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Extreme Marriage Rocks!!

Updated on June 12, 2014

Marriages That Work


Love and Sex Being Married

Having lots of sex and being in love while married is common place for most. We read about the single women and men in magazines and publications on the internet, and most do not talk about being married. It is a shame that all is fallen apart when the media does not explain or talk about the good marriage and sex can be. The positive about being married and having a fulfilled sex life are many. This means you are growing into your relationship with one person and having fun with each other. What a love story to write about.

We see it so often in movies where people are divorced and cheating on their spouse that it has become common place for this type of activity to happen in our lives. The truth is, look at the married couple that has all smiles about their husbands and wives that have stuck through the good and bad with each other. How romantic is that? Is it the internet and media that really have this all wrong, or is it society has given in to the hype that having pre- marital sex is ok and the norm. The divorce rate is high and the youthful kids that are raising families on their own without a father and mother are hurting our society. They are not at fault, for we all get married because most of us want that partner for the rest of our lives. This is at least true for the majority of the marriages that take place. No one forces you to be joined together, or do they?

How To Succeed In Marriage

Is Divorce the Answer in the USA

In the USA it is common that each individual has the choice in marriage and the two people involved into this relationship are in love. With love, comes sex, and then reality strikes and work, bills and spending come as a unit for both people in this involvement. It is a deal breaker when one strays to go outside the box and makes mistakes and may spend too much or not pay the bills. However if married and in love, one learns to forgive the other and helps the other realize that this is not the normal for their relationship and changes. When changes occur in marriage this is a time of forgiveness and on both sides. If not divorce becomes an option so many choose. You really have to look up to those who have a stable relationship in marriage and a sexually charged one at that.

How many movies depict this anymore? The older movies in the sixties and fifties use to show this as a common ground with the plot. Married couples involved in a situation that they both have to deal with. We have lost this in our society, and single out one spouse cheating and the other one cheating as well. This shows that it is normal to be doing these kinds of things with our lives. It is not reality though, as we see with so many of our grandparents who still at the age of seventy and eighty that love and togetherness is a reality and can be sexually stimulating as well.

In reading the Huffington Post, they recently interviewed married couples and their sex lives and many were thrilled to come home to have sex with each other. Where did this come from? Well it just shows that, yes there are marriages that are a success and the husbands are eager to be with their wives and sexually charged to having fun with their spouse. I think this is a great attitude that should be spread across the societies in the USA and abroad. That two people, man and wife can exist and love each other and have a sexually fulfilling life with each other. No cheating going on, but compatibility towards one another and looking forward to each coming home and being romantically involved is great news to hear.

The Sexuality and Being One

In conclusion, marriage is still alive and there are couples that are thriving and loving each other every day. Sexually they are looking for one another to come home and have playful times, and this is a positive to note. Those thinking that it won’t last are quitters and should not of married in the first place. It is positive to note that finding someone you know that has been married for over ten years must have something in common with each other and to question them what it is that keeps them together. Would this not be an answer for some who divorce and hire lawyer’s to disrupt a marriage and involve money and children into a division that ultimately hurts society and themselves. My hat is off to those who continue to fight and love each other to death do them apart, it is not only a pleasant part of life to view. It is what marriage is all about, staying together through the good and bad and having a sexually fun time with one another.


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