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Create A Candy Buffet

Updated on January 25, 2015
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Creative Ideas To Make A Wedding Candy Buffet

Candy buffets are one of the newest trends in weddings, but they are not limited to just weddings. They can be a welcome addition at anniversaries and birthday parties too. No matter what the occasion, they bring out the inner child in all of us. Your candy buffet is only limited by your imagination and the amount of funds that you have to spend.

The first thing that you will want to think about is if you want to theme your candy buffet to your wedding colors or a season.

Theming your candy buffet to your wedding colors is easy and keeps the palette in the same direction, so that it is pleasing to the eye. All of your colors would be carried out in your candy buffet table

Theming to the season is another choice. You could do fall, halloween, Christmas, Easter, ect-you get the idea. Give this some real consideration and you will be pleased with the results

Pick seasonal colors that coordinate with your reception and wedding colors. It will add a very professional look to your reception. Then add a little bling or some accessories. For example, if you are having a seaside or beach theme, add a few shells. Add some flowers in your wedding colors, or something that reflects your theme.

Take some simple containers and add some washi tape, ribbon or rhinestones to add more décor piazz

Before your reception, place it all in a box for your vendor and mark it as candy buffet. Deliver it to your vendor with the other reception supplies

You should have the vendor set up your candy display after your meal and while your guests are dancing. It should either be timed to be served with your wedding cake or after. The reason behind that is if it is open while your guests arrive, it will be used and gone before it can even be photographed. You will want to use this as a feature and a sweet surprize for your guests.

Getting Started

How to Create Your Candy Buffet

The first thing that you will need to consider is where you will be setting up your candy buffet. If you are having an outdoor event, especially in the warmer weather, you have to think about how the candy will hold up. So indoor or out, your venue location and the time of year of the event is a consideration. Next, check with your venue to be sure that they will allow this addition to your party and what will be the set up cost. Some will allow you the space, but you will need to set it up yourself. Others will allow you to have it, but there will be a set up cost to do it. So it is essential in your early planning to find out if you can have it and what , if any will be the fee.

Supplies You'll Need For Your Candy Buffet - How to create a delightful display for your candy

First thing to do is to check with your vendor or caterer to see what he/she might have available. Some may have containers for your candy as well as scoops or serving items

  • Containers for your candy You will need containers for your candy in varying sizes and heights. They should be glass so that your guests can see inside. You can use baskets, glassware, boxes-almost anything that you can think of to go with your theme. You could use things like beach pails for a beach wedding !
  • Scoops, spoons, tongs or serving pieces to get the candy out Be creative and use what you have. Think about your containers and what you'll need
  • Bags for the candy You'll need a bag for each guest to take their candy ! it can be cellophane, plastic, a small gift bag, almost anything that will enable them to take their candy. You can stamp or decorate your bags to match your theme. Your candy can actually be your favors
  • Candy buffet décor Think about your theme and add décor to your table. It could be as simple as a sign or banner. You can add a sign for each candy container. You can add décor around the container such as shells or items that relate to your theme

How To Theme Your Candy Buffet - Decorations and Candy Buffet Themes

Especially for wedding candy buffets, you will want to coordinate your buffet table with your other décor ! You can do all kinds of things to add some beauty to your table.

  1. Choose A Specific Candy Flavor Chose you candy flavor such as chocolate,(a more formal flavor-make sure that you don't leave it in warmer temperatures citrus(citrus flavors might be used for beach themed weddings), peppermint(a great flavor for winter and Christmas weddings-use red and white or all white on your tables), penny candies (great for an informal wedding)
  2. Personal Favorites Chose the favorites of you and your bridal party. Label their favorites and put a small picture nearby. The same could be used for family members
  3. Specific Color You can chose a specific candy color that matches your wedding theme. Select 5-6 candies in your color range and you have a professional look
  4. Use Your Centerpieces To Theme Your Table Have an extra centerpiece or two to continue your theme at your candy buffet table. You can also use candles , flowers, shells or anything that continues your theme

Candy Buffet Tip 1

The first and most important thing when planning a candy buffet is to buy enough candy ! Plan 5-19 different candies and 5-10 pounds of each candy selected

Elegant Candy Buffet Ideas

Here is a selection of elegant candies for a candy buffet with an elegant view. If you are having a more formal affair, but want the fun of a candy buffet, here are some excellent choices

Bon-Bons, Strawberry Hard Candy - 5 pounds
Bon-Bons, Strawberry Hard Candy - 5 pounds

These add a bit of color to your candy buffet


Think Of Your Candy Buffet As Part Of Your Decor

Not only should it taste good, but it should be pleasing to the eye

Your Candy Buffet Containers

Your containers can be almost anything that relates to your color or theme. Here is the place to really get creative.You can use glasses, bowls, wicker and baskets, almost anything will do. Why not add a real flare for drama with tulle and rose petals. Add some bling too...Just think about how you want the end result to look. See what conatiners that your family and friends have that you can borrow. Remember to put their names on the bottom of the container so that they can be returned.Containers can be lined with napkins and tulle to add some extra dimension Use a sticker or a tag on your containers to say what the candy is. Personalize them with a stamp or use the colors of your wedding.

