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My Favorite Gift Was The Present.

Updated on June 23, 2008

Living in the Present

Taking a Moment, to Remember the Present...

Has anyone ever asked you the question - What is your most favorite gift that someone has given you?

Previously, that may have been hard for me to answer...

But, really, what a lovely thing to ask a person. I haven't taken the time to tell anyone, much about this one particular Christmas present I received, compliments of my dear friend.

Only those in my immediate family, who were actually 'present' when I opened it, know that I received this gift. And I'm not sure that they even know, what this gift meant and means to me now. Because of this, I am grateful to have the chance to share this gift - with all of you.

Typical me, I was still racing all around the house, and it was now already, Christmas eve. And yet, it could have been any... of the many occasions that I find myself in this state.

Anyway, I was trying to finish all of those last minute details. I was determined to be done ahead of time with all of those last minute details that end up taking so much unplanned time -- so that I could just relax. I had some ridiculous idea that I could sit back this year, and lazily enjoy the holidays with the rest of the couch potatoes in my family.

I had promised myself, that I was not going to be jumping up and down - doing this and that, of which still needed to be done. Not this year. I was also in the midst of the final preparations of the family Christmas dinner. And, I was seeing to it that the last few presents were wrapped. The ones which we traditionally open each and every Christmas eve.

Most likely, you can guess the content?

As I was juggling the remaining time that I had, I was also calculating that I could stay up late -- after everyone else went off to bed. In this predictable way, I could then complete all of my very last minute wrapping and stuffing of all the stockings. This must be done before 'Santa' can then, slide down the chimney.

Why do you suppose, that no matter how hard I try, and as much as I tell myself that I am going to be more organized next year -- 'next' year never seems to happen for me? At least not an organized next year. Perhaps I am destined to do the old 'groundhogs day' encore year after year.

Oh well. I shall try again... next year.

Meanwhile, I continued to go about doing "my" thing... sort of like a chicken with it's head cut off. You know what I mean -- when you find yourself going around in circles and not really accomplishing what you know you need to? Yes, those kinds of circles.

Over the noise and commotion that was going on throughout the house, there was a knock at our front door. I heard it from another part of the house. My husband answered the door. I then hear a familiar voice, and so I go down stairs to see, if-it-is, who I think it is?

It is!

To my delight, there on my doorstep, is my dear friend's son, who has come to make a Christmas delivery. When I saw him, and looked at what he had in hand -- I immediately burst out in laughter. This was so like my dear friend.

You need to recall, so that I have some excuse -- that I had been running around so much, that for some strange reason, when I saw him at the door, I was completely taken off guard. I am certain, that I looked as if I had been shot with a stun gun. I guess I must have been more overwhelmed than I realized. Silly, don't you think?

But, that is the only thing that makes any sense at all, and gives some type of reason for what I did.

So, there he is standing at the door -- still. He is literally hefting this humongous straw basket, which is filled with these beautifully wrapped presents. Each gift in the basket, was meticulously wrapped in shiny gold Christmas paper. On the large arched handle of the basket, there was a perfectly tied bow. It had been made of the most exquisite ribbon. The glittering streamers that were falling from the bow, hung down and draped themselves around the handle and atop all of the presents that were piled one on top of the other in the basket.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Diana & I, at Lake Powell last Summer. After a long day on the lake.  And of course, at our best!
Diana & I, at Lake Powell last Summer. After a long day on the lake. And of course, at our best!

It Was Quite A Sight To Behold...

I just have to tell you about this dear friend of mine. She is one of those women, who are like Fairy Godmothers. Whatever she touches, is as if true magic had been performed right before your very eyes. Her hands are like magic wands.

It appears as though it were the simplest of acts for her to perform. No struggle whatsoever. She does what comes naturally. It is one of her many gifts. It seems as though she can do it all! Okay, I will stop -- so maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But I do envy her many talents. And I recognize that she has an abundance to offer.

This Christmas Eve... her gift was manifest in her works.

Back to the gift of my basket. My amazingly beautiful basket. This was so cute. My friend's son and I, had a mutual exchange of humor. We laughed and rolled our eyes together, as I was taking a look at the basket that he was delivering. We both 'know' his mom. And we knew it, in that moment. The two of us, were bonding over someone we both love -- for who she is and what she does to brighten our lives.

He now makes it known, that this basket is for me! Now, when I first saw the basket with all of these wrapped gifts, even I figured this was a 'family' gift. But, oh no... this was ALL for me! It was now apparent, that my friend had been up to something very personal here... I got excited as I wondered just what was in all those packages? You should have seen my husbands face -- he gave quite a confused look, as he let it be known, that he was also surprised that this gift basket was all for me. Me-Me-Me!

I hope you can picture this basket in your mind.

It was huge. If it had been any bigger, it would have required two delivery guys. Really. I know you think I am exaggerating, but I am not. It is the honest truth!

