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Teen Angst Body Language: Does He/She Like Me?

Updated on December 4, 2010

Like Like

She's happing looking but... not looking looking.  I'd say... she like what she sees.
She's happing looking but... not looking looking. I'd say... she like what she sees.

This is a guide to help you determine if someone is interested in you beyond friendship vs. not interested at all.

With all the definitions of like and really like it’s hard to tell… who likes who… and how.

There's only one sure way to tell... body language. It speaks louder than words.

So Is He/She Interested?

5 Signs someone wants to hang out with you and may want to get to know you better:

  • You will see them looking at you from the corner of your eye... but when you turn to look, they turn away.
  • They will blush if you look directly at them. Of course, they will turn around immediately so you can't see the redness in their face.
  • They play with their hair. Girls do this more often, but boys do shake the hair out of their eyes even if they barely have any. Ruffling fur is an animal instinct to attract a mate.
  • They grab their friends and shove them between avoid the deadly eye contact.
  • They laugh a lot, smile, and roll their eyes. This says..."I like you, but I'm not sure you like me...but if I look directly at you when I'm talking, you'll see it in my eyes, and I'll blush."

Not Inteseted

Even though these guys are together, they are obviously are not in "like" very much
Even though these guys are together, they are obviously are not in "like" very much

Next, the body language of someone not interested in getting to know you.

Note: People in general might be able to politely tolerate your presence, but still want nothing to do with you.

5 Signs someone is uninterested:

  • They look at you directly in the eye with annoyance.
  • They fold their arms across their chest as a blocking signal to keep you at bay.
  • They roll their eyes without smiling or laughing, because they want you to let them get back to what they were doing.
  • Some guys really try to be polite to girls because they would feel bad making a girl cry so... at their subtlest they will give short answers to your questions, curt hellos, then walk away.
  • However, rude people not interested in any way, shape, or form could say it outright because they don't care about your feelings.

You know what!

Let them go about their business because you probably know someone right now who is giving off the good signals. Go for them instead.

Jane Goodall :You Gotta Like Her

She's the original body language expert.
She's the original body language expert.

Finally, if you want to know if someone likes you as a friend, you won't need any signals because you'll both want to spend time together.

Friendships just grow without games.



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