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Blue Wedding Decorations

Updated on April 22, 2012

Have the Blue Wedding of Your Dreams

You'll want to have a variety of blue wedding decorations if you decide to go with a blue color theme for your wedding, like my sister did at her nuptials.

As you can see from the picture, a bridal bouquet with blue and white flowers can be very striking! It's another reason why you should choose blue as your wedding color. In addition, there are tons of blue decorating items available, from candles to tulle to ribbons to tablecloths and more. The world is your oyster when you decide to go blue!

Hooray For Blue Tulle

Tulle Is a Great Way to Add Color In a Hurry

Volume and Sparkle

We purchased ten yards each of tulle in white, light blue, and dark blue. (The white tulle was actually 50 inches in width, so we cut it in half before using).

The main thing we wanted the tulle for was to create a decorative swag pattern on the vine trellis that was to be the backdrop for the actual ceremony. We had tulle left over after that, so we used the extra to drape over the arbor that the bride entered the garden through. Tulle is great for making your venue look ready for a wedding.

Here Are the Table Settings For the Blue Wedding - Shades of White and Blue

The place we rented this marquee from also provided the tablecloths (pictured here, in blue) which provided the perfect backdrop for the rest of the blue decorations. We laid out the table with some inexpensive place mats, flower vases, plates, wrapped silverware, gift ribbon, and a few other things. As you can see, we used the complimentary color of orange to really make the decorations pop.

Blue Stuff For Your Wedding - You Can Never Get Enough Blue

Blue Crepe Streamers Made an Appearance Around the Marquee

Blue Crepe Streamers Made an Appearance Around the Marquee
Blue Crepe Streamers Made an Appearance Around the Marquee

Decorate With Useful Items

Make Your Silverware Part of the Decor

When you're setting up a wedding table, you want every part to do it's job as part of the decorations. Luckily, it's not hard to use a simple restaurant trick to make your cutlery add simple and elegant flair.

For my sister's wedding decorations, we used paper napkins, but if you prefer, you can use cloth. We laid the square napkins diagonally on the table, then placed a knife and a fork on one corner. We then rolled until the fork and knife were contained in the napkin. To keep it all together, we cut a length of ribbon and tied it.

Materials For Making Wrapped Silverware - A Great Decorating Technique

One tip: don't cheap out on the silverware part! If you have to, borrow decent silverware or cutlery from friends or family, or rent. Cheap silverware can be sharp and unpleasant to eat with.

A Selection of Blue Wedding Decorations

Tips For a Color Theme Wedding - Keep it Simple

Having a color theme can be a great way to simplify the decorations for your wedding, and to really make the whole decorating scheme pop.

  1. Have some contrasting colors. A complimentary color will create a really striking color palette. For example, if you have a mostly blue theme, so red and orange flowers are a good compliment.
  2. Don't obsess over matching. It's difficult to perfectly match the blues on all of your decorations (especially when it comes to flowers), and it will potentially end up looking a bit boring. Experiment with different combinations of shades.
  3. Spread your decorating purchases out over time. You may be tempted to buy all of your blue decorations at once, but spreading out your purchases will give you time to really think about what you want your decorations to look like.
  4. Overbuy. You never want to worry about running out of decorations on W-Day. On the other hand, you don't want to stress out about using every last bauble and trinket. Make sure you have extras on hand in case of emergency.

Blue Wedding Decorations Look Spectacular At Night - Especially As the Sun Goes Down

What Are Your Wedding Colors? - Vote Here!

Whether you've had your wedding already, or you're still planning it, you probably have some sort of a color theme going on. If we've missed something, tell us in the comments below!

My wedding colors were/will be...

See results

A SUPER Blue Wedding - How Blue Can You Go?

This might be a bit too blue for some. But it's sure to give you good ideas!

Or just say hi!

Suggestions for Blue Wedding Decorations? - Share Them Here!

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      @Craftypicks: What a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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      Lori Green 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      25 years ago I was married. The only argument I got into with my mother was over the flowers. I wanted Blue!!!!! I lost the fight, turned around and tattooed a blue rose on my leg. My mother has passed away and my daughter just tattooed a blue rose on her leg. Someday my grandchildren will tattoo blue flowers on their legs (I hope). I don't like loosing a fight . Where were you when I was arguing for this!!! If I could double bless this lens I would! Angel Blessed!

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