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10 Best Kissing Games: Give Your Mouth a Workout

Updated on January 27, 2011


The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing. However, many couples begin to get bored with the same old routine – day in and day out. This is when couples need to work together to find new and interesting ways to spice up their intimacy. Need some ways to spice up your love life? These kissing games are sure to bring you and your partner some laughs, passion, and an overall good time. Surprise your partner tonight by experimenting some of these fun-to-try kissing games.


Best Kissing Games


The Candy Kiss

Choose your favorite sweet, hard candy, such as a Jolly Rancher. Only using your mouth, take turns trying to steal the candy from one another, sort of like keep-a-way. Remember to follow the rules – only use your tongue and lips.

The Steam Kiss

Get two drinks, one for your partner and one for yourself. The first drink should be hot, such as a hot chocolate. The second drink should be cold and contain ice. Each grab your cup and take a big gulp, then kiss. The combination of the hot and cold beverages should make some steam. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying.

The Underwater Kiss

Grab a diving mask and hop into the swimming pool with your partner. Both of you should go underwater. While one person wears the diving mask, the other person gets to kiss the person wearing the mask wherever they’d like. Next, the person wearing the masks hands it over to the other person and they get their turn to kiss.

The Kissing Temptation

Sit on the bed with your partner with your legs wrapped around one another and face-to-face. Put your faces very close to one another until your lips are almost kissing. See who can go the longest without kissing the other person. Remember; even if you lose, you still win.

The Sweetest Kiss

This kissing game requires a blindfold. Lay your partner on the bed with the blindfold in just their undies, or nothing at all. Each partner should now allow the other to kiss them, massage, or give them pleasure in whichever way they’d like. Then switch roles. See who can satisfy the other person the best.

The Kissing Marathon

Sit in a comfortable place, face-to-face, with your partner. See how long you can kiss without having to stop. Try to beat the world record for the longest kiss of 33 hours – good luck!


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    • profile image

      Patty 2 years ago

      I did the sweetest kiss and we were naked but my friend took a pic and I am still embarrassed!