As we all laughed at my surprise... in the news that this big beautiful basket and everything in it, was just for me, I suddenly took notice -- that my friend's son was straining as he stood there holding this 'present'. Apparently, whatever was in that basket, was very heavy. Now, we have a big basket -- a heavy basket, and a happy happy puzzled me!

You should know, that I am still dazed throughout this jovial exchange going on at my front door. I have been running around silly. And of course, as usual I am behind the eight ball. I gladly received that very heavy basket, laughed, gave him a big hug, said goodbye, Merry Christmas and I closed the door.

After he left, I looked at my husband, and we both chuckled together, knowing my friend, but not believing this 'basket'!

I didn't have time, really, to enjoy it right then. I started back to what I was doing previously. I was now in a furry to catch up to where I was behind... before.

I suddenly had this panic attack, that literally overcame me right then and there.

I was standing in the kitchen, by the stove. I could not believe what I had done. I mean, NOT done. How awful I am. How ungrateful I am. What a terrible receptionist I am. What a horrid friend I am. How could I have been so incredibly rude? At that moment, I felt like the most ungrateful... jerk.

I had been running around so much. I was only thinking about everything that Ineeded to accomplish, and so I just took that big beautiful basket of love... and basically slammed the door!

'No room at the Inn for you, my friend'!

What was I thinking? My goal this entire day was to complete my work, so that I could 'enjoy' Christmas. It all collided I suppose. A person must slow down, in order to be in the 'present'. Where had I gone?

I - wanted - to - Be.

He was gone. I knew my dear friend had taken her time, and prepared this gift for me, because she loves me. She knows me well. She knew that I would appreciate this gift. She enjoyed doing this for me. I didn't know what was in the basket. Right then, I didn't even seem to care about the basket.

What struck me, in that brief Christmas Eve moment, was the Gift. I realized that it didn't really matter the gift -- but that there was a Giver behind it, who cared enough to take the time, for me. I simply do not have words to convey the moment of this epiphany and how it affected me. Nobody else had any idea, of what was going on in my heart in that moment of pure truth.

Then suddenly, I was back to the business of Christmas Eve. My heart warmed by the lesson that I had been delivered that night.

Now, as I reflect on that brief moment -- when revelation came so clearly...

it has caused me to ponder more deeply, upon the seemingly insignificant birth, of a baby, that was born on that first Christmas Eve...

His Gift, found no room at the Inn -- He, who would Save the World.

He who was the Son of God.

He who is our Savior and Redeemer.

May His Gift to All -- Find Room IN Our Hearts, As He, Knocks at Our Door, and Waits.

Thank You, my friend. It became a perfect Christmas... to find the present, on that night of all nights.


The Present Gift For All

A Seemingly insignificant birth...
A Seemingly insignificant birth...

How do you keep PRESENT?

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  • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

    Patty Inglish MS 

    8 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

    Rated with the new ratings!

  • foodstorage profile image


    10 years ago from Utah

    So I expected the story to end like this "I delayed opening the gift for several hours and when I finally opened it my friend popped out and I realized I had left her standing there all day." Hahaha. Now what was REALLY inside?

  • Write On! profile image

    Write On! 

    11 years ago from United States

    DO TELL...

  • profile image

    Pretty Princess 

    11 years ago

    What did your friend give to you anyway?

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile imageAUTHOR

    Kathryn Skaggs 

    11 years ago from Southern California

    Thanks Kenny and Doghouse,

    I appreciate both of your fun comments.



  • In The Doghouse profile image

    In The Doghouse 

    11 years ago from California


    I guess you are not alone, for I also know what was in the basket! lol

  • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

    Ashok Rajagopalan 

    11 years ago from Chennai

    Great hub, and reminded me of the first Christmas gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh!

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile imageAUTHOR

    Kathryn Skaggs 

    11 years ago from Southern California

    Thank You Zsuzsy Bee -

    I really had fun writing this article. I still get excited about that basket and the anticipation of what could be inside the basket, each time I read this. lol

    And I KNOW what IS inside!

    Thank You for stopping by. I hope you return.


  • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

    Zsuzsy Bee 

    11 years ago from Ontario/Canada

    I really enjoyed reading your HUB.

    regards Zsuzsy

  • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

    Zsuzsy Bee 

    11 years ago from Ontario/Canada

    I really enjoyed reading your HUB.

    regards Zsuzsy

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile imageAUTHOR

    Kathryn Skaggs 

    11 years ago from Southern California

    Hi glassvissage. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your hubs as well.


  • glassvisage profile image


    11 years ago from Northern California

    A great gift and a great hub!

  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile imageAUTHOR

    Kathryn Skaggs 

    11 years ago from Southern California

    So I did?

    I'll get back to you on that...


  • MrMarmalade profile image


    11 years ago from Sydney

    I have got excited, and you are a meanie, we still do not what it was, so heavry, so big, so well wrapped

    I guess you will tell us when you are good and ready


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