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The Wounded Mind

Updated on October 27, 2013

The wounded mind...

Have you ever found yourself in an argument? You might feel as though you are losing control of your emotions. When your mind is wounded your emotions sometimes feel as though they take over and nothing else matters. What tends to become magnified is not the current conversation but, the past emotions. Live in the present moment and allow your life's lessons to guide you into your knowing.

Awareness is the first step in identifying in what area your mind is wounded. When you become aware of the emotional triggers,take a step back from the situation and separate yourself from the heat of the moment. You might find that your emotion that began the argument, has very little or nothing to do with the present situation. It might have brought up feelings related to something totally different. When you look at what caused your reaction you can knowingly respond in a more suitable manner and then you will be able to make the best decisions regarding the current circumstances.

You can make an agreement with those closest to you that by asking questions can help discover the foundation of the argument. Sharing the awareness will result in finding straightforward solutions. Maybe you are taking yourself too seriously, so maybe, you can just laugh out loud and know the tension will soften. You can also figure out whether you are addicted to the stimulation that drama brings and the chemicals that your body creates when you are irritated. There also could be a greater concern that involves a conversation, understanding and persistence. The more you allow yourself to step back and look at the reasons for arguing, the easier it becomes to let your true feelings show which will help you toward solutions that will ultimately enhance your life and all of your relationships.

Resentments from your past are not relevant to current situations. If you can be clear about your thoughts, feelings and objectives and are willing to communicate clearly, you will have a better possibility of getting what you want instead of losing control of the situation. Taking your frustrations out on the people closest to you serves no purpose when the argument is caused from an emotional trigger of the past. When you argue for what you truly believe in you will be empowered by the outcome. The outcome then allows you to direct your passions to healthier life experiences.


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