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Choosing a Wedding Theme

Updated on February 8, 2018
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

How To Theme Your Wedding

Every bride has a vision of their wedding no matter if it's their first, second or third wedding. And that vision of both the bride and the groom is part of their future memories for all the days of their future includes the details of their wedding. They see all the details of their special day from start to finish.

Choosing your wedding theme is one of the most important choices that you and your finace will make. Your theme wedding theme should reflect and celebrate the common ties that both of you share. It will set the tone for your whole special day. It will relect the joy and happiness that your love is all about. Theming your wedding will create an ambiance for your day no matter what the scale or size of your event. It should be one of the first things that you as a couple decide on, right after the proposal. All the rest of the planning will revolve around this one decision.

Making this choice early in your planning will help you stay on track throughout the process and will save you money.

Where Does Your Wedding Theme Come From

Inspired Thoughts For Wedding Themes

Your wedding theme can come from any aspect of your life. It can come from a piece of music, a hobby, a faith, a movie, an idea, a favorite holiday or season. It can be anything that you both love and share interests in. Just focus on common interests and things that you both love or enjoy and you will easily come up with your theme. Remember, you can include some or all of your wedding theme both in the ceremony and color. Some things to consider -colors, fomal or casual and location. As you work through the aspects of your wedding planning, you will find unexpected places to include your wedding theme. Have fun with your theme and make it personable. You can have a wedding to remember.

Your wedding theme should be a mutual decision between you and your fiance

How To Get Started On Your Wedding Theme

It's really easier than you think getting started with your wedding theme. Use a poster or morter board to get started. Sit down with your partner or someone who is helping you to plan your wedding. Gather pictures from wedding magazines and the internet that appeal to you. Make a list of the three wedding themes that interest you most and start brainstorming.Then narrow it down till you both agree to one theme.

Use your board or a more portable version in your planner or folder once you have narrowed down your theme to your favorite. Keep pictures and fabric samples for all your choices with you, when you visit vendors and venues.

Why Theme Your Wedding

The main reason to theme your wedding is to pull all the elements together into one beautiful day. You want your guests to go to each part of your wedding and be wowed. And when each part of your wedding, from the ceremony through the recepetion follows one theme, the whole creates a beautiful picture. Each section of the wedding has elements that bring pleasure to the eye and senses.

Themed wedding are cost efficientYou can purchase the elements and accessories for your wedding packaged together as a theme which always saves you money

Theming your wedding saves you timeTheming your wedding keeps you on track. You are not looking here and there trying to figure it all out. You have direction and purpose. And that always saves you time and frustration

People who theme their weddings want something unique that is completely their own. They make a statement about who they are.

Getting Started With Your Wedding Theme - How to Make Youir Wedding Planning Easier

One of my biggest tips to getting your wedding planning starts with organization. From the very start I recommend that you have a place or tool that all your planning materials are in. I suggest something that is portable and has enough room to store all the information that you need to have on hand. Here are a few things and tips to help you get started.

  • Get some color paint samples head right for the local home improvement store. Look at all the color samples and chose some that you think would be right for your color scheme. Many times they show different color combinations together, so watch for these too. The neat thing about how they show these is that they will show all the color variants together, ro you will be able to select the colors you have most interest in.
  • Search the web for different ideas Type in the theme that you are considering. There are as many themes as there are bries and grooms, so you will find just what you are looking for.Print your ideas or mark the site in your favorite lists.
  • Take pictures of your wedding venue Do this for your ceremony site aas well as your reception site. Note the colors in the room and the decorations that might be in them. You may have to take that into consideration. For example if the venue has chairs that don't match your color theme , you may have to get chair covers.
  • Fabric Swatches Invaluable as you are choosing the clothes for your wedding party against your color scheme

Pinterest is full of wedding theme ideas and tips

Gazebo weddings can be casual or formal. It's your call
Gazebo weddings can be casual or formal. It's your call

Casual Or Formal

The First Decision

One of the first thing that you will want to consider is if you want a casual or formal wedding. Thoughts in this area include how you want your guests to feel. Do you want a formal sit down dinner with all the trimmings or a buffet? You you see your groomsmen in formal tie and tails or informal suit ? How do you see the overal look of your event? This is an area that couples can get into conflict in...and families too. But remember when all is said and done, it is more about saying I do than how the guys were dressed or how many courses the dinner had.

