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Come Eat With Me! the Correct Spiritual Diet

Updated on March 8, 2019

COME EAT WITH ME! The Correct Spiritual Diet

rWELCOME, TO Dr. Pastor Carlotta Boles Counseling Center. We all need spiritual food to strengthen out inner being. As physical food gives life to our bodies, so does our spiritual food to our spirit. God's word should always be the main course because with it comes the rest of the most important nutrients that our inner being needs.

God's uses His word to transmit His thoughts, to illuminate our minds, to reveals His will and wisdom to us, and to give life, healing and powder to us. Through His word, He provides practical solutions to life's challenges and problems. Through His word, He provides solutions that guarantee true success to bring up our family, run our business and establish our values in life. God's word helps us put things into proper focus in relation to His infinite wisdom.

True discipleship is obedience to the teachings of the Master. His teachings are mainly to point us to the way of life that will liberate us from our own slavery into the perfect freedom that only comes from the Master. Knowing the truth will set us free, free from the worries of this world. Through His word, we learn to trust Him as a Father! Jn. 8:31-32.

Let God revive our spirit to His way of living and thinking according to His word. We will see things differently if our mind is tuned to God's wavelength. "Revive me and give me life." Let this be our prayer as we read His word daily. Ps. 119:154. This is the only way of receiving God's faith by hearing God's word. God is behind His word. He gives it power to quicken our spirits when we commune with Him and to feed our minds with His infinite wisdom. This kind of faith helps us to change our lives and the lives of those around us. Rom. 10:17.

WE KEEP God's word because we love Him. That should be the main reason. When we let God's word influence our lives, then we create favorable conditions for the Lord to abide in our lives. Then we will express God's life in our daily life. Jn. 14:23. This is the secret of answered prayer! You have to let God's word shape your life. Let it become a total part of you to the point that God's will and desires become yours. This will deepen your intimacy with the Lord..."then ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you" Jn. 15:16. Try it and see Jn 15:7.

God's word will build you up not only spiritually but also in every other area of your life. This is a self-actualized life, the highest form of true success that can only come from God. In the Bible we find that Joseph and Daniel had this kind of success. Everywhere they went, success was waiting for them, even in the midst of enemies, repression, confusion, persecution and hopeless situations. They were like tress planted by the streams of water. YOU CAN BE, TOO. Ps. 1:2-3 Are you full yet?

If you haven't accepted Christ as your Savior simply say in an audible voice, in all sincerity from the depths of your heart, "Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me of my sins and accept me as Your child. I accept You as my personal Savior and I promise to follow the instructions of Your Word from this day on. If I fail because I am human, please help pick me up so I can try again! Thank you, Jesus, for saving me from all my sins. AMEN."

Spiritual Food The Word of God


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