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dating a guy who has depression

Updated on April 10, 2013

Relationships are never easy and when depression comes into play it can get even worse. What do you do when you are dating a guy who has depression?

First of all you have to keep a couple of things in mind. When he has a bad day he might not want to talk about it. You never know when he will get into his moods and his depression will rub off on you.

You will get sad and upset when you don't hear from him. You never know when he will come back into your life and leave. It's easy early on. The more you are with him the worse it can get. If you are upset that he cut you off once because of his mood don't think it will happen again. He could have a bad day at work and cut you off. The littlest thing can put him into a mood and you have no control over it.

If he is the depressed type who shuts you off you never know where he is or what he is up to. You will end up being frustrated and upset. You will think about the good times that you had and are wishing that somehow he could come back into your life. Once again he will come back but then again he will leave again.

If you are looking for a relationship and like this guy take it slowly. Don't expect him to be there 100% for you because he won't. He will be there as long as he is in a good mood. If you are okay with it then go right ahead but don't get into a relationship that will only lead to frustration. As the saying goes the longer you stay the worse it gets.

Would you ever date a guy who has depression?

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Have you ever dated a guy who has depression?

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