Every wedding is unique and the tone that you as a couple see and want is the first step to making your day memorable.

Choosing Your Main Wedding Theme - The Big Wedding Decision

Wedding themes are as varied as the people palnning them. Remember that your wedding theme reflects some common interest or bond between you and your soon to be mate. It should not be just about the things that you, as a bride want.Sharing your uniqeness as a couple makes your event a showcase of you as a couple and that is really what the day is about. Sharing the beginning of a new life as a couple from that day forward.

  • Celebrate A Passion It can be anything that both of you share. It can be a hobby, a location, a sports team, just about anything that the both of you share in a unique way
  • Celebrate A Season Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall....what ever is your fondest season. It can be a time that you met, a season when you fell in love, or just a time of year that you both enjoy.
  • Celebrate A Holiday Your wedding can be built around a holiday that you both enjoy.
  • Heritage Themed Wedding A wedding that celebrates your heritage is a wonderful thought
  • Era Themed Wedding Celebrate a special decade by theming your wedding. Roaring twenties, Victorian, Hippie are all choices for your them,ed wedding

What Are The Top Wedding Themes

See results

Theme Basics

There are hundreds of wedding themes out there. Wedding themes are only limited by the creativity of the couples planning them. Bit there is a place to get started in your planning. Most weddings can be characterized into these groups

  • Vintage These are weddings with a very pronounced feminine touchThey feature muted color tones with lots of linen, fabric, lace and lots of flowers Usually pre 1940s
  • Retro These weddings are highly nostalgic with a little bit of sass. They are fun and merry. The color palette is bright and happy. Usually in a style that is after 1940
  • DIY A real attention to detail characterizes the DIY wedding. These weddings have a touch of homemade within the structure of the party. They include the elements of other themes with some personal touches
  • Rustic This theme is more likely to be the most natural laden of the wedding themes. It may include farm or country elements, lodge elements, or wood like elements. Colors range from earth tone palettes to deeper jewel tones. Think of summer casual or fall tones
  • Modern Daring and bold, this wedding theme makes a real statement. Color is often monochromatic or a palette with bold contrast. Lines and clean with little fussiness. Flowers are generally in one tone, but very bright
  • Traditional These weddings are classy with elements that draw it all together. They are more reliant on colors that make it all come together

Rose wedding theme is probably the most popular theme of all
Rose wedding theme is probably the most popular theme of all

Theme By Color

Your Second Wedding Theme Decision

Every Bride knows the exact colors that she has always wanted for her wedding. We all have that in mind. But your colors, have to be a decision that you and your groom make together. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a color palette. You can tie it into other parts of your theme. For example if you are selecting a seasonal theme, then you would pick out palettes that go with that season or holiday. If you were choosing a sports theme, then you might chose colors that reflected that sport. You basically tie it into your main theme.You might also consider the location that your event will occur. Look carefully at the surroundings and make sure that you take pictures of the room where the event will will held.

Where is the wedding and reception?

Popular Wedding Combinations

Navy Blue and Silver

Emerald Green and Gold or Ivory

Brown, Terra Cotta, and Cream

Green, Pink and Brown

Burgundy and Gold

Sky Blue and Chocolate Brown

Beige and Rust

Rust-Red, Pumpkin Orange, and Off-white

Pink and Black

Dark Purple on Light Purple

Purple and Green

Color Wheels - Every Bride Needs To Carry One

Color Wheels are a very important in your wedding planning. This is a tool that every bride should have in her bag or planning guide at all times.A color wheel helps you choose coordinating colors. It is made out of three primary colors: red, blue and yellow, plus a blend of in-between colors. Below are three color-choosing strategies that will ensure you pick a well coordinated color scheme

"Complementary" colors means choosing colors that are opposite each other on the wheel, such as red and green.

"Analogous" means the colors lie next to each other on the wheel, such as red, red-orange, and orange.

"Monochromatic" means variations of the same tone, such as bright red, dark red, etc.

Tips: Try to limit your main colors to two or three so as not to look too jumbled and stay consistent with your colors throughout the wedding site. Use a few subdued colors for an elegant look.

Get Your Color Wheel

These color wheels are a real necessary tool in your wedding planning. You will use them throughout the process. Best of all, you will continue to use the color wheel as you plan the décor of your new home !

