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IS cuddling cheating?

  1. Dkyde profile image56
    Dkydeposted 8 years ago

    IS cuddling cheating?

  2. profile image50
    fun2hubposted 8 years ago

    I guess you only cuddled a bear, didn't you?

  3. Oldskool903 profile image74
    Oldskool903posted 8 years ago

    haha i don't think so unless, you really had special feelings about that cuddle

  4. profile image43
    dmyers7usposted 8 years ago

    Cuddling is all in the eyes of your partner.  If you put it to them what do you think they'd say?  Alternately, if they "cuddled" someone else would you be ok w/ that?  If no then there's your answer.