What is 'Binarism' and "Cissexism" in gender issues?

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    Sayyeda Zonahposted 3 years ago

    What is 'Binarism' and "Cissexism" in gender issues?

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    jlparkposted 3 years ago

    Basically (given even my understanding is basic) this is what it means

    Binary-ism would be assuming that everyone identifies with one of two genders - that being 'male' or 'female'. Usually this binary is related to the fact that sexual organs are either male or female.
    However gender identity is not defined by sex organ. Some people believe there is a third gender, some believe that a person can a mixture of genders.

    Cis-sexism would be either sexism against those who are 'cis' gendered - their gender matches the sexual organs.
    Or it could be sexism by Cisgendered people against those who aren't cis-gendered - such as MTF, FTM, gender queer or gender-variant people.

    I've not been able to look this up to see if I am correct (am answering on my phone) - however even I struggle to get it all sorted in my head - as a gay, but cis-gendered, woman!

    Don't worry if u are confused - most people are appreciative that you are tryin to understand.