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Breaking Chains Of Pain

Updated on September 13, 2013

Pain Leaves Scars

Welcome Readers, throughout our lives we all have experienced are own different sets of pain and agony. This article is designed to give you
ideas on how to break-though some of the pain. Are you feeling like life has nothing else to offer expect pain and agony? Does life seem dull and boring?
More importantly do feel like you are chained to the boundless pain that resides in your heart? No matter what you do, you just can't break free from the agony of your own thoughts? If so then this article is for you. I'm not offering no miracle remedies that will give you instant relief, but I am offering a guide that YOU can do that I promise you will make you feel more free from the pain in the long run. With that being said, I must also state for the record that I am not a doctor so don't use this as a sub for seeking professional help if needed. This is just a guide and should be used as guide only. Now lets jump right into the heart of things then.



No matter how big what happened to you seems it all goes back to the one core issue. Acceptance. You maybe feeling rejected by someone or something important to you has passed you by (for example like a job you knew you would rock at). Or just maybe your life is so out of order that you have lost all hope in everything. Whatever the reasons are this something you can do. I know you may hear this a lot especially when things go bad but you have to learn to love yourself. How do you do that? You have to love your PAST and everything in it. Why? Well think of it like this, nothing that happened in your past made it to your immediate present and it is what happens right now that counts. It is about who you are now. The past is just a stepping stone to the future we create. That's why good or bad embrace it. ACCEPT IT. Why? Well think to yourself for a moment, would you be who you are right now if it didn't happen? You could
have been an even worse person! Life is not meant for us to have instantly beautiful and perfect lives. It is meant for us to MAKE it beautiful and our definition of perfect. When you accept the good, bad and the ugly moments of your life and you say to yourself at least I'm still here and I can change. You are setting off chemicals in your brain that stimulates pleasure. Meaning you will feel happier. This is something that you have to do for yourself because only when you
allow yourself to accept yourself can others see how awesome you are.


What is life without ambition? A useless boring unimportant place. That's noway to live. Give yourself goals and actually do them. Rather it be school, working or getting a promotion or moving on from a dead end job, give yourself a reason to fight. Why? Lets look at the science of human beings fora minute. Humans have always survived because we do what we need to do to survive. Cave men fought with clubs to protect their families because that was there purpose in life. Now with that said, without a purpose we would sit and do nothing. Humans need a purpose, a reason to fight for. So don't sell yourself short, make a goal and complete it by all means possible. Even if they are short term, the success of winning and achieving will make you do more. Plus on the even brighter side, you won't have time to think about all those things that hurt you. You will be focused once again on what you want. This is for you and not for anyone else. So don't base your goals off of what someone else wants from you. Do this because you want to do it. Even if you fail keep going because you can always do something else and at least you got the experience of something new.


It's a proven fact that with all the background things that happen to us, we loose focus quickly. This is SO important because it is about knowing yourself. If you are one of those people that can't handle a lot of things happening at once (like myself) then you have to make some major adjustments. First we have to understand that friends and family are nice to have but they can be a huge distraction. Meaning you can get so caught up in their life that you loose sight of your own life. Remember you are what you allow yourself to be. If you allow yourself to be that person who is in the middle of everyone else's drama then you have to understand the impact it has on your own life. The second biggest distraction is relationships. Now before anyone gets mad, let me explain. When your in a relationship there is a lot of emotional, physical, and mental stress that you manage all the time. Most of the time we get so wrapped up in it that we loose
sight of goals and our own emotions. If your in a relationship I'm not saying break it off, I am saying that if your not happy its time to make some adjustments. You have to adjust your focus back to yourself and work on yourself. If the person your with doesn't understand it or support you then I say your better off without them. If your not in relationship then I suggest that you avoid getting into one right now. Why? Simply because you don't need any complications right now. Relationships are about time, work, effort, compromise, and so many other things. In short, I am saying focus on the star which is you in your life.

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Which of course leads me to my second most important topic. Time, you have to manage your time. Why? If you don't manage your time then your sitting around doing nothing but thinking and wanting. Which leads to nothing but heartache and headaches. If you need that outing with your friends then by all means do it. Just have a time frame on how long you hang out. If you honestly do all these things you will find your time is very important. You find that a lot of things are a waste of valuable time. That's why when you manage your time, your in control of how much time you have to waste. Its just like money (ever hear the saying time is money?) you plan out what need to spend and where (like bills, etc). Then what you have left is yours to waste on whatever you want.Your time should work like that as well. You plan out your day on what you need to do and do it. Then whenever you have completed what you needed to do, you
now have time to kick back and have fun.

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In closing

Keep in mind that nothing ever comes easy. You must realize that the only way to heal is to allow yourself to make adjustments in your life. These are never easy, especially when your hurting because pain can consume you. The last point I want to add is that you also must give yourself a few moments or hour to deal with your own emotions. If you need to cry then do it but don't stop your life because of it. Remember be-careful who you share your most private feelings with because sometimes others don't understand them. When humans don't understand something, mostly all the time they reject the idea of it. So don't be afraid to walk alone and talk to yourself in the mirror. Whatever helps. Just limit the time you spend self absorbed in your own pain. Let it out and move on. The point of this whole article is about moving on with your life. No one can do that for you, you have to be willing to do almost all the work for yourself. When you do, you will feel better about who you are and others will aid you along your path. Only spend time with people who have similar goals to yourself because they will help and understand you. I hope this information has at least opened your eyes to possibilities. Thank you for
reading and please don't be shy to leave comments on the bottom of the page. Ciao.


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