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How do you get an invite from Lockerz?

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    Janu17aryposted 8 years ago

    How do you get an invite from Lockerz?

    I I have requested an invite a couple of times but no response so far.

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    ginahinderliterposted 8 years ago

    have you got an invite yet? If not send me an e-mail to ginahinderliter@gmail.com and I'll send an invite to your e-mail.

  3. kidzrule94 profile image55
    kidzrule94posted 8 years ago

    hey you could go to www.lockerzreferrals.webs.com  I couldnt log on or anything and they helped me out imeaditly. They send invites really quick too!

  4. sagar_cameo profile image61
    sagar_cameoposted 8 years ago

    I found this site quite interesting but this site is "invitation only",no referrals just plain invitation from a current registered user. So i have a premiun account in lockerz having free 300 invitations.

    So i am giving away 250 free invitation to my fellow users on hubpages rest are for my friends and family.

    Do join fast or you will miss the chance of joining for free.

    I am posting this blog on 17th october so try your luck at getting the invitation as soon as possible.

    I wiil send u the invitation as soon as anyone sends me his email id on my email id


    Have fun guys.Enjoy the moment