Holiday Theme Ideas

Here are some inspiring ideas for holiday wedding themes. Considering a holiday theme wedding? There are a couple of considerations. First, consider the weather and transporation issues. If summer or winter holidays are sonsidered, then you will need to think about the weather. Also consider that transporation , specifically gas and airfare may be higher during the peak holiday times. One good thing about holiday weddings is that many venues and churches are all ready decorated for the holidays, so you will likely save some money. The flip side of that is that Djs and bands are booked well in advance for hilidays, so you will need to take that into consideration also. But all of that aside, here are some ideas for holiday weddings that will get your imagination going.

Theming Your Wedding Elements - What parts Of Your Wedding Can You Theme?

The secret to a beautiful wedding is to decide what will make you both happy. By starting with a theme, you will be surprised at how easy it is to create a unique day that you'll both remember for a lifetime. Themes are limited only by your imagination so have fun!

  • Color Scheme:Choosing two colors that define your theme coordinates the elements of your wedding.Color can be the theme of your wedding or can be combined with other themes. What color do you think about for a seashore wedding? What color tones do you think about when you consider a fall wedding or a winter wedding. Combining color and theme makes youtr wedding one to remember.
  • Transportation: How can your wedding transportation be themed? Consider your theme. If you had a vintage theme, then you might want to use cars that reflect that era. If you had a western theme, you might want to consider a horse and buggy. Your transportation can also be decorated to consider your theme and colors
  • Site/Location: This would be the obvious place to use your theme. Both in your ceremony location as well as your reception location, your theme can be carried out throughout
  • Attire: Your colors and theme can be reflected in the clothes of the bridal party. Think about your theme and how the clothes that you wear reflect it. If you are thinking about a beach themed wedding, then you might not want to wear tails or tuxedos.
  • Flowers: The kind of flowers you use in your wedding reflect your theme and the colors you use in a special way. They are a focus of both your ceremony and reception. They reflect the formality or the casual aspect of your event.
  • Centerpieces:Your centerpieces can be another way to show your theme or colors in a very special way. They can be floral arrangements, candlescapes, almost anything you can think of. They are the decoration of each guests table. It focuses the theme and color throughout the reception.
  • Favors You favors can reflect your taste, theme and colors. Favors are just a little token of thanks to your guests. But your theme can be ver reflected in your choice of wedding favors. Think about your theme and chose something to relect your choice. If you are hosting a fall theme, think about pumpkins and gourds. Christmas themes call to mind christmas ormanements. Hearts theme might reflect candy or heart shaped soaps or candles. Match your theme to your favors for a very complete look to your wedding.
  • Guestbook and Other Accessories It's easy to accessorize your guest book, cake knife and servers, and your toast glassesMost of them come in sets and they are already themed for you. Buying in sets gives you the best buy and is all put together for you.
  • Food/Cake Lots of weddings have their food and cake reflect their themes and colors. A seaside wedding might have seafood, while a patriotic or 4th of july wedding might be more of a picnic. Whatever theme you chose, think about your colors and your foods and make them part of your overall planning
  • Time of Year It would be silly to have a fall wedding in the springtime. So consider the time of year and incorporate it in your overall planning.
  • Family Traditions Your family traditions are important and bring a warm sense of romance and love to your wedding. You might want to include pictures of your parents and or grandparents in a display area. You might want to celebrate the traditions of your heritage with special wedding traditions. Your overall theme may celebrate the hertitage of your family and it's roots. Adding these traditions to your weddings brings a sense of community.
  • Location The location of your wedding can actually create or lend itself to your theme. Having your wedding at a farm ? Then you can chose a casual country theme. Is your location a beach? Then it's very easy to theme your wedding. Think about your location and how your theme might be exactly where and what your wedding will be about.
  • Altar/Pews The altar and pews at your ceremony location can also be a focus for your theme. Pews don't have to be marked with the traditional bows. There are lots of options for pew markers that can reflect your choice of color and theme. Think outside the box. For Altar arrangements of candle décor, the options are endless as far as color and theme are concerned. Scan the internet for ideas and you will find something that matches your taste and ideas,
  • Invitations No matter what yoour theme is, there is an invitation out there that reflects your theme and colors. Even if you opt for a plain invite, little touche scna be added that reflect just what your wedding is about. Touches of ribbon, feathers, some confetti v=can all be added as a little touch to let your guests know what is ahead.


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