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How to Start a Conversation with Any Women

Updated on June 24, 2013

Sit Down and have a Conversation

Sit Down and have a Conversation
Sit Down and have a Conversation | Source

How to Talk With Women

Eye Contact with Women and Other Things

Most men do not know how to communicate with women. The world is a fantastic place, and there are a lot of single, friendly women on our planet, but some men are afraid to talk to them. There are body language techniques you can use and verbalize your conversation, and a multitude of attitude changes you must have. Start a conversation with any women using these techniques and find that single women in your arms tonight. This is a tried and proven technique that works on women and is ideal for the individual who needs a little bit of help. Men are attracted to all sorts of women, no matter what they look like. You can actually find out through dialogue if this hot little number is whom you truly want to check out with in conversation. Just because she is hot, does not mean she is personable and what you want to come home to on a daily basis.

The first step in meeting any women is being silly to her. Make her laugh and you will have won fifty percent of her heart. Tell her something out of the blue that is happening now, and make a joke about it. This takes a little getting use to but if you can get a girl laugh first off, you got her. Yet, humor in itself will not merely grab her full attention. You will need to use your body language to shake her up a bit.

When talking to a girl, be confident in your actions, and pretend she is your best friend. That is the best advice I give you. If you lie to her, she will see right through you, and you will have lost her. Be honest and twirl her hair while you make a comment about it. This is a terrific way to either get slapped or give her a laugh. It is how you approach this women, and get her attention is what counts. Do not grab her backside, or all bets are off. She will think you’re a pervert and be upset. Some guys just don’t get this. You want to give her way and call on her emotional status. Women think logical and emotional thoughts. This is powerful in getting to know a woman.

Head to Head

Conversation with Women and Being Clean

Speaking to fast and clearing your throat is not desirable, so don’t do this when meeting a girl. It will turn her off. The best way to make use to talking to a woman is through your family, and how you would talk to your mother or sister, this is a powerful and the non-threatening way to greet a person. Imagine yourself speaking with confidence and clarity to a girl as your sister. This is the state of mind you want to be in. It shows no signs of sexual wants, and it is a normal practice in talking. Then after you break the ice, you can move in getting more comfortable with this woman.

Be confident in your talking, not negative, or this will make her away from you. Smile and keep smiling throughout the conversation. Be true though and be realistic. Practice in front of a mirror if need be. Be more confident as you approach women and if she runs off there are a million others to try this on. Don’t let it take you down if you fail the first time, go right back in to the game and get another pretty girl you can practice on. What are you practicing? Being friendly and just saying “Hi “ is the best thing to start out with and keep a smile on your face. She will smile back unless she has had a terrible day, and you are bugging her. You will see, how she is after a simple “Hello”.

Use the word “You “in your conversation and not” I”, your interest lie in her, not yourself. She wants to be the focus of all the attention. Find out what she thinks women might like about something. Get her opinion on something that may interest her and only a women would know. She will appreciate that you care for her answer. Make her feel something about the conversation. Women are emotional, and this helps tap into her emotions. This is wise if you can get her to talk about herself, and listen, don’t interrupt her or you made a mistake again, and will lose her. It certainly is not that hard to talk to a woman. Just keep telling ones mind that, and it will come naturally. Yes, we know she is appealing to you and your just screaming inside to be in bed with her, and you will if you play your cards right, you may be that lucky.

Women love sex more than men. This is a true statement, but they can’t tell you this nor will they. It is how they are brought up and is embedded in most women. Women have wild imaginations, and if you can tap into one of their fantasies then you’re off to the races. You will have fun tonight if you get into this area of her brain. This is easy also if done correctly.

One other piece of information is how clean a person is. Women like their men to smell fresh and we appreciate the same in a woman. Use this to your advantage and clean up and smell appetizing. If you have body odor, this is a definite turn off. You would regret if if she smelled rancid, so that is a immense deal in a meeting with a particular girl. Back to your sister or mother, if you smell they will tell you. Same thing with a strange woman, she will not tell you but move on probably.

Use your common sense and all will turn out just superb mostly. Women are human too and even though men are quite visual, don’t let her looks scare you away. She might be attractive and have a terrible personality, so you have nothing to lose in trying.


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