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Hot Sex Can Make For a Passionate Relationship

Updated on August 14, 2014

How to bring the passion back to your relationship

Sex often times becomes boring, a duty, something that is expected in a marriage or relationship but not enjoyed, in a passionate playful way.

People tend to look at marriage and sex as once married the sex is just going to be part of it, so there is no need to work on it. The truth of the matter is that having great sex with the same person over and over again for years does get boring especially if the couple makes it a routine without changing it up.

How do couples bring the passion back into the bedroom?

They do so by stepping outside their comfort zone, and changing up the routine, the place they have sex and the sexual positions, getting to know what turns each other on. One way to get started is to find fun sex games, it a great way to break the ice and open up the communication surrounding sex. Doing it is the easy part, taking about sex it the difficult part.


Facts about better sex

Communication surrounding sex is the number one reason why couples continue to have boring, and bad sex lives. It is difficult to talk about sex with a spouse; especially the longer the couple has been married. It is expected that your partner knows how to please you and that you know how to please them, well the truth of the matter is in most cases this is the farthest thing from the truth!

As a sex therapist I work with my clients on communication and techniques developed by Masters and Johnson "Sensate Focus" I have found that by slowly getting the couple to come together in a loving way, creating deeper intimacy, and then they can begin to get comfortable talking about sex again.

Fun sexy games to play with!

Finding a sexy game that fits your personality can help open the lines of communication surrounding sex. It can be the fresh start some couples need,.

TABLETOPICS Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations
TABLETOPICS Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Wonderful game to start conversations, that are made fun and easy with this product.


What is sex like in your relationship?


How do you feel about the sex in your relationship

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Get your sex life out of the normal routine

When life happens, with a job, relationship, possibly children, sex can become scheduled routine and boring. The old adage is schedule sex in or it will never happen especially once married with children.

Yes, there is truth to that saying, but when sex does get "scheduled" make it different, change it up, add a new position, sex toys, erotic material. Maybe do it in the bathroom, closet, floor, hang from the ceiling. The point is just because it is at the same time with the same person it does not mean it has to be the same old sex routine. Make sure to also add in the quickies, the make-out session in the car when the kids are not around, the romantic date night, take time to get adventurous.

Routine can be boring and sex should be anything but boring, it is supposed to be fun, feel good and hopefully create a deeper more intimate bond between the couple. Mother Nature provided each human with very powerful hormones that release during climax. Oxytocin is one of them, it releases into the brain, claiming the body down, allowing the feeling of bonding to happen where couples want to snuggle and be closer.

Sexy sex positions


Communicate is the key to the secrets of better sex

Communication surrounding sex is one of those topics that couples just have a hard time expressing. As we grow older our bodies change, our hormones change, and our minds mature. Along with all of this comes maturing of sexuality, our sexual spirit, what turns us on, what turns us off. When a person is in their 20's their body, hormones and maturity is much different than in their 40's or 50's. Couples that have been together over ten years are going to change in many ways.

Couples need to take the time to check in with each other, ask questions. Our natural animal instance is to procreate and that means to have many partners in our lives both men and women. Staying with only one person for life or years is going to make the animal in all of us restless and this is natural, what people decide to do about it is not as natural.

As relationships go through stages so should the sex in the relationship. Having the same partner for ten, twenty years and being monogamous with them is not easy and goes against our biology.

Recreating new sexual experiences within the same marriage over time will keep the marriage fresh, fun and exciting. Secrets to better sex starts with communication, talking openly about sex in the marriage, taking away the shyness or the fear of hurting your partner’s feelings. Body work is a wonderful way to explore each other with out the pressure of pleasing the person to climax. When I help couples to improve the sex, with communicate first it starts with the human body. It always surprises me that many people don’t really understand the sexual aspects of the human body or how to stimulate themselves or partner properly.

Instead of just having sex with your partner, take the time to simply touch them for a while and seeing how they react to your touch then take turns dong this to each other.

An advanced technique that I use with couples is the model of Sensate Focus by Masters and Johnson. We do a step process of getting to know about the human body with education, communication and of course the home assignments.

Mating in Capativity



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