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Enchanted Blue Diamond chapter 5

Updated on November 15, 2017

A stairway leading into another facet

It was far into the blue diamond facet. Princess Blue Diamond and the Gem Collector climbed up a dense diamond faceted stairway of 99 steps. There are no rails on these steps, so they both glide their hands side outward along the facet walls taking each step at a time. Up they travel in the darkness of the facets.

Princess Blue Diamond is leading as the Gem Collector follows, but he is in fear of the darkness. Why are we climbing these stairs in the dark, he asked her? I am not prepared for this and I can't see anything says the Gem Collector. Please listen and follow your steps, you can't enter if you don't have faith she says to him. I have faith! How does this determine steps up this long stairway in the dark, asked the Gem Collector?

In he Darkness

Listen carefully! Climbing in the darkness has no fear for the children. Listen again! Do you hear those screams says Princess Blue Diamond? Yes, but where is it coming from, asked the Gem Collector?

The screams are coming from the vision of homes where the babies and children are suffering from cancer, aids, diseases that deteriorate body tissues and organs causing multiple complication of the body, but many parents don't have medical coverage to sustain care for their children, so the babies and children screams every hour says Princess Blue Diamond.

Children are born with Zika

The Gem Collector heard more screams and he started to whistle a lullaby. What are you doing asked Princess Blue Diamond? I'm whistling because it's so sad. I whistle because that's my way of comfort he says. Then suddenly a small glow of light came in and followed them up the stairway, floating above their heads giving a glow of light in the facet. I can see a bit in the facet, but I'm hearing another cry, says the Gem Collector, so he continued to whistle. Wait, listen that's a baby who was born with the Zika Virus.

This diseases is transformed through mosquito bites, it affect the development growth of a new born, deformities of the head and difficulty of brain functions occurs. Parents can carry the disease undetected, a child can grow up as an adult not showing signs of this disease till it's time to have a baby, it's very important that every adult planning to have a baby should test their body for Zika before conceving says Princess Blue Diamond.


They both continued to climb till they saw a vision of people of hatred, screaming out repeatedly, "Never will you ever stop this, we dwell along this, this is our life of suffering, we hate newborns, we hate children, we hate mankind, we hate diamonds and we hate LOVE"! The Gem Collector and Princess Blue Diamond saw these people creating ways to get into the kindness of humans. No! Yelled the Gem Collector, as he continued to say, you are all going to be stopped, this does not make sense to what your doing! But Laughters of hatred continue to repeat, Never!

The Gem Collector held out his hands to hold the babies, but he couldn't because they were all a vision inside the diamond facets. He yelled out with strength of anger and worry. Stop! His voiced carried a powerful sound the facet start to shake. Keep calm, take a deep breath, whistle and keep climbing, we are nearly there says Princess Blue Diamond.


I know it's disturbing to see what hatred intentions are says Princess Blue Diamond. The further they stepped up the more horrors of the witches continues to taunt them. More and more Floating lights came above their heads. Twenty more steps up and the closer they got, they can see a big glow of light at the top of the stairway. Then at the fifth step up, the diamond voice appeared. It is time! The horrors of taunting faded as they reach closely at the top. I request that Princess Blue Diamond must enter alone at the top of the last step up says the diamond voice. Princess Blue Diamond turned looking downward to the Gem Collector and said to him, please follow the diamond voice, as she went up to the top of the stairs.

Lock the Witch Out

The Gem Collector started to whistle again, "Listen, this is important. I request that the Gem Collector must step down one step back. You have to use your key to lock the entrance to these steps the diamond voice says to him. I've been sold to a witch, you must hurry. These witches intentions are to stop blue diamonds from being a part of humans.

The witches doesn't want anyone to love blue diamonds. Once you lock the stairway. The witches have no choice but to let the world love blue diamonds. Hurry! Once you turn the key the power of the blue diamonds will lock the witches out. Everyone who have a blue diamond will be happier and they will help to save the children. These witches forces can destroy feelings to a everlasting life in a diamond love if they are not lock out. Hurry! says the diamond voice."

At the Top of the Stairway

The Gem Collector took a step down and locked the steps with the key. He then turned upward looking at Princess Blue Diamond, as she stood there at the top of the stairs pointing and yelling hurry the stairs are cracking and falling! The Gem Collector looked downward and saw the steps are crashing in. He ran up and held Princess Blue Diamond as she held him closer to safety at the top of the stairway.

For that moment; Princess Blue Diamond and the Gem Collector lock lips with a kiss. They both turned pulling away to see that the stairway crumbled and crashed right after they reached the top of the stair. Silence as they both walked toward the gleaming light. What's going to happen to us the Gem Collected asked? I don't know says Princess Blue Diamond.

To Be Continued......

Sneak Peak: A wedding is about to take place outside the diamond. Princess Blue Diamond and the Gem Collector are about to discover new diamond secrets.
Sneak Peak: A wedding is about to take place outside the diamond. Princess Blue Diamond and the Gem Collector are about to discover new diamond secrets.

Captain DAG

Hello Everyone

Diamonds are forever! In this chapter I wanted the characters to tell a actual fact of illeness that are horrible around the world. Awareness of these facts are very important to our readers. Diamonds are a sparkle to the heart. It gives a brightness to that feeling and a smile to someone in love. Rrrrrr. You must remember buccaneers these enchanting stories are morals of blue diamonds that are always precious and for keeps.

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© 2017 Delia Almestica Griffin


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