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How we need to survive in this world? Being polite, bold, rude, generous how?

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    Kartikain Shivamposted 16 months ago

    How we need to survive in this world?
    Being polite, bold, rude, generous how?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 16 months ago

    Essentially each person crafts their own life philosophy based upon their experiences. You'll eventually discover whatever "works" for you.
    Life is a (personal) journey!

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    manatita44posted 16 months ago

    A nice answer from Dashing Scorpio.

    Using the word 'survive' implies struggle. Do you feel that the Seer would use this? If not, why not? You use two moral values; one neutral and one negative, let us say for the purpose of argument. Morality is not Spirituality.

    Would you like to ask how we can Love more? Or what are the teachings of the Saints? Try to give it a positive spin. We are all shining mirrors,except that in some the veil is still strongly present, while in others it isn't. Keep your windows open, then the suns rays will enter, but how will it enter if you have thick and closed drapes?

    I know very little about the world, but my own inner experience of daily interior prayer and meditation of some 34 years, teaches me that Spirituality, or if you like Happiness, relies on the transformation of the individual nature. It is not outside us, but within. This is also my understanding from Seers/Prophets/Messiahs that I respect and hold dear.

    ALL scriptures speak of a perennial Entity, a Divine Ground from which all things spring, live and have their being. This is called by many names, the most familiar arguably being God, Brahman, Allah, Nirvana, The Self and so forth.

    When there is a spirit of Oneness, there is no isolation/separation/division/boxes ... then all things have a role or purpose: religion, atheism, evil, suffering or Joy.

    How do we 'survive?' We have not lacked men and women of God nor do we lack them now. Either leave the world alone or better it. Why give us spiritual practices if they have no meaning? What is the purpose of prayer, singing devotional songs, reading scriptures, Mantras, Japas...is there an esoteric or mystical significance?

    Blaming has never helped anyone and if we are honest, we loathe friends who are always complaining; who seem to say negative things: 'She did this to me; they did this to me; this is a terrible world ...'
    Few are keen to look at their own inner state: fear, insecurity, resentment, greed, lust, ego and attachments. These are the real enemies.

    When the doctor offers us a prescription, we generally take same. The spiritual prescription is Love and serve. Love God, serve humanity. Feel that it is God who does everything; we are mere instruments trying through experiences, to carry out His Will. No one said it's easy. Learn through experiences, strive to accept and be happy; give up expectations... hope and pray. Have patience. Soulful service will expand the Heart. Much Love.

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    Kristy Bellposted 16 months ago

    You need to control your mind in other words just represent yourself as per situation.We all are doing representation ,if you think about your behavior with family ,friends, wife & more you will get a different personality for each. Before reacting on anything or speaking about anything just think how you want to represent yourself like Polite,Bold or Rude .