if you given a chance to ask for forgiveness to some one.who is she/he and why..

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    jaymar_0023posted 7 years ago

    if you given a chance to ask for forgiveness to some one.who is she/he and why...?

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    heavenbound5511posted 7 years ago

    Hi! Here's a page I did based on apology for forgiveness!


        Without forgiveness we will continue to hold on to the past & therefore the past mistakes can become our excuse for further mistakes.
    Where there is forgiveness healing can take place.
    Forgiveness is a release of offence, to have mercy is to not give them what they deserve, or for you not to get what you deserve because of a sining.
    Forgiveness makes you stronger to continue in life with no weights, without self-hatred, without bitterness, without broken relationships & less strife. Forgiveness effects almost every area of our lives, from health, peace, family, lifespan, & etc. Without forgiveness this world would be full of hatred, murders, broken families, sicknesses. on & on.
    That is how the world is today because they are not very forgiving, they lack love, they lack wisdom, they lack Jesus.
    Jesus is our perfect example of how forgiveness works. Through acceptance of Jesus as Lord and savoir Rom 10:9-10. You will have no forgiveness from God without Jesus, you won't know how to forgive God's way either. You can't give what you don't have.
    You have not, because you ask not is what the Bible says- it's the same with forgiveness.
    A world without taking the forgiveness & Salvation of Jesus, is a world of unforgiveness. This world described is the world we live in. Come out of the the world's corrupted way of doing things &  be forgiven, redeemed, restored, free from the curse of sin. Come out of a spiritual death from being separated from God!
    The spirit of the Lord = Freedom!

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