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Dating online

Updated on January 2, 2013

Being Friends

Nothing wrong with being friends with multiple guys. I have found that even multiple ones are cool. I am a total tomboy. I like being friends with guys more than girls. However, as for finding my soulmate or it happening mutually where my friends and I both like eachother at once, it has not happened for me at least lately. I either have to do everything or my friend has to. One often likes the other better than the other. It always happens. I guess making friends is no biggy. I recently joined datehookup (yes the name is better than it sounds). It is a free site with blogs, etc. You can talk to multiple people from the area by joining a club or doing message boards. I met a good friend of mine through that site. We get along great, in fact are so much alike it is scary. It is just the romance part. I have a hard time admitting that I am interested in someone. It is scary for me I guess. I do not want to wreck my friendship. I guess my friend telling me to leave him be was the right thing to do. The thing is I am not sure if he wants me to call him or he is just being polite. He never answers when I do. I asked him when to call. He never answered. So I am leaving the guy be. I guess he has issues? Is it good to be just friends with someone? Not always. My friend is set on not coming unless we are more than friends. I do not agree I believe you should get to know someone before jumping in, such as moving in with them, taking it to the next level, etc.

I have thought about it and my friend is just not mutually my type. I do not ever dream of even making out with him. It is odd. I just do not feel it with him. When together we are too tense etc. We do not even barely talk so why are we friends I wonder. His resentment towards me is very clear. I won't take the distance and commit to him. Why? I do not feel it.

Moving in as friends: I think this will turn into something else so not a good idea unless you want to become something else.


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