Yes, this is the truth. I have many acquaintances but only a small handful of friends, and one I have known since birth. Friends are a special gift and you do know when they are your true friends...Happy to see you writing again!