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Unique bridal shower cake for party to remember

Updated on November 20, 2014

Even the smallest cakes can make impression

Two layered cake in two tastes
Two layered cake in two tastes

So many bridal shower cakes, so short of time ...

Althougth the bridal showers are way less formal than weddings, some elements became traditional and one such inevitable part of the party is certainly the cake. It doesn't have to be tiered and white coloris not a must, it can even be presented in more leasure cupcake form, but it has to be there.

With all the wedding activities going on everybody involved is under certain amount of stress for weeks and even months. Wedding shower is a chance to relax a bit and show the bride your support. Bridal shower cake is only friction of it, but because you want everything perfect, we have made a selection of ideas and tips.

We hope you'll find the perfect mix of freshness and originality with time tested tradition!

(all used images are in Public Domain, source: Pixabay)

Crem, chocolate, cherries, anybody?

Example of possible bridal shower cake
Example of possible bridal shower cake

Quick tips on choosing the right cake

- bake it yourself only if you are 100 percent confident you can do it,

- if you intend to make the cake by yourself, bake it few times before you actually need it, just to get the grip, experimenting is a no-no for this event,

- before you decide how should a bridal shower cake look, consider the wedding theme (everything should be in tune), number of guests (nobody should be hungry at any party) and especially personal taste of the bride (she is the star of the party after all),

- ask around about possible alergies and other resevations (e.g. vegans don't eat gelatin which is made from animal bones and skin),

- in case you are the baker, make it one day ahead of the party,

- if you decide to order the cake, make sure it will arrive promptly, so double check the order,

- like everything else in life, even the smallest details make a huge difference: always spend some time on thinking about decorations and written wishes, discuss both, is possible, with at leas one more person, remember: the biggest events are often remembered by the simplest little things.

Don't forget to add a little extra

A cake is traditionally cut at the end of the shower party, but in latest years this rule is not so strict anymore and it is often served right after all the guests arrived. As we already said, details make a difference, so here are some lovely inexpensive items to help you add the final touch.

The power of the fruits

Thanks to the sweetness and colorfulness fruits can be of great help to match the theme of the wedding itself and bridal shower as well. If, for instance the leading color of the wedding theme is blue, it can be repeated with blueberries, love can be presented with little hearts, comosed of halves of strawberries, fruit slices can also be used to make a pattern related to the theme on invitations ...

Fun Express Bride to Be Tiara (1 Piece)
Fun Express Bride to Be Tiara (1 Piece)

A Bride is still the centerpiece of the party, so tiara is just right for her.


This wedding shower cake is fine example of personal approach. Friends and coworkers did their best to present as many details characteristic to the bride as possible. This can be very personal and fun project which can stay in memories for many years.

Need a unique idea for bridal shower cake?

Cool, isn't it?

Yep, they even made little sunglasses!

(The future is so bright, she'll probably need it all the time!)

Favorite flavors of bridal shower cakes

Best tastes for weddingshower cakes

Today we are not limited at wedding cakes anymore and tastes for cakes at bridal showers can offer some really wild sensory experiments to all the guests. Only you can estimate how much they can handle.

Chocoholics are not satisfied with chocolate anymore, they expect real symphonies of different sorts of chocolate with chips, truffless, creams of different flavors, colors and textures.

White can still offer many surprises. If we stay at chocolate, there is of course white chocolate, we should not forget classic vanilla or cream, both working great in wide variety of combinations, but probably most popular taste at the momement is lemon with fresh and recognizable slightly sour accent.

If we are aiming at truly decadent solutions, cakes with crabs (think about beach themed party) or exotic spicy cake for Moroccan bridal shower theme can do the long lasting impression.

Don't forget how popular became cup cakes in last years!

Who said we are limited to one taste only?

Multy-layered-cakes-with-different-tastes-are-in | Source

Which one is your favorite?

See results

Themed bridal shower cakes

Bridal shower cakes can (and probably should) reflect chosen themes. There are only some examples:

* by colors (Bubbly Pink anybody?)

* by shape (always popular lingerie theme offers many creative solutions)

* by wording (at sports theme appropriate wording would be: "You scored a touchdown!")

Creativity of people, who are throwing the party, is virtually limitless, but we should always consider bride's personality and stay within good taste.

When you are choosing a cake for bridal shower, be creative!

Cake-for-Bridal-Shower-should-be-one-of-a-kind | Source

What are the most popular bridal shower cake sayings?

Majority of popular wordings are cute wordplays, related to wedding, marriage, love, future, success and so on, or simply congratulations.

Here is a top ten (all right, fifteen) by no particular order:

Sweetest Wishes!

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often

Here’s to the Sweet Things to Come
Isn’t Love Delicious?

Showers of Love and Good Fortune

Here’s to a Sweet Life Together!

A Basket Full of Wishes


The Best is Yet to Come!

Love is in the air

Happy Today, Happy Always

Dreams Come True

Wishing You a Life Showered with Love

May You Have a long and blessed life together

May your joy last forever.

Initial idea for wedding shower leads to many original solutions

Example-of-Cute-Theme-for-Bridal-Shower | Source

Wordings for cakes at themed bridal shovers

We have already mentioned themed parties and of course in this case wording for bridal shower cakes should be appropriate. Here are few examples:

casino: A pair of hearts.

kitchen: You two measure up perfectly.

wine: Cheers

beach: Sunshine to the future Mrs. ...

movie: Applaud to the Star!

travel: To Greatest Adventure!

fairy tale: Here’s to Your Happily Ever After

around the clock: Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Vegas: lucky in love

Please, share your thoughts on bridal shower cakes

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      VioletteRose LM 3 years ago

      Very nice ideas for the bridal shower cakes!

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      Natalie W Schorr 3 years ago

      Cool cakes and great ideas!

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      anonymous 3 years ago

      Very good lens. A lot of good information here.