Candy Scoops - A Must Have Element For Candy Buffets

A great thing to do is to tie ribbons around your scoops in the color that matches your wedding colors. You can also tie the ribbon around your container so the scoops don't disappear

Candy Buffet Tip 2

Raise some of the candy containers to increase interest. Use boxes or other sturdy surfaces and cover them with napkins or linen

Candy Buffet Tips and Ideas

  1. Use a color scheme that matches your wedding palette: wedding colors aren't just for the flowers and bridesmaids dresses! Taking advantage of the colors you've already established can enhance your candy table's presence, and bring cohesion to your entire reception.having a specific color scheme can really make your table pop. Monochromatic palettes can also be striking and elegant. Make sure to consider different hues and shades - for example, if your colors are red and brown, don't be afraid of using different shades of reds and pinks. If using primarily dark colors, try to use trimmings in lighter shades to bring energy to your table.
  2. Create depth and height in your display: with simple boxes or even phone books, you can sculpt a beautiful landscape on your table. You can wrap the boxes in decorative paper, or even leave them bare and covered with matching linens for a refined, free-flowing cascade
  3. Take advantage of your centerpieces: whether they be flowers, candles, or tiny little goldfish, using an extra centerpiece or two will not only tie into the rest of your reception, but it can also add life and freshness to your candy table.
  4. Don't be afraid to use trimmings: details like good quality linens, ribbons, and paper can add nice touches to your overall display.
  5. Consider the table: where will it be located? Will there be a nice backdrop or wall behind it for pictures? Or will it be open so people can access it from all sides? Will it even have sides, or will it be round? These are all good questions to ask yourself before deciding on a set-up design.
  6. Be creative: candy isn't just made to be eaten, but also to play with! Bundle large lollipops together like a bouquet of flowers, or skewer some marshmallows to simulate kabobs - the possibilities are endless.
  7. Check with your venue to see what display pieces and containers they may have available for your candy buffetWe went to the local Goodwill store and found a great selection of cany buffet containers to add to what the vendor had and they were between $1=$3 a piece

Retro Candy Buffet

Think penny and nickle candies. Think about the candy that was popular when you were a kid. Retro candy buffets are all about color and fun. Nostalgic candies evoke the innocence of childhood and the sweetness of youth, and choosing a range of retro candies for your buffet is a fun way to bring that nostalgia to all your guests. This can be especially meaningful if a couple has been friends or sweethearts since childhood.

Candy Buffet Tip 3

Order your candy 6 weeks in advance of your wedding

Candy Is Dandy - Candy Buffet Idea

Possible Banner Or Sign Sayings For Your Candy Buffet - Favorite Sayings For Your Candy Buffet

There are so many things you can do to add real personality to your candy buffet. A sign or banner using your colors is always a sweet touch to your specialty table. Here are a few of our favorite sayings. They can also be used as sayings on your candy bags

  • A Sweet Ending To A New Beginning
  • A Little Treat That's Oh So Sweet
  • Love Is Sweet
  • Love Is Sweet-Enjoy The Treat

Candy Buffet Display Sets

Add more demension to your candy display with these decor kits

Free Candy Buffet Printables

In looking for resources to help you create the perfect candy buffet, we came across some excellent free printables for your candy buffet. They add a very nice touch to your candy buffet

Candy Buffet Tip # 4

Remember to include some sugarless candy in your buffet for the guests who may have special needs

More Candy Buffet Resources - Free Candy Buffet Resources

It's the personal touches that matter ! For just the cost of the paper to print them on, here are some very special ideas to add to your candy buffet décor

Candy Buffet Tip #5

It doesn't have to be just candy ! We used chocolate covered strawberries (a big hit) . You could also add mini cookies,carmel corn or spiced nuts

We'd Love To Hear From You !

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    • linfcor profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda F Correa 

      6 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      @Rhonda Lytle: Great Ideas.....Our wedding two years ago was a blast. Everyone loved our candy buffet. Not sure who enjoyed it more-the kids or adults. Just be careful if you do an outdoor event because some candy will get melted and nasty in hot weather

    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 

      6 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      This is the best thing since Valentine's Day cupcakes. I could see any class party going gaga for this! And, what a neat thing to set up poolside or for a family reunion.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Candy buffet? Count me in!


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