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Chinese Dating Worldwide is done with Respect and Honor

Updated on April 26, 2011

Chinese dating sites are good resources for learning and communicating with people to find out the pros and cons of dating Chinese women. Information that is not normally available about the traditions and customs of courting a Chinese woman are now available for the Western world.


Dating Chinese women has several upsides. Chinese women are loyal, caring, and polite. They are excellent homemakers, and place a strong emphasis on education and family values. Dating a Chinese woman involves dating her entire family, so make sure you treat her family with respect.

Chinese dating is not a whirlwind process. It may take several years of traditional courting a Chinese woman before the couple can be seen as boyfriend and girlfriend. Unlike Western cultures, Chinese dating is a carefully thought out process for everyone involved.

Chinese women are world renowned for their petite beauty, cleanliness, and perfect skin. In addition, the long flowing black hair of Chinese women is legendarily beautiful. Chinese dating sites contain pictures and video of some of the most beautiful women the world has ever known.

Legendarily Beautiful

One key thing to remember in these dating situations: your profile on an online dating site must not be arrogant or conceited. Your profile is the first impression a Chinese girl takes into consideration when choosing a possible date. If you represent yourself with honor and respect, then your profile has a better chance of success.

 A first date with a Chinese woman is usually in a public place with her friends. This can be stressful, but keep in mind that the only person you have to really impress is the lady in question. Although impressing her friends is of some importance, keeping the date as the focus of your attention will win her friends over quickly. Chinese dating has rules and traditions that ensure the long term success of a relationship.


At some point, if the two of you choose to continue the courtship, you will have to meet her family. Dating Chinese women follows a very specific pattern of formality and tradition, but this is a result of thousands of years of cultural norms. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your job, stability, family, and friends.


 Chinese dating is a careful courtship, showing respect to both sides of the family so that when the courtship is finally consummated with marriage, everyone is in agreement with the arrangement. With the expectation of honor and respect, online Chinese dating profiles should be carefully constructed to reflect the mores and values of this traditional society


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