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DIY Ceiling Decor for Weddings

Updated on February 17, 2014

Wedding Reception Ceiling Decorations

Here's a great selection for inexpensive DIY Ceiling Draping and kits for Weddings and Reception Decor for sale at great online prices with convenient.

Ceiling draping for weddings makes a dramatic statement for very little investment and little experience at using ceiling draping. All that's necessary for this DIY ceiling decorating project is some time and bolts of tulle, organza or the biggest ceiling draping for weddings secret: gossamer.

Scroll down for a peek at the ever-majestic ceiling drapery for weddings and receptions and DIY decorating videos to make your day ultra awe inspiring.

Image credit: Ceiling draping for wedding shown here is available for sale below.

Wedding Reception Ceiling Decor Ideas
Wedding Reception Ceiling Decor Ideas

Dramatic Decor

Inexpensive Look Using Gossamer and Lighting

Here's an idea of how you can incorporate both tulle or gossamer and an elegant low cost chandelier for a dramatic look! You can also use the net lighting tucked inside the fabric for a starry look.

Image Credit:

Gossamer Decor Rolls - So Many Options

Ivory Flame Retardant Gossamer (19"x100yd)
Ivory Flame Retardant Gossamer (19"x100yd)

Gossamer is a versatile and inexpensive way to decorate the reception hall or venue. Use removable plastic hooks to drape the material in whatever fashion you want. Drape it dramatically or hang straight to cover less~attractive areas in your space. Encase some battery-operated string lights for even more drama.


Damasks for Reception Hall - DIY Table and Ceiling Decor

This low~cost Damask can be draped over anything or used as easy-to-do chair covers. Use on tables along with cheap white tablecloths: Use one strip per table placing it across the center, then use a nice centerpiece to finish. Easy~peezy!

Gossamer: Perfect Ceiling Decor for Receptions - Dramatic Effect

As you see here, gossamer comes in a plethora of colors and depending on your theme, you can choose accordingly. The material is lightweight and fashions easily into whatever you need to do, be it bows or drapery!

Great Wedding Chandeliers - Elegance for Less

This amazingly cheap chandelier is ideal to hang from the ceiling over tables in your reception hall. They're light weight makes it easy to use those removable hooks without damaging the ceiling tiles. You can also dot several chandeliers around the room depending on your budget and size restrictions. Consider hanging one above your cake table or opt for a more ornate chandelier that's similar in style and color.

The affordable lot of ten candle chandeliers have the opulence of crystal and the look of the pricier chandeliers you'll see elsewhere. With ten fixtures, your reception hall will have the WOW factor you're after. Imagine the wedding pictures! With an impressive, low price tag you can double up for large spaces without breaking your budget.

Budget Chandelier - Stunning Reception Decoration

Hang alone in smaller areas such as over the cake table or use several throughout the room. These chandeliers add an air of elegance and serve as remembrances of your special day. Take them home after the event for heirlooms.

Large Crystal Chandelier - 27" H X 32" W

This large crystal chandelier can be hung from the center of your reception room. Drape the gossamer beginning at the center of the room (as in the video below) and ending at the room's perimeter. You'll achieve the stunning look you're after. PLUS, you'll have a forever keepsake to grace your favorite room at home!

Ornate Lighting

Large & Small

Determine the size of your wedding reception venue or space. For larger halls you might opt for several large chandeliers to hang from sweeps of tulle or gossamer. You'll realize an ultimate dramatic look and feel; perfect for a wedding!

French Empire Crystal Chandelier Lighting for WeddingAmazon

Authentic All Crystal Chandelier Lighting for WeddingAmazon

Chandelier with Prism Crystals Lighting for WeddingAmazon

Chandelier Lighting w/ Crystal Pink Hearts for WeddongAmazon

Decorating for Weddings - DIY Drapes

There's no end to what you can achieve with ceiling draping for weddings. This video is ever-inspiring! I've included some ceiling decoration look-a-likes above so you can envision your own wedding reception on a budget..

Wedding Ceiling Decor Lighting Bubble
Wedding Ceiling Decor Lighting Bubble

So Much Drama

for Little Effort!

With just several long panels cut from the fabric bolt and a few strings of inexpensive string lights, you can create this dramatic look. Image the photos you'll have!


Coordinating Draping

Contrast is a Good Thing!

Fabric with a sheen bounce light and add glamour to your space. Consider these luxurious damasks for for those important spots in your reception hall. Don't be afraid to mix fabrics and textures; they'll add dramatic contrast and liven up the room~~great for photos! Gossamer is one of thee cheaper alternatives for decorating. As expected, the bigger the roll of gossamer, the less it costs per yard. Gossamer can be reused for other events or made into keepsakes for the wedding party. If you plan on reusing the material, you might decide on using a neutral color fabric.

Draping Decoration for Wedding Reception ~ Black/White DamaskAmazon

Draping Decoration for Wedding Reception ~ Red Satin by YardAmazon

Draping Decoration for Wedding Reception ~ Black Satin by YardAmazon

Draping Decoration for Wedding Reception ~ Metallic Gossamer 19" X 50'Amazon

Draping Decoration for Wedding Reception ~ Metallic Gossamer 19" X 100'Amazon

Draping Decoration for Wedding Reception ~ Metallic Gossamer 19" X 100'Amazon

Cheap Wedding Ceiling Decorations
Cheap Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Dreamy Paper Lanterns

A Real Eye~Opener!

This smart use of paper lanterns is purely magical~a bit like cloud watching! Dream upon a dream with these ceiling lanterns and then give your most special guests a lantern to take home.

Image credit:

Cheap Wedding Ceiling Ideas Using Paper Lanterns
Cheap Wedding Ceiling Ideas Using Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

A Lot of Bang for Little Investment!

Here's look at how you can pair fabric and/or lights and paper lanterns~available in virtually and color and style~for amazing lighting effects with very little cash outlay.

Image credit:

Cheap Ceiling Decor for Wedding
Cheap Ceiling Decor for Wedding

Wedding Tradition Meets Unique

Use Your Imagination

If white and predictable isn't your cup of java, be unique with your wedding reception ceiling treatment. This look is warm, unique and sure to bring plenty of praise among guests!

Image credit:

Important Considerations

Before You Decorate

Remember to consider the surroundings around important areas of your reception hall, as the background is very important for pictures. Where the bride and groom is seated, the cake table and entrance are all key areas that need to be considered for an appropriate backdrop.Take a picture when you're finished decorating and make sure the lighting and background makes for a good photo. Snap pictures round your venue before you start to see where any problem areas are.

Cheap DIY Wedding Ceilings Ideas
Cheap DIY Wedding Ceilings Ideas

Colin Cowie Wedding Chic:

1,001 Ideas for Every Moment of Your Celebration

Readers laud this book, 1,001 Ideas for Every Moment of Your Celebration:

"I have a "library" of wedding books, and this one is one of my favorites so far. "

Vivid and exciting images of wedding venue designs and amazing insightful tips put this wedding planning and design book at the top!

Wedding Splendor: - More Paper Lanterns

Consider hanging these lanterns at different lengths from the ceiling for a dramatic cost-effective result. Use battery-operated lantern lights.if you want more drama. You can also stack the paper lanterns to make columns: Using cheap PVC pipe make a stand and wrap Christmas lights around the center pole, then stack at least five lanterns atop each other for an amazing lighted column for very little cost!

Colored lanterns are ideal for themed weddings and add so much to your space for very little cash outlay. Because they're so cheap, you can decorate a large space quite affordably and successfully. For added drama and deepth, hang the lanterns at different levels.

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